I know many of you have been waiting for this day with much anticipation, no, not because the mad max fury road vehicle auctions end today, although i would also be excited to be the proud owner of the infamous gigahorse, the fuel efficient war rig or the iconic Doof wagon, which i really hope comes complete with the flamethrower guitar, but because its sunday and its time to catch up on a truckload of tech news bearing down on us like a veritable horde of leatherclad wasteland ruffians in their tricked out dystopian battle vehicles. I faced this information onslaught like the hero protagonist of some really cool george miller movie, with one goal to sort it all out a bit and summarize the good parts in easily digestible themed segments for my weekly show excellent todays video is brought to you by be Quiet maker of premium pc components, but you dont have to pay a premium price to access their gear. Consider the purebase 500 dx case available in black or white, with tasteful rgb accents and three purewings, two 140 millimeter fans included the pure rock slim ii. Cpu cooler is a huge step up from stock cooling handling up to 130 watt tdp processors, with a whisper quiet, 92 millimeter fan and the pure power 11 fm power supply. Lineup is fully modular and 80 plus gold rated to silently power. Your rig for years to come for more on, be quiets family of products, click the sponsor link in the video description.

Cryptocurrency transactions are now illegal in china, along with a bunch of other things. I would imagine, but the peoples bank of china warned friday that virtual currency related business activities are illegal and seriously endanger the safety of peoples assets. Had you considered that crypto miners, while trading crypto, has technically been banned in china since 2019 fridays statement indicates that those who continue to do so will now be prosecuted. This continues a push by the chinese government to crack down on digital currency, which has led to an exodus of crypto mining operations from the mainland and a significant drop in chinas bitcoin energy use going from 75 of global consumption in september 2019 to 46. In april 2021, bitcoins price fell sharply with the news, but only from about 45k down to a low of around 41 000 a modest loss compared to some of the volatility this magic internet money has experienced in the past its back to 42 or 43k. As of saturday, and now i suppose, gamers will wait to see if this impacts gpu prices did it impact gpu prices, yet no, no well, pc gamers might cheer at the news of crypto prices dropping, but its only because they want those prices decoupled from the prices. In the gpu market, its clearer than ever that retail gpu prices are tied to crypto profitability ratings, and data published this week reinforces that 3d center in germany reported six to seven percent price increases for nvidia ampere and amd rdna 2 gpus, since they bottomed out in July and august now, sitting at 170 percent above msrp or so hardware and boxed also continued their excellent gpu price analysis on tuesday, as well concluding that, for both retail and used markets card prices have been on the upswing recently there is a glimmer of hope in That nvidias light hash rate cards like the 360 ti have still gone down in price, but it seems that, as long as you can make money, mining with gpus well have to deal with inflated commodity pricing, whether the fix is new generations of cards with further implementation Of lhr, like anti mining features or the coming of that prophesized the day when the blessed ethereums shalt cast away the shackles of proof of work and repent, accepting the new covenant of proof of stake and causing a deluge of used gpus to flood the market.

And there will be much rejoicing. Who really knows is what im trying to say. But what im actually trying to say is that im sorry, i was wrong in that video about thinking. Gpu prices will fall but theres still three months left in 2021, so maybe moving on, though microsoft surprised at least three or four people on wednesday by hosting a surface event revealing a new surface. Pro 8 tablet laptop hybrid device, just like the leaks several days prior foretold. Itll have an intel, 11th, gen, i5 or i7 cpu a 13 inch, 120hz touchscreen and two usb c thunderbolt 4 ports for connecting monitors external drives or an external gpu, not bad microsoft. They also announced the surface laptop studio surface pros big brother, that used to be called the surface book. The surface go 3, which is the inexpensive one. That starts at 400 bucks and the surface duo 2. A redundantly named android based dual screen: folding device with an upgraded triple lens camera and a glance bar for quick notifications. Only fifteen hundred dollars, pre orders for all these surfaces are open now and theyre available in stores october 5th, hot, on the heels of the iphone 13 launch, which still uses a lightning connector. We have some impactful new tech rules being proposed by the eus european commission. Usb type c phone ports or gtfo, the goal is to reduce waste and encourage reuse of chargers and cables. But apple said it would harm innovation, while hoping youll overlook the lack of said innovation on their part.

