Thank you so much for dropping a like. We are actually coming into a lot more news today and thats. What i want to talk about ship army, crypto, ship and coinbase. If you have a trade ship yet or even worse, not about a few million or even a billion, which you know, amounts to a large wave. Maybe five thousand seven thousand dollars of tokens youre running out of excuses, because its gon na be listed everywhere. Its gon na be having a lot more updates, its to be easier to buy and thats what theyre, promising and its it went. It will be available to buy with fiat so with the currency, so, for example, just going on a bank adm and buying it from there. This is when a lot of people will buying it in a lot, and indeed i dumped 2.4 k of doge and a 250 billion ship, much better earnings and thats. Definitely true because ship is a lot more early, it is a bit more risky than doge, but doge has not been seeing any type of growth, but what i guess for sure if dogecoin grows also ship will be growing so far and were going to be seeing A lot more, but ship is in fact rising, as you can see, cryptocurrency shiba edu is on a trending search, its a tragic search over all around the world, and you know with that being said: cryptocurrency will be growing for some time, but today, ship army has Moved out our core tall crab groups to a new room and frozen original for historical purposes.

Thank you, shiba you, art, foxcoder, and everyone who had helped make this historical moment possible. Shiba token, for a dual link – and you can see over here – you dont – have her clicks on here – will be redirected to a new site, so um its going crazy at a birth, a few trillion quids and were good, said someone, but thank you so much satoshi. The entire shiba yuti we wish you good vibes. The star great community is very grateful and they do seem to actually have a new type of wave growth. Like look at this, if we could get this to 20 billion 20 billion, we can. We already saw 1.5 billion. We could see a new wave of growth for ishiba do holders, because at 20 billion thats, when china people from china were investing into ship. And with that being said, when they invested that we also reached a new at its highest, which made a lot of people. Super rich: it made a lot of people billionaires a lot of people. You know uh simply would have come off wealthy from shibuya and thats completely fine. What you dont know is when you invested into ship youre still super early to this, so i just bought five hundred dollars worth of shipu sub kind of you to crypto once they saw it available to trade the koi base, so coinbase is a huge reason why People are buying, especially those to due to crypto.

I went ahead and invested 500 in here i mean why not just shooting by shot – and you know, investing 500 could turn you know even to more, as all cryptocurrencies are now growing. New bitcoin price balance suggests bitcoin. Will go below 30 k again and with that being said, you know, you know those terrible dips that we had through judah july and so forth. Well, the illiquid supply floor demands the preservation of levels not far below 40 000 as supply drops and demand surges across the board. Bitcoins price floor rises and rises with exchange reserves. Dwindling and major corporate buy ins expected to be announced, like institutions are now coming in. This is exactly something i was. I wanted to be saying you know: uh crypto is not going to dip below ‘ 000., so its not going to go lower or lower. Unless you know we see all the institutions selling, which is simply not going to happen, analysts are all bargaining, bitcoin, price upside, so everybodys saying that bitcoin is going to be growing it with bitcoins price. Growing ship is also going to be growing as quick telegraph reported long term holders are now in possession of more supply than any type since october 2020, which basically whales, are accumulating. Um and now liquid supply data has been combined with a popular and highly accurate stock. To flow bitcoin price model to a form new minimum price for bitcoin usd a screenshot of a new chart, shows a lower boundary for bitcoin usd as being ‘ 000.

As of this week, a level that neatly lines up with the current technical predictions of where the pair should bounce in the event of our reversal now bloomberg, i significant advance to 2021 saying a 135 000 is worst case scenario end of the year close so were Going to be seeing 135 000, at least for bitcoin, and that means were going to be seeing a lot of growth, past bitcoin trading trends and cryptos declining supply of versus base stream. Adoption suggests a significant advance in 2021, potentially claw to what her thousand, we believe. Chief analyst mike mcloone said as part of twitter comments that echo clements and mcglone said that no fewer than the five charts currently pointed of magic six figures. One year after bitcoin hits a five figure price tag and never lost it. So were going to be seeing a lot more growth so far and you can see south korea lawmaker. The link tax loss of crypto is inevitable on a situation where the relative to tax station infrastructure is not sufficiently established. The deferral of taxation on virtual assets is not an option, but an inventable situation, so theyre going to be taxing crypto, but thats completely fine, im completely up for that, especially if bitcoin will never be dipping below ‘ 000 and it will receive at least 135 000 By the end of the year for bitcoin, imagine what will happen to ships prices now. This is simply saying, ladies and gentlemen, like crypto is going up and down like its going crazy right now and im really excited for that, because this means basically bitcoin is just about to skyrocket its just out there its its just about to happen, and same goes For ship, because a ship really does follow bitcoins prices right now from what im, seeing so far rising valuations across asset classes, massive price swings and crypto assets and events driven risk observed in one age 21.

Amid elevated trading volumes raised question about increased risk, taking behavior a possible market exuberance, so what theyre trying to say is eu regulators see crypto as a sign of increased risk taking in the current climate and a lot of these institutions, big institutions will be taking their Risks in crypto – and this means millions either even billions – will be pumped into crypto very shortly, especially into shipped, which is very risky. Trust me its more risky to investigate ethereum, but one thing is for sure you know here we are the peoples code. Here we can see much more growth than we could ever see in a theory will be at like. Even if a t rub hits ten thousand dollars. Thats a 3x ship can go 100x ship has the potential of going to that. Yes, it might take some time. You know nothing is done overnight, but uh solana growing so much and you know all other cryptocurrencies growing so much uh dogecoin seek a 5 000 increase. We could be seeing a lot more for shiba you and thats. Something im super excited for so far. You know people were not buying dogecoin at all uh a year ago, theyre not buying ship at all. But now these coins have a space in the ecosystem, half the space in the cryptocurrency ecosystem and they will always be used so theres also 300 billion debt crisis. That pose a systematic risk to the crypto industry.

You know the depth, so the top chinese property developer and commercial paper issuer every grad will be default. Some analysts believe the firm poses systematic risk to crypto, so we could be seeing a crash in the view of difficulties, challenges, uncertainties and improving its liquidity. As mentioned above, there is no guarantee that the group will be able to beat its financial implications yada, but currently both terror and circle hold commercial paper, and, while i think its unlikely that either would have a large swath of every grand bonds, the whole market will Roll a bit – and this will affect the market – you have to know about this. This will, in fact, in fact, the market a little as china ever grabbed concerns a rippling through market after a company halted trading off its offshore, onshore bonds, and you know they, they dipped a little thats. What you have to know – and this is gon na – affect the crypto market so far, but we will always recover and im really excited for that as look at how much is leaving the exchanges overnight for ethereum 1.2 billion ethereum withdrawal from exchanges, the past 24 hours Is raising eyes because this is like next level. We never saw this type of growth before, but here it is more than one billion in ethereum has been burnt, since eap was released. Over 300 000 ethereum has now been burned good morning. Amcs adds ether and litecoin to year and crypto adoption plans and seems, like everyone is now adopting crypto in the real world, and you know its only a matter of time before these institutions such as amc such as everyone else, starts adding other cryptocurrencies such as ship Same went with coinbase, they only had bitcoin and et room at the start, and then they started listing other cryptocurrencies and one of them is ship, and i do think theyre gon na be listing much much much more, as bitcoin holds 48k as error grab for its Elite man brother moment for china, so league man, brothers, were the big crash thats something you should consider but ill be talking about this next time.

Thank you so much for watching this is something you know. All holders should know that theres a big trap so be sure to subscribe for that and drop a like until next time.