That solana needs to do if its going to be able to push back towards higher levels and stop this downtrend so guys in the last few videos ive said that this area through here is very important for solana. Mainly because we had this break to the upside, which was rejected, we then had all of this support after breaking through support again and then sort of lower levels were finding more support and then building back towards the upside. But, as you know, previous support becomes resistance and vice versa, and this, where its providing us with support previously, is now kind of acting potentially as a bit of resistance. Weve had one rejection, but we are now trying to push through once more. What you can see is weve been playing around in this falling broadening wedge for quite some time. As ive mentioned multiple times. This is a bullish pattern. It does sometimes, however, need to sort of revisit further levels lower down before it can push around. But within this pattern, weve seen some sort of another pattern happen: weve come up, weve had a re test and we are now pushing to the upside. The good thing about this is if this is able to break as a pattern that will then bring us back towards these sort of levels around 152, and if that can continue, then ultimately, this whole chart pattern has a significantly higher price target, which we will be Looking at in a minute, i want to show you the bitcoin chart, because the bitcoin chart is ultimately moving the rest of the market when the bitcoin chart increases.

We all see solana also developing some momentum, so the thing is what we had here is we had this drop to the downside where we had this w pattern and, as you can see yesterday, we had a very quick period of in the space of about an Hour, where we saw the bitcoin price increased by about six or seven percent had a bit of sideways action again, starting to see a push and again, bitcoin is in this rather large pattern, which will see bitcoin if successful, break to at least uh these sort of Levels here at around seven hundred dollars, so that obviously means that if we see a push of that size that we will also see solana taking a bit of a push. And it will indicate as well that this downtrend is temporarily over for bitcoin and that the bitcoin bulls have ultimately pushed through. So if we jump back to solana, we can have a look at some price targets, so pretty much as you see in line with what bitcoin the bitcoin chart is showing if bitcoin is able to push up towards the sort of forty eight thousand dollar level. Well see it pushing solana, ultimately thats, usually a bit bigger due to the market cap difference. If we are to be able to make a break, we need to close a four hour candle outside of here and maybe come back for a re test before pushing higher. If solana is able to break out of here and have a re test before pushing back towards the upside, then we could potentially see resistance setting in at around 150 dollars.

As that 150 dollar price is broken, we can aim much higher and price target for this pattern would be taking from this high, where the pattern started all the way down to the swing low uh. That happened just a few days ago. We could then bring it to our breakout position and we can come to these levels at 223. Now obviously, as i mentioned in the past, its a four hour chart thats going to take potentially quite some time to play out and it depends on the volume over the weekend. Obviously, we have less volume, but tomorrow is obviously a monday and we could expect something. A bit more aggressive to happen in my opinion, so things are looking a little bit more exciting jumping into the one hour as well. You can see that theres a bit of a shoulder here, another head and potentially now forming a shoulder. If we are pushing up, then well also validate this pattern, which will give us our clean a break out of this one, which means something exciting, is happening for salada. Let me know in the comments below do you think solana is going to actually manage to break out of here or whether we could face a rejection. If we face a rejection, we will be pushing down potentially towards the 100 level. However, if were able to maintain these levels above 130, then, in my opinion, its only a matter of time before we do break to the upside, and then the next target will be 150 before pushing further, potentially than that, we could see 150 before being rejected back Down for a re test and then a push further to the upside make sure you hit the like for the youtube algorithm as well as hit the subscribe button.