If you are an xrp holder, i have some very bullish news to share with you, rosie rios, just tweeted out something very interesting about xrp, as well as bitcoin and china, and i want to break down why this is bullish. Its important given the context of what is happening around ripple and with regards to crypto regulations in the sec. In addition, we have coinbases, ceo brian armstrong, sharing a very bullish statement about crypto being that it is the web 3.0 that weve been waiting for. So i want to talk about this and the macro level view of what is happening with technology and the internet and how crypto fits within that and uh. We have some other folks weighing in as well so before we get into it. Please go ahead and hit the thumbs up. Button, leave a comment below and hit the subscribe button. If youre new here it helps support the channel and it doesnt cost you anything guys. This video is brought to you by ok coin crypto exchange where you can buy, sell and trade. Your favorite cryptocurrencies and you dont have to pay high fees. Okay coin charges, low fees. You can also stake your crypto and keep 100 of the rewards. You dont have to pay any fees. It is also the only exchange where you can buy miami coin so be sure to sign up link in the description all right, crypto prices, nothing happening right now, guys everythings following bitcoins move.

We had some volatility last night and then bitcoin jumped significantly, but you know its a waiting game here. We have to be patient. I see the tippity top of a red candle forming on the weekly chart and thats. Okay, maybe this next week coming up here. It is nothing significant happening, it is just red right, thats, okay, were building support levels and i am expecting fireworks in q4 now. Does that mean uh come october? First, all of a sudden were gon na see a massive bull rally. No, it will have its slow, steady growth, building support levels and then youll well see some fireworks and uh. Is that a guarantee? No? But i think theres a strong probability for it right and here is a macro level view chart of the bitcoin um chart. I should say showing the market cycles playing out. So if i zoom in here look at 2013 showing the same timeline that we are in at the moment of 2021 and the same thing in 2017 and after the disrespected period of september and the cooldown and so forth, we saw a blast off so im. Not using wishful thinking or my emotions to say: well, i i want the prices to go up so im expecting a rally. No, i have, we have to be realistic, were using historical data, and that is as close to fact as we can get versus our emotions. Our wishful thinking and, i think, were gon na see guys a a pump like we did in 2017 as well as 2013 and uh.

It could also the market cycle could extend into january. I dont know if thats going to happen for a fact, but its a possibility so im just throwing it out there. These are all probabilities right, its just a matter of the percentage attached to the probabilities of how likely is it to happen. So if i were to assign a percentage breakdown, 85 bull market, another peak, a bull run up to a high peak and new all time highs and a 15 chance. That does not happen. Thats from my research thats, not financial investment advice, im just sharing with you. What ive done um, what ive seen and what i think is going to happen based on the data, the trends and the analytics so just uh. This is why i like to share these macro level: charts with you guys, all right, um heres, another chart showing bitcoin yearly candles, and we can see that once again, the 2013 cycle, where we had the the having um and then the bull market and then into 2017 and now we find ourselves in the third having the 2021 um in 2021, i should say – and you can see our green candle for this peak of this bull run – has not formed fully formed yet look at it compared to 2017 and 2013.. Another data point showing we still have ways to go because uh that would not be in in line of the history of how bitcoin has performed given the having cycles, especially when you have more demand now from institutions.

So once again, i think uh more theres more to go here. New, all time highs to be hit um when the exact dates are i cant say. But you know the timeline, like i said possibly q4 into q1 of next year, but well see just be ready and have a plan and know what prices youre cashing out on im. Looking for a hundred thousand dollar plus bitcoin price and all coins to go bananas uh following bitcoins move like they have historically right, we see these uh massive alt seasons that take place in all coins, usually outperform bitcoin. Now you may say: well why hold bitcoin, because there are no guarantees and bitcoin is the safer bet now uh it but comes higher. Risk comes a higher reward with all points, thats, just how i think and how i uh. You know from what my studying and understanding market cycles how i approach it. Bitcoin is my hedge against anything that may not pan out so uh, just just letting you know how being fully transparent guys. All right. Xrp holders check this out. Rosie rios um tweeted the following today at 3, 35 p.m. Eastern xrps primary purpose is facilitating cross border payments, while other cryptos find their value in speculation. Chinas latest move brings this point home ripple, ripple net bitcoin wow guys, you may say tony thats, just a stupid. Tweet, who cares i dont like xrp whatever well lets, bring it back to facts and reality forget about emotions and how you feel whos rosie rios well, you know just the 43rd treasurer of the united states currency designer look at those titles and those accolades guys.

