Now it looks like were repeating the 2013 fractal in full effect, and things are going to get pushed to escape velocity, in my opinion, by a bitcoin etf, which will act as a massive stabilizing force for the entire industry. This cannot be overstayed at how big of a moment it is and how likely it is to send bitcoin to the hallowed land of six figures. So if you guys are excited for my breakdown on why q4 is setting up to be an absolutely massive and shocking bull run then go ahead. Destroy that like button because were gon na, be giving you not only the playbook for how i plan to navigate these next few months, but also my exit plan here, because that is a really important thing to consider as to how im actually going to take money Off the table, as we look to a potential conclusive move of this massive bull cycle, if you guys are excited for this, one go ahead. Destroy that like button. Remember, if you guys are not subscribed. Youre, going to miss amazing calls, like weve, been doing over the last few weeks, giving you literally 100x gains and nfts as well as many many reliable fives and 10xs throughout fungible tokens. I highly encourage you guys if you love making gains in crypto. All you have to do is subscribe and put that belt notification on im here, for you, each and every day with that said, lets dive in.

So if you can recall, i called attention to this, which is the bitcoin etfs that are about to get approved here, and we see 10, 18, 10, 19, 10, 25, 10, 25 and 11 1 as due dates for decision points by the sec on bitcoin etfs. Now, of course, this might come as truly shocking after some of the rhetoric coming out of the sec over the last few weeks, but i remain internally optimistic that effectively there are many different camps within crypto and a somewhat decentralized lending product that almost exactly parodies the Products that are currently live in banking systems is something really easy for the regulators to sort of understand, low hanging fruit for them to go after the other. Things will take a lot longer to decode, whereas when were looking at things like d5, i think they shouldnt be lumped in with the concept of a bitcoin etf, which we know gary gensler is a fan of bitcoin. He taught a class on it, so i remain optimistic that this is a reality and it actually makes me for the first time ever, truly truly bullish on some concentrated liquidity moving back into bitcoin from the altcoins. There is actually a massive bull case here, around bitcoin. Being the receptacle of a lot of new capital that had found its way into the altcoins, so this could be a massive bull case here for bitcoin and, of course, a massive bull case for one other asset type that i will get to at the end of This video make sure youre paying attention and make sure youre watching throughout the entire video.

And of course, you might have remembered old, jake schervinsky jakes. Actually, a really nice guy ive been chatting a lot with him trying to understand how he sees the lay of the land and eventually well get him on the channel comment below. If you want to see jake here on the channel and maybe even do a live interview, when you ask him questions and he can respond, i dont know if hes going to be up for that so well see, but in the end hes a great resource as Hes on the front lines here, helping affect policy in dc, so jake is saying actually after having a lot of negative comments about whats going on with the crackdown on d5. He is a lead counsel here for compound, which is pretty much one of the blue chip leading d5 protocols in the world. He said im feeling good about this, which is his jan one prediction saying happy new year. My prediction for 2021 bitcoin etf approval its time. Now, hes, not the only one. I made this prediction among two others. I had three key predictions for 2021 in my december of 2020. Video first was that nft mania would take over and that nfts would come to dominate the crypto industry, big checkbox, on that. The second was an etf now i believe we are very close to an etf, and i am honestly kind of willing to long my longs here and say that i am agreeing with jake that the information im receiving from people in the know seems to be very Positive, so it feels like a lot of people will be caught by surprise if the sec finally approves a bitcoin etf this year, given what chair gensler just recently said, but the reality is that this is not the same topic as whats going on with d5.

