As always, it is nick here, back with your daily crypto news and analysis, and today were actually going to be talking about crypto, but specifically were going to be talking about a black swan event, not in the way that a lot of other you know, xrp youtubers, Talk about a black swan event happening. I personally think that xrp itself could be the black swan event of crypto, and why do i think that or how do i think that that will actually come to fruition? Well, its very, very simple, so lets actually talk about this lets, get into it and lets really address this problem or concern. So when this xrp lawsuit happened, i know a lot of people were terrified that, were you know, holding xrp. A lot of people did for a fact, kind of buy crypto on that dip or xrp on that dip. I personally did buy it on that dip on uphold. Now, when were talking about xrp and were talking about a lot of people who thought that this was just oh, its its sec versus xrp, so xrp is going to be, you know going to zero its dead, its garbage, whatever i dont, think a lot of people Realize how big of a factor this sec lawsuit actually is not only versus ripple but versus all of crypto? Okay, so, for example, right if xrp loses and becomes you know a security asset, they deem it a security. What do you think the next target asset is in their targets? Right? It is ethereum, okay, and you might be wondering why that doesnt make any sense.

Well, its very simple right. They were deeming xrp a security contract because one they said that xrps framework was not built out entirely before they were actually selling xrp to odl customers, and then they didnt say anything about ethereum, actually holding an ico before ethereum was actually built or the framework behind Ethereum, but also we do see ethereum 2.0 still making upgrades to the network and also the infrastructure of ethereum, so technically speaking, ethereum in itself from what they are saying in regards to how we test on xrp would make ethereum a security. So if they deem xrp a security, they would have to obviously have to go after ethereum right. So overall, when we talk about this entire space, we know that stable coins are in their targets too theyre talking about usdt or tether theyre talking about usdc as well. Uh, you know theyre going after exchanges like coinbase in in terms of funding uh or the the funding programs and stuff, and we talk about what happens next right. We talk about. If ripple wins this lawsuit. What will happen if ripple loses this lawsuit? What will happen? I think either way if it wins or loses. I think that we will see a black swan event or some sort of event uh unfolding after and how do we get there? Well, very simple! So, first off i do want to talk to you guys about the the main problems right now we see the the path going forward with gary gensler hes talking about.

There are gaps in regular regulatory clarity in cryptocurrencies, hes, talking about warning signs and flashing lights. Around stable coins, hes talking about sec, could suspend trading of 270. China related companies. If chinese disclosure does not improve hes talking about uh, often theres, not something behind it. Other than what someone will pay you uh scc chair, says: cryptocurrencies have been a catalyst for change and hes just kind of talking about targeting crypto entirely in pretty much almost every aspect of crypto. We also see here, sccs gensler doesnt see cryptocurrencies lasting long. I think that that is an absolute idiotic statement to be completely honest with you. I see crypto thriving in the future and i honestly see paper cash or just paper money entirely, losing its value more and more as government spending kind of increases, as well as money kind of just flows out the door. And then we also see even more uh news happening with this. We even see here scc sec, chair gary gensler wants to crack down on the wild west of crypto uh, which is talking about also stable coins by the way uh. Just to give you guys that quick insight uh, but when we talk about this right, we talk about so much. You know understandings of what could happen in a catalyst event if they did go after stable coins if they went after other assets in the space other than xrp right. We should actually all be thankful that they went after ripple and xrp, because ripple had all of they had the funding behind them to really kind of counter this lawsuit right.

They had all the resources that they needed to to win this lawsuit as well uh. If you actually looked at their entire legal team, its massive its like its like a legal army, if you, if you will so you know if they went after any other asset in the space, i dont think that the case would have went on this long. I i think that the sec would have probably won that case, so we should be thankful that they went after xrp and ripple uh, because i think that this is actually one of the most legitimate assets in the space uh for what it is worth now, when We talk about this case. We do know that gary or not gary gensler, uh brad garlinghouse wants full clarity right. He wants absolute certainty from the us sec and this is totally fine. I think that this is actually the the best way to go about it, because when we talk about this, you know he wants a a bright future for xrp and for ripple the company itself right because he does want the ipo listing he also wants. You know xrp to essentially replace swift, or, i should say david schwartz actually does want. You know xrp to replace swift, uh and pretty much be utilized on a massive scale at an ease and efficiency basis uh and they and they do expect. You know at some point in time: maybe a government agency buying xrp and pretty much.

You know pretty much putting a monetary value on it. But when we talk about the future of xrp and ripple, you know if they do get absolute clarity and regulatory clarity comes to this space. How many of these 12 157 assets that are in the space right now, which goes up day by day by the way, will be pretty much gone off of exchanges? I mean think about how many of those assets are either copy and paste at bsc tokens or just kind of meme tokens that have no utility or just no use cases entirely, and how many of these are just speculative assets that people dont even really care about. To know what they actually do or how many coins the team holds. Also, we talk about insider trading. A lot of that stuff goes out the window. Once regulatory clarity comes into the space, especially the whole idea of you know somebody advertising a token that theyre getting paid to shill you know is that going to be a problem once regulatory clarity comes, i think so right also, i just want to say right now. You know all of that money thats in those meme coins and those bsc tokens that are copy and paste the code, and we talk about all these other assets. All that money will flow back into utility grade tokens or the token that is the number one asset or you know in in the top 10 and xrp at that point, will be the asset to have regulatory clarity, so just think about how much money will flow Into xrp, if xrp is the first asset to get regulatory clarity, think about that plus we do see a lot more.

