Jen welcome back to my Channel.. If you are looking for revenue using a cellphone laptop desktop., I share free earning apps online jobs and home based jobs and anything else that can be earned online.. If you are interested to earn money. Please consider subscribing to my YouTube Channel and dont forget to hit the notification bell for you to be updated on my new uploads. For todays video. I will share with you how we can earn money, and this is legit. It can be the source of our income. Stay Tuned. Avangers Dont skip our video for today, so you can follow the step by step process on how we can earn here.. This is the website. I will put the link in the description box below and their website is What is this eightcap all about Lets see their website. Here at eightcap we can trade CFDs on FX, Cryptos Indices and more with a leading global MT4 broker.. What is this MT4? All about For the beginner MT4 is an automated trading system. We can plan our trade, it will execute by robot or machine.. This meta trading form I unified income it for a long time, because I dont have time to trade daily, and I dont have time to study for trade. What I did is I trade on MT4, which is daily. I get profit. Every day, Ill check, earnings there and see that I earn daily without anything done. Thats how nice the MT4 is, and they also have MT5 later.

I will show it to you. For sure theres someone who will tell that it is only HIP or scam. It is not.. This MT4 doesnt have a big profit daily, but it is more high earnings compared to our earnings in the bank.. The good thing about this is, it is long term and anytime. You can pull out your money, it doesnt have a lock in period., For example, you just want to earn in this day and tomorrow you will pull out your money. It can be on MT4.. Just a quick background about eightcap this platform is an award winning CFD broker and they announced their launched 250 cryptocurrency derivatives, where the traders can diversify the portfolio by MT4 and MT5 platforms.. Now, theres lots of crypto exchange decreasing the withdrawal limits because of regulatory issues.. That is, eightcap wants to have a solution. It is not only buying and selling on the big range of cryptocurrencies CFDs, including crypto crosses and crypto indices.. They also have different finding options where the clients can withdraw immediately.. Those crypto traders who trade in other platforms have limited access to crypto, but if they go in eightcap, they can choose from the largest cryptocurrency, offering experience tier, spread and easier deposit and withdrawal here at eightcap, with a regulated broker. Where do eightcap base. It is based in Melbourne, Australia, which is regulated in different jurisdictions.. They are immediately spreading where they offer online forex and CFD trading solutions via awarding MT4 and MT5 trading platforms.

. Why? We are trading here at eightcap, MT4 and MT5, delivered on a rock solid, reliable infrastructure. Enhanced with transparent, personalized service., These are the advantages of eightcap and the reason why we do trade here. 1., Fast execution. Why does eightcap has fast execution Because their execution servers are located in Equinix data centers. 2.And eightcap is a multi jurisdiction regulation. It is established in Australia and is now regulated in multiple jurisdictions. 3. Premium liquidity. Their pricing is aggregated from multiple top tier liquidity providers, allowing you to trade on spreads from as low as 0.0 pips.. The good thing about their website is: they also have complete transparency. Trade with us and receive direct market access with no dealing desk intervention or price manipulation. When we trade on eightcap the price on the market is the same as what we see here at eightcap. They dont manipulate the price.. It has Mt4 MT5 platforms. This is what I mention earlier. We can trade here effortlessly. Just like me who dont have time to trade. We can use MT4 MT5.. They also have personal customers support. If you register on eightcap theres someone who will send an email to you., You have your manager who will guide you. Global market opportunities. We can expand our portfolio and discover over 200 financial instruments across a range of CFD asset classes, including Forex Indices, Commodities Share and Cryptocurrencies.. Later, I will show you what are cryptocurrencies, that we can trade and what are their advantage compared to other trading platforms.