This is not some random joe schmoe tweeting, some crap, the 43rd treasure of the united states, this person, what she says, carries weight. This is the the top of the top here, the cream of the crop. If you wanted to say it that way with regards to government and shes tweeting about xrp, now some of you will say tony rosie sits on the ripples board of directors. Of course, shes gon na say that she doesnt have to say that she could just be an advisor, remember shes, by tweeting this out and millions of people are going to see this shes. Putting her reputation on the line. Context here is important. Why the ripples under massive scrutiny right now theres an xrp lawsuit right from the sec theres people who are saying ripples, a scam there are people saying nobody is going to use xrp blah blah blah right. The same fud talking points you have the 43rd treasure out here, tweeting about xrp, and i want you to really think you got to put your thinking cap on and put your emotions, leave your emotions at the door and im not saying you have to hold xrp Im just saying dont spread fud and realize what the hell is happening here. This is massively bullish, guys and im gon na give some more context here, because people often forget they have short memories. What did congressman tom emmer tweet last year and ive interviewed congressman thomas tom memmer, the man said xrp is not a security.

This is a congressman. What did former cftc chair chris giancarlo say: xrp isnt a security. He went and had an article on forbes talking about this, and you have rosie rios here talking about what xrps primary case she could be tweeting about anything else and and look you can go look at her twitter profile, shes tweeting about all her stuff, but she Took time to talk about xrp dont miss what is happening here. I just dont want some of you to be like oh man, i should have bought some older xrp and im not telling you to go, buy it, but i just want you to think about it. Look at what the hell is taking place here, right um. This is why i personally hold xrp its the number one in my portfolio, but im not some xrp maximalist. I see the crypto market as an entire asset class with multiple assets. Theyre gon na do well. A lot will fail. Dont get me wrong. Xrp is my number one bitcoin my number two ether, my number three guys. So i in a bitcoin maximalist. I need an xrp maximus. I aint an ethereal max im a money maximalist im here to make money, so you want to do tribalism. Maximalism go ahead im here to make money and im showing you the facts of what is taking place, whos, saying what and who this is clearly a credible person talking about xrp. So i think uh, as ive stated before i think ripple is going to win the sec lawsuit.

I think, as soon as that happens, and they get clarity, banks and payment companies in the united states will start leveraging. Xrp like they are overseas like in japan and different countries, and ripples has huge connections. People from the government um, obviously from the former sec officials and so on and so forth. So i i think the sec is gon na lose his battle and uh uh congress may have to step in to help, but i i think ripples going to come out of this successfully. Now i like this meme here from block works. This is funny sec. Our regulation is pretty clear: the regulation this is some like sanskrit, but its cl its we know, whats going on the sec, is you have corrupt officials, jay clayton and william hinman? It looks like guentzer is along the same lines: um dont get me wrong, theres, some good people there, like hester purse, who ill be interviewing soon and elat um, but clearly the market. The entire market is seeing the sec for uh the that theyre trying to do here. They havent put out clear regulations and yet theyre saying oh people are not following regulations that we want more power, whatever blah blah blah, but they are looking to shake people down and uh get settlement, money, thats thats. Why theyre not releasing those regulations? Guys and part of this is their connection to the uh banking cartel right. The traditional financial bankers who dont like you uh, you know using certain cryptos, whether it be lending staking and earning interest.

