Welcome back to number one place for all your investing needs in todays. Video were going to be looking at three potential altcoins to buy here at the end of september. So right now, in the past 24 hours, the market is green. We are up about 1.’. We see our top gainer here, which is up about 34.8 percent. Our highest volume, like usual, is gon na, be bitcoin with uh ethereum right behind. You know right behind it. So actually weve seen this bitcoin movement here sunday morning and aetherium as well pretty much the same pattern here going into the morning. Uh everything started to you know have an uptrend. So that is a beautiful thing to see here, going to sunday and potentially monday. So bitcoin is up 1.4 percent, we see ethereum up about 2.8 or so cardanos down 4, and it seems like all these other altcoins are either flat down a little bit or up a little bit depending on which one were looking at. But everything is pretty much all over the place with some being green, some being red its uh. You know a game of a gamble. I guess you could say so guys before we get into this countdown, go ahead and smash that, like button for me lets, say for a hundred plus likes on this video subscribe to the channel turn on that bell notification. So you get notified every time. I make a new video and, as always, if you guys want to sign up for weeble, get you two free stocks, valued up to twenty three hundred dollars, links in the description for that as well.

Now lets get into it. So the first alternative were gon na be talking about, is gon na, be uni swap also known as uni. So as we see here in the past 24 hours, this one is up about 19 and a half percent trading right around this 23 range uh. We saw it here pretty much sunday morning, go from 18 all the way to highs of about twenty three dollars, so in a matter of about four hours or so weve seen this movement, which is a beautiful movement, obviously about a four or five dollar movement, so Market cap right now and this one is 14.3 billion volume – is a lot higher than usual over 1.2 billion right there, 231 percent higher than usual, and then the typical hold time is 28 days on the one week chart were actually down about 5.5 percent. On the past, one month were down about 14 and then on the one year chart we are up over 375 percent, as this coin was trading around four dollars. Last september, we hit highs here in may at around 45 dollars, pulling back all the way down to about 14 or so in july, and then ever since then, we actually pulled back up hit highs about 30 and now were in a consolidation period with a little Bit of a downtrend, so theres always an opportunity right now for this uh. You know coin right here, so trading activity right now, 67 by 20 or 33 sell.

It is ranked the number nine coin on the list with the all time highs at 44.96. So about uni swap a little bit guys so, for those of you guys who arent familiar uni swap is an ethereum token that powers uni swap an automated liquidity provider that designed to make it easy to exchange ethereum tokens. There is no order book or central facilitator on uni, swap instead, tokens are exchanged through liquidity, pools that are defined by smart contracts. Now, how does all this work well, union swap pioneered the automated market maker model in which users supply ethereum tokens to uni, swap liquidity, pools and algorithms set um. You know market prices so as opposed to order books, which should match bids and asks on centralized exchanges. Like coinbase, so by supplying tokens to uni, swap liquidity, pools, users can earn rewards while enabling peer to peer trading. Anyone anywhere can supply tokens to liquidity, pools trade tokens or even create a list of their own tokens using ethereums erc 20 protocol. Now there are currently hundreds of tokens available on uni swap and some of the most uh. You know the most popular trading pairs are stable coins like usdc and rap coin. Wbtc um, you know you guys can obviously check that out. So keep in mind de xs have a range of risks. So do your research impairment loss can result from pairing a more volatile cryptocurrency with a less volatile one in a liquidity pool bugs and smart contracts can be exploited and anyone can create a token so watch out for rug pools as well.

It is a dangerous thing. Obviously, you might see some scams out there. Obviously maybe theres some. You know big celebrity out there thats planning on getting in on it and then theres a rug pool when everybody gets in they get out and you guys get stuck with the coins as it crashes. On lower, so you have to be careful with the things like that, but uni swap definitely one of those uh popular coins to keep an eye out on and to take a look for any dead buying opportunities for potential hold opportunities in the future. As i see potential for this one to keep on growing as the market cap is only at around 14 billion, so i would not be surprised to see this one trading at 50 or even higher in the next. You know a few years, so definitely something interesting to watch with uni swap so thats gon na be our first altcoin. Our second old coin on this list is gon na, be polygon also known as maddox. So this one is one of those greener coins that we talked about a few months ago, a lot and ever since then weve seen a pullback and its never recovered. So whats there to be looking at well lets. Take a look right now were pretty much fat flat in the past. 24 hours went to lowes of 103 at one point and came back up here at around a nine percent gain so were at one dollar and thirteen cents in the past.

