94 trillion, a 1.89 increase over The last day so rebounding a little bit today, still seeing some kryptos in the red, but seeing a little bit more on the green like bitcoin and ethereum are up today, but on the most visited tablet and coin mark cap, shiba inu, currently number 20 spot has 7.1 approaching 7.2 stoche units and we are taking a little bit of a dip today, um only about 1.4, so um, you know its good that were not down a lot im, seeing some other cryptos down like 10 15, but now price action so were currently seeing A mark cap of about 2.83 billion dollars 24 hour volume looking to be about 251 million up 3.3 percent, but we have a tweet here from ship informer if you havent, traded ship yet or even worse, not bought a few million or even billions of tokens. Youre running out of excuses today, the ship army has moved their core telegram groups to a new room and frozen the originals for historical purposes. Thank you to shiba new art and fox condor, and everyone who helped make this um historical moment possible. Shebatogan.Com for the new link, hey barmy, were happy to contribute to the shiba ecosystem online and physical stores can accept ship payments. Um ship payroll, as possible charities can accept ship streamers, can accept ship donations and, more so with uh. Now payments io um, they theyre. You know theyre rolling out some cool features here, hi all i just bought 500 worth the shibu, so im kind of new to crypto, and once i saw it was available to trade on coinbase.

I went ahead and invested 500 in here i mean why not just shooting for my shot, welcome to the ship family, this guy says hoddle and then, of course, you know, buy more um. He says thats the plan dont get nervous if your hand starts to feel different diamond hands. Take a while to get used to hold hottle. My hands are already diamond hands. Ive been huddling a certain stock since march defy and web 3.0 unleashing creative juices with decentralized finance. The creator economy is one of the most rapidly developing industries and decentralized technologies have a chance to unlock its full potential. Decentralized technologies are starting to revolutionize the world of finance, with cryptocurrencies applied in different ways to recreate traditional finance instruments. However, since cryptocurrencies arent, backed by anything but peoples, faith in them, they are extremely volatile. Of course, that means when it comes to loaning value with crypto. Neither party can be sure that they will get a feared deal. There needs to be a way to secure the value of the assets loan, which can be done by backing them up with a value in the real world. Here is where tokenization of real assets come in comes into play. You know this um process is pretty straightforward when we consider tangible assets like a building or gold bars. But what about intangible assets like intellectual property bitcoin? Could it 37k but trader, says btc price top? Will be um will be number you cant comprehend so um? Is it gon na be pretty high im, not sure? Maybe over 100k well just have to find out major buyer interest below 40k may get filled before bitcoin price action launches new, all time highs and beyond data from coin telegraph, markets prone trading view should be the suspect, usd dipping to 40 on 800 overnight.

Following an earlier unsuccessful attempt by sellers to flip 40, 000 back to resistance with stubborn conditions, keeping btc price action and narrow range attention on sunday focused on where the longer term bottom might be. Analysts also stayed come um im, not gon na, even try to pronounce that conspicuously. I think maybe i i think i got that right, but bullish on what might come afterwards in a series of tweets reflecting on the broader state of bitcoin popular trader pentoshi. I 37 000 as a potential floor, so maybe well go down to there um. This looks healthy on the htf is and is like forming a base over the previous hh on the way to aths or all time highs and possibly hl here at the summer. Pob popular twitter trader pintoshi commented in a series of tweets reflecting on the broader state of bitcoin. While i believe btc can briefly trade as low as 37k. It is unlikely to be there for long. Blockchain will transform government services and thats just the beginning. Governance will not only use blockchain for fundamental services such as identity and voting, but as a framework for economic growth. Governments are tasked with bringing fair and efficient services to the public. Unfortunately, providing transparency and accountability often results in reduction in efficiency and effectiveness, or vice versa. Governments are usually forced to choose to improve one at the cost of the other. On rare occasions, technology comes along that enables governments to improve fairness and efficiency, both of them so thats good.

You know um could be blockchain cryptocurrency well, see the move from paper based record keeping to computer databases was one such touch, such a technology. The internet was another um. Of course, when it first launched, blockchain is the next, so like the internet before it, blockchain will not only improve how the public interacts with government services. It will have a broad economic and social implications, a third of salvadorans, actively using chiva wallet. President buchelli claims on september 6, el salvador became the first country to adopt btc as legal tender, attracting both praise and criticism from the global community. So it looks like you know, out of the total population. El salvador about 33.3 percent of people are using the the wallet to trade bitcoin chivo. The controversial president updated his 2.9 million twitter followers saturday afternoon, claiming that chivo now has more users than any bank in el salvador, so thats a massive accomplishment and achievement. After just three weeks in operation, you know not even a month, um buckelli indicated that its only a matter of time before achieva adoption, eclipses all banks and el salvador combines so naive. Kelly says here: 2.1 million salvadorans are actively using chivolo, not downloads. Chivo is not a bank, but in less than three weeks it now has more users than any bank in el salvador and is moving fast and more users that all banks and el salvador combined. This is wild. Crypto recovers on positive feed and evergrande noose.

Then drops the mid china foot um. Sarah and dapper labs raised a combined 930 million hotlers digest september 19th through 25th. So, just to sum up some of the top stories this week, so crypto markets, soar after fed commits to printing and every grand day plans to pay its debt. Um old fud, new btc price dip weeks old chinas crypto ban sparks 42k bitcoin price drop, buy in to nominate anti krypton anti big bank law professor to run the occ sports theme. Nft is a non fundable. Token spark gold rush as projects raised 930 million. In only a week, john cena calls his own nft sales. A catastrophic failure defy gaming, a catalyst to mainstream adoption and decentralized finance. Gaming is on track to boost the adoption of d5 platforms. Heres a look at um at the latest. Developments that are pushing the play to earn business model defy land a game designed as a multi chain. Agricultural simulation aimed at enabling a gamified, decentralized finance experience just raised 4.1 million dollars in a funding round. That saw the participation of over 40 investors its now or never. The us has to prepare itself for digital currency if the united states is still not ready for central bank, digital currency or cbdcs itll stay on the sidelines of tech and financial innovations. Ethereum price gets back to 3k as institutional investors pile into eth futures ethereum price recovered on sunday amid a market wide upside correction, while receiving an additional upside boost from bullish, jp morgan and chase report, 1.

2 billion dollars in ethereum withdrawn from exchanges and past 24 hours. Along with over 1 billion in eth burns, since i eip 1559 release, so here we have here into the block noted that the price of ethereum rose 60 in 30 days after 1 billion dollars was withdrawn from centralized trading platforms in april, so so a tweet here They say the net amount of eth leaving exchanges just hit a new record over 1.2 billion worth of eth left, centralized exchanges. Yesterday last time, one billion plus left cexs eutherium increased by 60 within 30 days. So are we gon na be seeing something similar? Maybe we can hit 5k on ethereum within the next month. Well, see now for price analysis, price prediction has even known trading view, so it looks like we were going in a downwards trend. We picked up a little bit, but um went down some more. It looks like you know, maybe well be rising, some more probably get up to about seven point three stations and start taking a dip back to seven point: two, maybe seven point one then start gaining again, probably to around 7.4 7.5 guys, but then again, remember im, Not a financial advisor, nor is this video for financial advice, so remember to always do research when investing cryptocurrencies, anyways thats going to bring this video to an end.