Welcome back to our channel today were here to talk about seven nft games with the highest profits. But before we get started subscribe to our channel and smash the like button and watch the video till the end to never miss a crypto update, so without any further delay, lets get started quickly. Forgotten chain forgotten chain is a play to earn nft mmorpg set in a player driven mysterious, fantasy universe. All the action takes place within three rival kingdoms, zaitha tarya and drockery. The game also offers four playable character: classes, knights, assassin, warlock, mage, the in game. Currency will be crypto token, based on the bsc in forgotten chain. Players will have to choose a champion and a kingdom to fight for and sent out into the mysterious world, with your weapon mount and pet to prove your worth in the action packed combat system by defeating monsters, bosses or other players. You can also explore the world as a peaceful forager of goods and rare, and becoming a skilled, refiner fisher craftsman and miner forgotten chains. Nfts arent like the conventional collectible card, nfts that are so popular in the scene today, instead theyre useful in functioning nfts. That can be put into the game framework and turn into unique in game objects. These nfts can be purchased or sold in game auction houses, player marketplaces, as well as via third party nft exchanges outside of the game worlds, with a unique three tier land system.

Where players can experience different types of gameplay, dont miss forgotten chain. Currently, the private ico is scheduled for september 25th, while the public ico is on september 28th. Here are the details of their token vesting and their scholarship do remember to follow all our social media platforms. Links in the description below so you can stay updated with their latest news and announcements. Gold, inc, gold inc is an nft play to earn game where you can mine real world gold and build a business in the worlds most expansive mobile mmo. It is available for download in the google play, store and apple app store. The in game. Currency gxb will be used for unique nft equipment purchases in the market. Using your apollo wallet in gold inc players will be able to grow their real world net worth while building a realistic mining empire owning finite land, with real world value partner up with friends and rule over 10 000 players via the open world governance and the most Amazing thing is that at any one point players can prospect and own claims as much as 10 million us dollars as the golding player base grows, the competitiveness of finding actual gold will go up, and this will make the nft items become even rarer, harder to acquire And ultimately, encouraging players to also buy gxb off exchanges to create more demand. Thus, the value of gxp will go up every day, its important to get in early on this game.

So you guys wont miss out on the profits, therefore use my referral code in the video description below now to start signing up for the game and start creating your mining empire today, monsta infinity think that axiomfinity is too expensive. Introducing monsta infinity monster infinity is an upcoming, decentralized game universe where anyone can earn tokens through playing the game competitively or for leisure choose from master classes from three moon nations. Each monster will have their respective class endowment and are categorized as either str, agi or int. Each category affects the attribute of the monsta too, in addition to each class, each monster is made up of six different parts identified by its head face body, tail, arms and legs play to earn in monsta infinity by competing in pvp battles to win leaderboard prizes. Cloning, monsta and selling them on the marketplace collecting and speculating on rare monsters, such as legendary and inception investing in land that can be used for virtual events in the open world and farming for in game currency money that are needed to close monsta public launch of This game is currently planned for quarter one of 2022, while pre sale and with white listing has already started, do remember to follow their discord, telegram and twitter accounts for more of the latest news and announcements and amas axiomfinity axiomfinity borrowed heavily from the pokemon game series And added its blockchain twist to make the finished product even more exciting in this ethereum based game players cultivate and collect, nft based digital pets called axes and core purpose of which is to fight against other players.

Each individual axis has its genetic signature. Therefore, the weaknesses and strengths of the axes will be passed on to their offspring. As expected, these digital pets can be traded on the ethereum nft market and the price of each pet depends on the rarity and uniqueness to start playing the game. You must purchase three axes for each mission: player to player, pvp battle and the adventure mode you expand. You will receive the smooth love part slp, the platforms native erc utility token. As a reward. Every time you try to cultivate a new axi, you have to pay a certain amount of slp or you can buy it on the exchange. Another erc20 token of infinity is axis infinity, shard or axs, which acts as the governance token of the platform. It will also support game staking services that are scheduled to go online sometime in 2021 gods, unchained gods. Unchained is a free game that aims to inject nft elements into the familiar card: training, game type players accumulate cards by buying cards from other players or winning pvp duels, where the quality of the cards that the players game skills usually determine the winner. It is worth noting that more emphasis is placed on skills and strategy. This is because the game uses a ranked game mode in which players with the same rating are matched when your gameplay causes the opponents life to drop to zero. Before you, you win the game. Every time you win, youll get experience points after the experience bar is filled, youll enter the next rating or level and receive a pack of new cards.

To add to your collection, please note that each car is supported by the erc erc721 tokens. Therefore, you can trade on the platforms, local market or open market. Those who choose to sell cards in the gaming ecosystem will receive the platforms native token gods as payment. It is worth noting that, at the time of writing this guide, the gods token has not yet been officially launched before proceeding to purchase or receive any tokens sold as gods tokens, please make sure that the development team has released gods, tokens to the crypto market, splinterlands Splinterlands is a card game on the steam blockchain. The name of the game was steam monsters before and it was renamed splinter shards after adding elements such as nft and land auction. This game is similar to the traditional game. Hearthstone players collect cards and combine different cards to play against each other splinter. Shards gameplay is more diverse. In addition to nfc all kinds of cards. It also adds elements such as land auctions, nft card trading and card synthesis. The game is currently online and players can play on desktop and mobile services. The sandbox 3d sandbox is a voxel based game meta world and one of the most active nft game platforms where players can build and trade virtual assets in this game. Players can manipulate voxel assets and profit from them. Think of it as a blockchain iteration of popular games such as minecraft and roblox. These platforms provide tools to create and animate objects and then sell them on the market.

In addition, users can create and play custom games on the platform. Sandbox 3d introduced sand an erc20 token, as the native token of metaverse, with this players can purchase in game items on the platforms, market and land, which is the nft token, is some of the most valuable and sought after assets in sandbox games to date. In april alone, a land sales record of 8.5 million dollars was set so thats all for todays video thanks for watching the video, if you enjoyed it, make sure you hit like and subscribe to our channel.