Fast payment method. They offer wider range deposit and withdrawal methods to suit. We need. Meeting your needs. Whatever your level of experience, our trading environment is designed with you in mind., it means it doesnt matter our level in trading either we are beginner or pro we are suited in eightcap.. Here at eightcap we can choose our platform, its either meta trader 4 or meta trader 5.. What is the difference between MT4 MT5 In Meta Trader 4? We can trade, meta, forex, crypto, Indices and commodities. We can also use our cellphone or desktop. In Meta Trader 5. Their difference is here at MT5. We can trade commodities and shares. Also we can trade using mobile, desktop and web trading here at MT5 thats, their difference. Lets go in their menu, just tap the three lines on the upper right side.. Here you will see the markets, platforms, learn and about first lets go on markets. Here on markets to trade. We will see what are we can? Trade like Forex Commodities, Indices Shares and Cryptocurrencies. Lets see the forex trading. Here we can trade over 40 major minor forex pairs on either the MT4 or MT5 platform.. As I mentioned earlier, I trade on MT4 and what I trade there is Forex, because I dont have time to trade and study trading.. I dont know about trading forex, but I earn on MT4 by trading forex because it is an automated trading system.. What I did is Im just waiting for my profit.

Lets see the Commodities. Here we can trade, gold, silver and oil using MT4 and MT5. In a traditional market. If you want to invest in gold, you need to buy first, but here at eightcap we can trade commodities by using MT4 MT5 platform.. We can also trade indices. These are the stocks of the largest companies. We can trade stocks using MT4, MT5 platforms.. We can also trade shares and CFDs if we want to trade CFDs. The platform that we can use is only the MT5 because it is not available for MT4.. This is their new cryptocurrencies. The good thing about this trade crypto derivatives choose over 250 crypto derivatives go long or short on Bitcoin Ethereum, Dogecoin, Tron, CFDs more.. The only eightcap offers over 250 cryptocurrencies that we can trade on MT4 MT5., Why? It is nice to trade crypto. Here, No wallet is needed. We dont have to create a cryptocurrency wallet because we can start trading using PayPal, CreditDebit Cards Skrill and more – and I know it can be – the bank account here.. Of course not all are literate by using cryptocurrencies wallets.. There are lot of people are still confused about using cryptocurrencies wallet. In other, it is more convenient for to them using a bank account or PayPal to trade, cryptocurrency. Multi Jurisdictions, Regulation trade with an industry recognized broker.. We are regulated in multiple jurisdictions.. As I said, we can trade here, 250 cryptocurrencies.. They also have expert support.

If we have questions about cryptocurrencies, they have supporters who are crypto experts.. If you dont have time to trade or study trading in cryptocurrency. Here on eightcap we can trade crypto using MT4 MT5 platforms.. As I said earlier, only eightcap offer 250 cryptocurrencies.. You will see here the comparison of it in the other broker, just like eToro that offers 120 cryptocurrencies, while on IC market they offer only 10 cryptos on IG is 11 cryptos and on is 202 cryptocurrencies.. It is empty on Binance because it is not offering MT4 and MT5. Just check on their website. What is the comparison of eightcap? What is the advantages of it compared with another broker., How we can start trade and earn here at eightcap? We can trade in just three steps. 1.. We have to apply complete the simple application. Form., Their application form is very simple because we just enter our personal information. 2.. We need to verify. We need to upload documents to verify our account. Last one fund and trade fund account with as little as 100 and starts trading. The global market. Lets tap create an account for us to register here at eightcap. These are the payment methods. They accept Master Card Visa, Poli Wire Transfer, B, Pay, Skrill, Union Pay and PayPal.. Here in the Philippines, we can use Master Card Visa, Wire Transfer and PayPal. Also, you can use Skrill if you have an account on Skrill. For the clients here in the Philippines.

They have dragon pay for funding methods. It is not hard for us to fund or deposit here at eightcap. After we registered here. They offer two accounts. We can choose row or standard.. The difference between the two is the spread on a row. It is 0.0 pips and on the standard it is 1.0 pips.. If you noticed the row has 3.5 commission and the standard. Doesnt have commission. – It is the same that we can deposit a minimum of 100.. If you have questions, they have client support and they have FAQs. You can browse if you have encountered problems. Here it have the general information if we have a problem with trading accounts, lets check here. If we have questions about funding and withdrawal it placed here. If we have log in problems, platform, issues and trading., If you want to try eightcap, I will put the registration link in the description box below..