So its important to separate topics here and understand that bitcoin may very well get crowned here by the regulators as the most decentralized sort of crypto native asset, and that this might actually be a massive bull case, at least in q4. For everybody, and also jake pointed out this fact that the fourth most liked, tweet by senator toomey, that theyve ever written its about the crackdown on bitcoin being a big opportunity for the united states. You can see here that senator pat toomey says chinas authoritarian crackdown on crypto, including bitcoin, is a big opportunity, and this is one of the most liked tweets that pat toomey has ever had again like jake, saying here, engagement matters and its important to realize the people Of the united states are the voice of where this direction of the country should go, and it is politically popular. Crypto is popular. Bitcoin is popular, it is no longer a secret, the wealth creation and the importance of these innovations, and when the people of the united states in mass want something over time, it will become the law. Weve seen this with medical marijuana. Weve seen this with other topics that were extremely politically popular and thought impossible to make it to the mainstream of legislation, but look at us now, so i believe it is possible that crypto does achieve a bitcoin etf. We also see that they are open to discussion. According to the kraken chief lawyer, marco santori, whos, saying hey, look, this is an ongoing discussion and crypto is not necessarily in the penalty box just yet that this is a long process and that we cannot jump to conclusions about saying what will or wont happen in The united states, and so as we look at the markets awash with fear, uncertainty and doubt the most likelihood is that we go down and we test some lower lows before we reaccumulate remember once we break above 48k, i believe we are on and popping for the Next leg of the bull run and that there is no more time to reaccumulate here so the way im playing this again, i could be wrong here.

I am just using my intuition and my sense of this market and how i think this is gon na play out, i believe, were gon na get the bitcoin etf. I believe its gon na bring us to new. All time highs. I believe itll make it to six figure bitcoin and in the process. All of these l ones are gon na get gigasent. But my conclusion on how im gon na take profits might surprise you, so assuming that bitcoin does make new all time highs. Assuming that we are right here about this next leg of the bull run, assuming just like, i was right about most of these nft collections that we are going to make another leg up and that the strong will continue to make new highs time and time again. What were seeing is that nfts and bitcoin in this regulatory climate are looking like the two things that are most likely to be the things that are most regulatory friendly. This is what ive been saying. Nfts are many ways, a bridge so far away for regulators that its going to take a long time for them to get to this part of the industry. I believe bitcoin is the first thing that will be enshrined in the halls of valhalla and then true, pure nfts, especially blue chip. Collectibles, like the top art blocks, like crypto punks, board apes, cool cats, sup ducks those types of key collectibles with huge communities.

Those are going to continue to grow and theyre also going to be fairly protected from the regulators, so im going to be looking to take a ton of profits into obviously stable coins. I dont think stable coins will get completely outlawed here, but i also believe that this q4 run might have a violent blow off top that might be to the 100k mark youre. Just gon na have to look for some really radical, absolutely parabolic growth. If you see bitcoin double or quadruple in the space of a very short time, i think its looking like the end times might be close so understand to be prepared, get into your bags now and be ready to take profits on the way up and understand that, After this were gon na see where the stores of value that are truly gon na, make it through any potential winter or potentially be the things that end up being the biggest and most important stores to value on the blockchain going forward. And so i havent said this in a long time, but ill probably be looking to take profits into stables at the top as toppy as i can doing this incrementally in all of my altcoins and my bitcoin, and then ill ape crazy into bitcoin nfts. Once the market is truly bearish and winterland thats my plan and im, assuming for now that were going into winter in 2022, if we dont, then ill have tons of dry powder on the sidelines to keep deploying into amazing projects.

But the game remains the same. Nfts and gaming, for me, are the future of this industry. Bitcoin seems to be the thing that regulators want most to be. The store of value now were seeing bitcoin being transferred across twitter for zero fees, its quite interesting to see where bitcoin might end up in the next few years. But as an industry, i think the bull case for nfts and bitcoin has started to re emerge in a major major way, and i havent been this bullish on bitcoin or nfts ever before. So just bear in mind. My focus on ethereum and d5 might be taken. A little bit down here, given whats happening, i think, focusing on bitcoin, alternative, l ones and nfts is really the key to major success here. I hope you guys enjoyed this if you did make sure to smash that like button and remember if you want to get into the next cool cats or subducts, making 50x gains 100x gains like board apes. All you have to do is subscribe and im giving you this content first for free. You just need that bell notification on its that simple. If you like making money just subscribe, my name is elliot trades.