You know uh pretty much. Just media focused on this entire sec case, so think about how many people know about xrp right now and is waiting for you know, clarity to happen for xrp or if xrp is going to win or lose to buy or sell. Now i always say always remember that if xrp loses the sec case, then every other coin in the crypto scene is next. If you are passionate about crypto, then you should be passionate about xrp winning the case, its detrimental for the scene to be looked at. In a legitimate way now what if – and this goes all the way back to january 2021 – uh 2021 by the way, but what exactly happens if xrp loses its case? What will be the basis of that? Well, we even see down here you know. So the answer to the question: what if ripple, loses the case? No one knows, besides them, but relocating to a friendlier jurisdiction is most likely uh to serve the interest of xrp holders in such a scenario, but thats not the case right, because even in that sense you know if they do move who whos going to regulate, uphold And all these other exchanges in the u.s in order to buy or sell xrp will we basically have to give up our xrp well have to be confiscated. What is the understanding here? Because you know we dont know what will happen at that point, but we do know that if ripple does lose and xrp does get, you know deemed a security.

This entire space is going to be under attack from the us uh. You know if you are outside of the us. I dont know how you know all the markets will react, but i could just say right now: crypto will most likely experience a black swan event in that case, and i think crypto will even experience a black swan event in the case that xrp does win as Well, because if xrp does win and regulatory clarity comes to the space, i think a lot of those assets will disappear. A lot of money will flow out of this market and then you know, obviously flow most likely back into legitimate assets like xrp and the utility tokens, but i think thats very interesting to see you know entirely what comes out of this case, because i think either Way we could see a black swan event from the xrp side. I think xrp could be the catalyst for a major black swan event in crypto its not going to be so much. You know a blackout event where you know the internet gets shut down, or this happens or that happens. I mean im, not a tin, foil, hat wearer, but i will say i think that this lawsuit um has been a huge catalyst for the entire crypto space. Since the beginning of its inception – and i think a lot of people undermine that, and they just think that its the sec versus ripple instead of the sec versus all of crypto – and i think gary gensler made that clear with all of his statements going.

After all of crypto, now we do see here no matter if you love xrp or you hate xrp, the entire crypto community needs ripple to win against the sec. If they dont, it will set a nasty precedence here in the u.s that could be crippling to our industry, and this is 100 fact right. This goes back to december 23rd, 2020, and i think that this is the truth right, because this really kind of shows you exactly how shocking this entire scene could be if xrp does lose, because you know, i think a lot of crypto is going to be the Target of the idea of the howie test, if you will now, we also see here uh exactly. This is why we need ripple to win the lawsuit all of crypto. All of the crypto community needs to come together, its not ripple and xrp versus the sec. It is the sec versus all of crypto, and i think that coinbase made that clear, with their um idea of the the funding or the lending program that they were gon na. Do i think that this is a perfect example of that they were talking about how the sec hasnt really been fair to them? They kind of went back on what they were talking about in regards to the yield funding. So i think this is all hand in hand in the idea of its the sec attacking crypto. Crypto has been under attack this entire year pretty much, and i think a lot of people are just kind of blind to see that, because they dont like xrp.

They think that xrp is just you know, a garbage coin, its a scam, its that, whatever the case right, but we also see here in case you missed it. How the secs reported una swap labs investigation could signal a new era of enforcement. You guys remember when this happened right. This is exactly what is happening. Its an attack on all of crypto on d5 d5 is the biggest problem right now for the governments they dont want. You know decentralized finance. They want to make sure that it is centralized in the hands of the government. So when we talk about all of this, you know being a big catalyst event. I think the xrp case was the biggest black swan event. We just havent seen you know the aftermath of it yet because it hasnt ended. Yet i think once it does end, i think that thats, when we will see a major catalyst event happening throughout all of crypto, especially in regards to clarity or if something is a security or a currency, in a sense right so overall to wrap this up. I think xrp is the major black swan event for of crypto. I dont think that it was ever you know, government, shutdowns, or you know the internet being shut down or this that whatever the case may be. I think that a lot of those do have a hand in it, but i think for what it is. I think xrp itself is the black swan.

So with that being said, i hope that you guys enjoyed this if you guys did definitely leave a like subscribe and also turn notifications on. Also, let me know what you guys think about this video down in the comments below, because i think that this is an interesting takeaway on the xrp case. So let me know what you guys think uh, but with that being said, i hope that you all have a beautiful day or a beautiful night, wherever you guys are in this beautiful world.