So what that means is these d5 projects, the way they work? People can put money, cryptocurrency bitcoin, ethereum usdt. They can stake them for high percentage, apy return on their investment. So, like you would in your bank, if you put money in your bank account, you used to get seven percent ten percent at in the peaks. Now you get one percent or even because of the low interest rates, you even pay money to keep money in your bank account, but back in the day it wasnt like that. You could put money in your bank account and you would get interest on the money that you had in your bank account. Now we have the same things with d: fire, decentralized finance. You put your cryptocurrency, you put your usdt into these projects and you get api. You get return on your investment per year, um and im going to show you the different projects and the one that i would be buying right now. The two that i would be buying that i think are very undervalued based off their tbo total value locked. How much money is held inside that cryptocurrency inside that decentralized finance project d5 project compared to their market caps? So lets jump into those calculations now and im going to show you the project that i really like at the moment. So the first thing were going to look at is this website. This is an amazing website and im kind of giving you amazing kind of value just by showing you this website, which is beautiful.

So this website is called d5 pulse. The total value locked of all d5 central d5 d5 projects is 80 billion dollars, which is quite huge, but at the peak it was close to 100 billion dollars before we had the drop it peaked around september, 6th or september 8th sorry, with around around 100 billion Um the projects that are leading is rv: 14 billion, total value, locked 14 billion us dollars u.s dollars. The next one is maker, 11.95 billion. The third one is curve finance 11.8 billion, so those three projects have the highest total value locked. Now, when we start going deeper into these different projects, we see that um. I need to show you here: ive got to switch it. We see that when we go deeper into these projects, we see that rv the market cap of ave, which is currently 294 dollars. The market cap 3.8 billion and total value locked is 12.5 billion fully diluted. The market cap is 4.7 billion, so the market cap of rv, the biggest one, is 3.8 billion and it has 12 billion total value locked and, as you can see in the charts, it used to be 666 at its high, which was kind of ominous numbers, but It came down to around 300 volume coming in, so this is not bad, but when we look at the other projects when we go to curve – and this is the one that i like the most when we look at curve – its market cap is one billion dollars.

Its market cap is one billion dollars, but its total value locked is almost the same or even bigger than aves, which was 3.8 billion dollar market cap. So its total value locked is 13 billion dollars, but its market cap is only 1 billion. It has 321 million dollars worth of volume coming in and when we look at the charts, the charts also look very beautiful um it it it. When it was created, it was valued at 6.90, then in the bear market it came all the way down to 80 cents. Then it recovered to four dollars and in may it crashed down all the way to one dollar and now were sitting at 2.40. But again its its all time high, you can see here. One year higher was 30 one year low was 33 cents. Its high was 4.65 now its currently sitting at 2.40, but again ave the biggest protocol had 12 billion total value lock, but market cap of 3.8 billion. This has the total value locked of 13 billion and a market cap of 1 billion so thats. Why? I really like crv curve and im going to buy it after this video. Now, when we go um deeper into this, we go to the charts and before you buy anything, make sure you use my links down below you can see that weve got the barbie link in the description below this video. You can see the description and the pink comment.

If you use buy bit you sign up, you get six hundred dollars worth of bonuses when you deposit bitcoin in there and start trading and femix you get up to 1 200 bonuses. If you, if youre blocked in your country, you can use nordvpn so now lets go back into um, the charts for crv. So these are the charts for crv and, as you can see, when it ipo it actually was crazy. Here i dont think its correct. All the way at 30, but it was at a low, it got to a low of 79 cents here in 2020 october november it was 50 cents. Then it went all the way to a high of 4.40. Then it crashed in july all the way down to 1.20. Then it went back to three dollars. Forty and then the recent sell offs have pulled it all the way to two dollars. Forty and, in my opinion, the and, as you can see here down on the bottom, this is daily candles. Each of these kind. These candles volume is getting bigger and remember everyone knows this. If youre one of my students whove taken my courses, you know that volume predicts price everyone volume predicts price so when weve got volume, picking up and the currency this this crypto has been halved by its total, its valuation and volume is picking up. This is a good sign, volume predicts price and we have a lot of volume coming in again.

Its 13 billion dollars is locked in this project, but its total market cap is only 1 billion and when it was at its all time, high its total market cap was 2 billion. So i believe this project is undervalued. Next we have volume coming in. We have the chart its on its major support here. As you can see here, there was a major support im going to draw them um. Here we had a major support here. We had major support here here and and, as you can see, right now were sitting on that major support we have volume coming in. We have stochastic and rsi um. Sorry, my im getting text message. We have stochastic and rsi oversold right now and turning to head up so, in my opinion, um this. This project is very undervalued and im going to be buying this project after this, after this video, so crv is the ticker. You can buy it on binance. You have to do your own due diligence um, but by a bit in femix, you get up those bonuses when you sign up and deposit bitcoin. Thank you for watching thats my favorite d5 project im going to be buying it after this video. I hope you like this analysis. My targets would be that all time high, but long run, im very bullish.