Since theyve been using the lightning port for nine plus years now, the rules would apply to phones, tablets, cameras, headphones speakers and handheld gaming devices, but theyre also still subject to debate by the european parliament and national governments. So if it does take effect, it wont be until 2022 at the earliest, and then phone makers, like apple, would have two years to comply. My next few stories are about intel, so im calling this. The intel part theyre expected to launch their alder lake desktop cpus. In mid november, so theyve been steadily increasing the flow of leaks, which i have just been lapping up. Greedily video cards reports on benchmark screenshots leaked from twitter accounts, which are always reliable, especially when the screenshots feature hastily redacted areas that are done just poorly enough, that the underlying text can still be revealed. The first set apparently shows the flagship alder lake 12900k, scoring over 30 000 points in the cinebench r23 multi core test that would outpace a typical 5950x score by 1500 points. Or so, although the strange eight plus eight cpu configuration shown in cpu z and low voltage for a 5.3 gigahertz clock, speed are a little bit suspicious, a follow up posted friday sourced screenshots from hxl on twitter and they show a cinebench r23 single core score of 2050, something thats a little bit hard to say because theres nail polish on the image, thats kind of weird but the internet is a mysterious place.

Breaking 2k would be super impressive, though, since no cpu currently available scores more than about 1700 without overclocking in this test. Another feature of the upcoming alder lake platform is pci express 5.0 support and on thursday, kyocia showcased prototype performance for the ssd lineup. They plan to launch in q4 of this year and they can apparently hit 14 000 megabytes per second read speeds and 7 000 megabytes per second rights. The only downside is that the first batch, the cd7 series, is for data centers and will come in a 2.5 inch. Edsff e3s form factor with a gen 5×4 connection expect capacities from 1.6 terabytes to 30 terabytes, though, and keep an eye out for the consumer. Nvme drives based on the same tech in 2022. One more story for the intel part evga used to only make intel motherboards, but not anymore, tuesday, saw the formal launch of the evga x570 dark motherboard, with a 17 phase, digital vrm design, with two built in fans. A 10 layer pcb two intel 2.5 gigabit nics and wi fi, six, its an overclocking oriented board, hence the rotated am4 socket with only two ram slots instead of four, but its also a damn good looking board. If i do say so, myself looks like it came to kick ass and its all out of bubble, gum, jay, did a video and tried out the auto uc features if you guys want to check it out, thats linked in the videos description and now we slip Into a silky clean set of tech briefs this time with even more briefness or well, there are more tech briefs.

So is that more brief or less brief anyway? Lets start out with some industry news biz briefs with all the talk of shortages this year, its good to know that the industry might slowly be setting itself up for an oversupply situation, which i would not mind at all. It would be nice for the pendulum to swing back to the consumer friendly side for a while. The international data corporation says the semiconductor market will grow by 17.3 percent in 2021, up from 10.8 percent in 2020, with glorious balance between supply and demand expected in mid 2022 by 2023, though, manufacturing capacity will be boosted by new fabs coming online, and hopefully there will Just be so many chips available that will be able to buy mid range gpus for a few bucks each at the corner. Gas station convenience store case in point on friday. Intel broke ground on their two new chip, factories, fab 52 and fab 62 at their okatio campus in chandler, arizona, ceo, pat gelsinger and other high ranking execs donned, hard hats and played being blue collar workers for a few moments in a classic groundbreaking photo op momentarily Bemused by the shovels and earth moving equipment arrayed before them after posing briefly with these implements of manual labor, the execs returned to their desk jobs that wouldnt reward them with a lifetime of chronic pain, satisfied that their 20 billion dollar investment would easily pay for a Bunch of other people to do all that factory building work, the fabs are expected to be fully operational in 2024.