It takes money out of their pockets right. Weve talked about that now guys check this out from brian armstrong. I agree with this. He tweeted a lot of folks dont realize that crypto is really the third generation of the internet. Re decentralizing it. It is web 3. Fully aligned with the goals of financial inclusion and checking the power of big tech, wow and and uh im in agreement with this guys, you know you cant, stop disruptive tech, weve seen it historically, it always wins. Human civilization is going to things that are more efficient. Uh, more decentralized uh that its just changing and making their lives better and it doesnt matter if the incumbents or the the old guard are upset and angry. Just like the horse and buggy people were upset and angry at the automobile right and yes, the first automobile wasnt perfect and they have flaws, hell, yeah but progression, and they cant stop it this. This will keep going, no matter how much they fight they cant. Stop history is on our side here. Um – and i agree with brian that this is crypto – is an amazing amazing technology and obviously built on blockchain, and i think the world is going to change youre going to have multiple, blockchains and theyre going to be. A lot of them are going to be interoperable. Interoper, interoperable wow couldnt say that and a big part of that is xrp with being the a bridge asset for different cbdcs and currencies and so forth.

So big things are ahead. I i try to always point you guys to the macro level view zoom out right. Zoom out, like you, would have on the internet. If someone came to you in the 90s and say: hey theres, this company called google and amazon and ebay, and so on and so forth. You know if you were a skeptic if you didnt take time to do the research and if you werent patient you, you may have jumped out early before the google stock went, crazy and amazon stopped went crazy and uh people were made uh wealthy off of those Right so same thing is happening here, although i think its gon na move faster because were building on a faster version of the internet, of course, uh and and uh. This technology is getting adopted globally at a rapid pace, because ive said this many times you could be any in any part of the world guys and you dont have to be an accredited investor. You dont have to go through some sort of gatekeeper. You could put 50 bucks in bitcoin 50 bucks in xrp 50 bucks in ethereum, and you are in the asset class with other whales and institutions, and i think ralph powell macro investors said this its the first time the little guy gets the front run. Many of the institutions why you may ask because many of the institutions dont have the regulatory clarity yet so this is just such an interesting dichotomy.

Uh of versus, like you know, the previous asset classes, guys we have the opportunity of a lifetime, and i hope you see what what is taking place here. Um hunter horsley, who is the ceo, bitwise and ive, interviewed some folks at wise. He weighed in on this saying, were going to be rebranding crypto to web 3 over the next two to three years. It will be a super set example: uh includes crypto and other things, less baggage and more people to get behind it. I think hes absolutely right. I think hes spot on guys, and this is why ive stated many times. While i am taking profits at this bull market cycle, i will be buying the dips in the bear market coming up. I im gon na be accumulating more now. Dont get me wrong. I will be holding some crypto long term that im locking up with you know with staking and lending so i can earn interest on it and look saving some of those, maybe uh like bitcoin and some other cryptos for my daughter right im just leaving it im. Not touching it so uh, that is how im looking at this thing. Looking at 10 years beyond, you know, because i look i i grew up in the 90s right. I was born in the 80s. I grew up in the 90s and i experienced the dial up days of the internet and and and i was very passionate about technology and going through.

You know when google first came out using that search engine, and i remember showing people like hey check this out. People like what the hell is this right, because i wasnt using yahoo or lycos or whatever the other ones, are and and just different aspects of the internet. And i look back now and i just look at how you know i wish i was maybe older, but you know you you kind of think about these things that i could have invested. But i i was a kid right. I was young. I was in high school and then uh going to college, but now im in a position where the next internet web 3.0 right is playing out and now i can participate in it and its even better than uh the early days of the internet. Because of the decentralization because of not having to be an accredited investor, you can just participate in this asset class, its pretty amazing. So let me know what you guys think. Do you agree with me on how bullish this news is with rosie? Rios remember context is important with all the things that are happening right now, lawsuits against her scc and shes tweeting, this the 43rd treasurer of the united states bullish. I will be accumulating more xrp. I think you know peak bull run if this, especially if the lawsuit gets settled in in the in the respective time, um 10 to 15 bucks or xrp.

I think its possible um, you know. Is that a guarantee, of course not right. I could be wrong. It could maybe its it taps out at eight bucks who knows, but i i think we could get there, but once again, not financial investment advice, im not telling you to go. Dump your money into this. Do your research? Do your research? Do your research spend hours? You know researching whats happening here and only put what you can afford to lose, because this market is volatile but, like every other asset class, theres a risk, so you have to understand whats happening but um. This is certainly an opportunity of a lifetime.