Today were going to talk about something different were going to talk about what is going on with the overall market and things that you need to know if youre invested in crypto before october 1st 2021, before we dive into that, it says about 74 of you watching Still are not subscribed, so if you enjoy short form, concise, no bs content. Well, then, make sure to subscribe to the channel turn on the bell notifications and lets see if we can lower that number a bit anyways right now. The overall crypto market is doing pretty well weve, seen it consolidate over the last couple of days ever since all that fud came out of china, but the important thing going on right now is that we have to remember that september is historically a red month for Crypto, ever since 2013, almost every single year september has been a red month for crypto. The last four years in 2020, 2019, 2018 and 2017 september was a red month. Only two years since 2013 has september been a green month and weve talked about this before, but its important to address again because what happens in crypto before october, 1st is not necessarily going to dictate where the market is going to go for the remainder of the Year, however, a couple of interesting things have happened which indicate that we could see a very green october november december and remainder of 2021. The first is that, with regards to historically what has been bitcoin and what has been general returns of the market historically october november and december have been very green.

Not only that, though, back in 2017, we saw something very similar happened to what we just saw happen with china. Back in 2017, there was a whole crypto ban that came out of china that caused bitcoins price to basically crash. We saw bitcoins pr price crashed nearly 30 percent, then it was followed by a 700 rally, and this is exactly what were seeing now, while the percentages arent exactly the same in terms of we didnt see bitcoins price crashed 30 percent. When this new information about china came out, but the thing to remember is that it is lining up perfectly in terms of the timetables. China comes out with a crypto bin 2017. In september, china comes out with a crypto bin for again in 2021. In september, then we saw red month in september of 2017 red month in september of 2021.. Now, if we look at historical trends, it would indicate that we are going to see a very green october november and december third thing. We need to keep an eye out on is gon na, be what is going on with this coin shares digital asset report every single week coin shares comes out with a weekly report with regards to institutional investors. Last week we saw a bit of fun come out of china causing a bit of a sell off in the market, but important thing is going to take a look at. How did institutional investors react? Did we see them continue to pour money into digital asset investment products? With regards to some of the smaller altcoins like cardano, so lana polka dot ripple? Did we see them continue to pour into those, or did we see a change, because this is something that weve been following very closely, and recently we have continued to see inflows, meaning that institutional investors are continuing to be very bullish on crypto, so itll be interesting To see, if that happens, if we do see inflows, that will be a very, very bullish sign for crypto, on top of all of the other indicators.

In terms of you know what weve seen historically in the last three months of the year and with what follows, after a china crypto bin? Lastly, is gon na be what is going on with bitcoin and technical indicators. Right now, in terms of technicals, we have seen bitcoins price bounce back above the 100 day, simple moving average. I know people who use technical analysis are going to say. Why are you looking at this well its important to say that were staying above? These simple moving averages – and we also have recently seen that golden cross take place so overall, historically in terms of what has happened with bitcoin, we are in a great position to see record breaking october november and december of 2021 no way to know for sure, but Right now, everything in terms of technicals is lining up, it looks like institutions are continuing to pour more money in and overall i am extremely bullish on crypto for the remainder of 2021.. If you guys want to see my exact trades, you want more information check out our discord and our patreon group using the link down below hope. You enjoy and ill see you tomorrow.