. Speaking of limitless corporate ambition, the worlds largest chipmaker tsmc has set a goal for going carbon neutral by 2050, just shy of 30 years from now, and probably well after the inexorable future. Wars have ravaged the earth. While carbon neutral chip making presents a range of challenges from material sourcing to power generation, tsmc says theyll be coordinating with the taiwanese government on projects like the 920 megawatt wind farm being built in the taiwan street. That should be finished in 2026.. Meanwhile, back here in the states, president biden has appointed amd ceo, dr lisa, sue to the presidents council of advisors on science and technology or pcast a group of 30 top scientists and technologists where she will help advise the administration on policy matters where the understanding of Science, technology and innovation is key. Sue joins reps from google, microsoft and nvidia on the council summoned here to answer the threat of mordor or the chip shortage, probably one and then the other and amazon has finally gotten hip to the times and doesnt want to be such a square when it comes To their employees, engaging in a bit of recreational marijuana, use workers or applicants who were fired or denied jobs because they decided to hotbox their 92 civic before their interview will now be a ok to spark a j or dab it up prior to their shift. In amazons, warehouses and fulfillment centers, as long as its not a driving job, where the damn feds at the department of transportation have harsh requirements about impaired operation of heavy equipment, cant they just chill.

What was i talking about? Oh right, amazon is cool now theyre, even going to lobby the federal government to legalize it, because getting employees to work long hours for minimal pay at a strenuous job in a fulfillment center is way easier when theyre baked out of their gourds. Thanks for not up the rotation amazon wow, there are more tech. Briefs weve come to the loose collection at the end that i couldnt really fit into a category. Apple is reportedly working with ucla and biogen a pharmaceutical company to use sensor data from your iphone to detect depression, anxiety and cognitive decline. Problems with mental health can benefit greatly from early detection and warning signs can be derived from analysis of things like facial expressions. Speaking patterns, walking, pace and frequency, i have an easier way, though, if you live on the earth in 2021 and you have access to the internet via an iphone theres, a good chance that you might be depressed. But maybe you can counter that funk with some fancy. New fortnite themed duds from balenciaga as announced monday, the new clothing line might look deceptively simple, but theres a reason. The button up shirts cost 995 dollars the ball. Caps go for 3.95, hoodies are 7.25, and this ridiculously oversized denim jacket is 1300.. They say fortnite on them and theyre made by balenciaga, which sounds super fancy. Okay, im depressed again now tech powerup has dropped. Gpu z version 2.42, though, which will now handily indicate to you whether your nvidia gpu is a light rate model or not.

It will do this in the gpu name field listing something like ga 102 lhr theres a handful of other improvements as well – and i imagine this will come in handy if and when gpu mining falls out of fashion and the used cards flood. The market really hope that happens. Finally, a post on the pc master race subreddit caught my attention this week showcasing a pc gaming room, themed gaming, pc built by xu chao profong, and my apologies, as i doubt, im pronouncing that properly. The build features innovative use of masking panels to create a cozy gaming room, complete with a nintendo switch wall mounted tv and a gpu that doubles as a desk setup. It takes a minute to even realize that theres, a water cooled cpu built in but theres plenty of rgb and incredible attention to detail a truly unique build that made me smile. So i thought itd be a nice closer for todays show, but there you have it guys. A whole lot of tech news from the past week and if youre wondering, which mad max vehicle ill be riding off into the sunset in it turns out. There was just one auction for all 13 vehicles, so ill be able to take my pick, but you know its going to be the duke wagon right. It was always going to be the duke wagon guess. I need to book a flight to australia. Where was i, though, your feedback is always welcome, so please feel free to leave me a comment down below while youre down there.

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