So i want to clarify this. I am not exiting altcoins, yet all coins are still my number one bet, as always, for the next q4 mega pump here as bitcoin makes new highs, i believe on the back of an etf whats gon na happen. Next, though, over the course of the next sort of six months, i believe will be a massive massive amount of scrutiny on defy. So what im going to be doing is essentially putting a lot more money with those gains into bitcoin and nfts. I believe bitcoin is about to be enshrined as essentially the most regulatory friendly crypto asset. We all saw this coming so its kind of a safe space, but i think it builds, in my opinion, the first real bull narrative for bitcoin that ive seen. That makes it more interesting than potentially defy or altcoins in a very long time now to be clear, heres the timing, everything pumps in my opinion in q4, but in my opinion, were also probably going to have a blow off top like we did see in 2018 Right when, essentially, there was another wave of uncertainty, i believe that we see quite a bit of a restructuring of the industry and where capital goes, and i believe it, floods into bitcoin and nft nft is super high up the food chain for regulators because they dont Its so far from a financial product that its really really hard to categorize it as such, and it will take many years for it to really, in my opinion, fit into any kind of box that the regulator that the regulators really understand how to deal with.

If they do end up dealing with it, which, in my opinion, i see nfts in their raw form as a pretty uh, its, not really a financial product right. So how can you take a piece of art and make it a security, its just not right its just not or else youre, essentially calling into question the entire art market, which is what you know so many so many elites use uh as an investment asset. In my opinion, its just very far afield, so what im gon na see is the most ultimate bull case being built here essentially by the regulators for bitcoin and for nfts, but make no mistake: im not changing my bets right now. It doesnt change. What im seeing for the next sort of two to three months, however, after that, after we get this giga, send by a bitcoin, atf, bitcoin, new, all time highs and, of course, the altcoin market going absolutely ridiculous, like we saw in january and february, whats gon na Happen next is im gon na be stashing those profits, probably first in stable coins, mainly usdc, because i think usdc at the very worst youll be able to get your money back into greenback dollars. I think thats a very, very high likelihood, its fully audited, so im gon na be stashing into stables and then also averaging into bitcoin over the coming sort of six months. Im gon na start averaging into bitcoin, as i believe its most likely itll be going into a bearish sort of trajectory.

So my plan is q4 mega pump. Then i put uh put my profits into stables, start averaging into bitcoin and, of course, keeping going into nfts. I have no idea no idea what the nft market will be like in a bearish sort of macro crypto trajectory. I do feel, though, that it might have a winter wonderland effect, while the rest of crypto is frozen over and fts continue to see, vibrance and growth, because theyre mainstream consumer products right so understand that nfts and bitcoin to me are starting to build the ultimate bulk Case of course, i love that uh. However, it does kind of change my prognosis for d5 in general – and there might be quite a few years here of friction before d5 sort of reaches its final form. We will see what happens with that over time, but understand that. I see the next sort of six to 12 months as a megabill case for bitcoin and nfts, and nothing changes for my favorite darlings, which are the crypto gaming sector and the nft sector. That to me is the most asymmetrical bet in crypto and by extension, probably the rest of the world, so to be clear. Nothing changes, im, still wet well diversified into d5 altcoins layer ones, uh the avax ecosystem, other competing ecosystem stuff that ill be bringing to you in the next few videos. And if you liked those kind of 3x5x gains that ive been giving you in the avax ecosystem – and you like the 50x 100x gains that ive been giving you in the nft ecosystem, then youre definitely going to want to stay subscribed with that bell.

Notification on to be clear, staying nothing changes for the next few months, going to take profits into stables, start averaging into btc and nfts throughout the winter if a winter does come again. This is just me being sort of pragmatic here. If we dont get a winter, if we just get an everlasting bull market, then god bless the bull market, uh thats it for me ill see you guys soon.