Week were down about 17 percent past month 26 and then on the one year chart were up over 5867 percent, so this one last october was trading at two cents. So, just imagine if you would about you know a thousand dollars worth of this and youd be up about 5800 percent right now. Those would be some insane gains right. There uh this coin here when we saw the huge hype in may around the green coins alternative coins. You know based off of what bitcoin was doing when elon musk said that bitcoin wasnt going to be accepted anymore for uh tesla, a lot of people started to transition into green coins and thats. When polygon hit highs of 283 from lows of one dollar, then we pulled back down and came back up really quickly, and then we obviously saw the crypto crash where everything pulled back down for a couple months and we went back to 69 cents a little bit Lower than that in july, with the comeback here, consolidation around this 150 area and now were in a little bit of a downtrend, so theres definitely potential for upswing, so 7.6 billion market cap right now volume at 745 million typical hold time 73 days, 65 percent by 35 sell: it is ranked the number 16 coin on our list so polygon. This one is an ethereum token that powers the polygon network, a scaling, a solution for ethereum polygon aims to provide faster and cheaper transactions on ethereum, using layer, 2 side chains, which are block chains that are run alongside the ethereum main chain.

Now users can deposit ethereum tokens to a polygon, smart contract interact with them within polygon and then later they can withdraw them back to the ethereum main chain um. You know the matic token is used to pay transaction fees and participate in a proof of stake consensus. So how does all this work well lets picture this picture polygon as being a an express train on a subway. It travels along the same route as the regular train, but it makes fewer stops and thus moves much faster, so to create pneumatic and secure the network. Polygon uses a proof of stake consensus mechanism which uh you know, means that one way you earn more money on matic, you hold, you know via staking so validators do the heavy lifting they verify new transactions and add them to the blockchain in exchange they may receive A cut of fees and newly created medic becoming a validator is a commitment that requires running a full time, node or computer, and staking your own manic. If you make an error or act maliciously, you can lose some or of your stakematics. So delegators down here stake their matic and directly indirectly by the trusted validator. There is a much more much lower commitment version of staking, but it still requires research. If the validators, you pick act, maliciously uh or makes errors you can lose some of or all of your stakematic now keep in mind with this, the polygon network allows you to do many things.

Many of the same things the main ethereum network, allows but with uh you know fees that are often a fraction of a cent you can try. Decentralizes changes like quick, swap sushi swap yield, generating lending and saving protocols like ave, nft markets like open c or even no loss price games like uh, pulled together so to try the polygon network. You need to send some crypto to the you know: uh compatible crypto wallet like coinbase wallet. You can then bridge to some of the crypto stable coins are popular choice for this to the polygon network. Youll also need to break somatic to make transactions, but even a dollar worth is plenty because fees are so low on there fractions of a penny, so polygon definitely interesting. Definitely something interesting to keep in mind here, especially with it being a little bit of a greener coin. I see a bright future with this one, especially with the market cap. Only at 7.6 billion this one could easily 10x and be trading at 10 in the next. You know five 10, 15 years, so definitely a coin to be watching and see if its worth the risk to add to your portfolio, so thats gon na be our second coin and then our third coin is gon na, be ftx. Token ftt a token weve. Actually, i dont believe weve ever talked about it on our channel. This one is up about 10 trading at 56.98 cents in the past week were down 10 10 and then on the one month chart were up 15 on the one year.

Chart were up over. Fourteen hundred and sixteen percent, this coin was trading around three dollars: three dollar sixty cents. Last year we went to highs of about sixty dollars, pulled back down with the market to about 22 dollars, and then we skyrocketed on higher all the way to highs of about 85 dollars from that low of 20. So about a 200 250 percent gain here. In a matter of a month or and a half so market cap 6.9 billion right now, volume in the past 24 hours is going to be at 983 million. All time high is around 85 uh dollars per coin, so things are definitely moving with this coin and it is the coin that im interested in right now, with the market cap being around 7 billion, i could definitely see some more potential and this one could easily Be trading at 100 or higher in the near future, so its definitely one that im going to be watching and keeping an eye out on to see how its going to perform as the rest of the crypto either goes up or down. So those are the three crypto coins that were watching right now. Guys now lets take a look at the rest of the market, so bitcoin up about 1.4 percent. Yesterday we were trading at 42. 000 went down all the way to lows of about 40 40 800. Here at one point, then we made an uptrend here all the way to highs of 43 44.

Almost at one point now were in a consolidation area here on sunday, so in the past week were down 10 past month down 11 and then on the one year chart were up over 303 815.5 billion market caps, 34 of the crypto market and its uh 85. Typical hold time days 67 by 33, sell bitcoins looking okay right now, we might be in a little bit of a consolidation period for a while, but were hoping for another uptrend going into the fall into winter. So ethereum same pattern: same situation, trading at three thousand dollars. Uh went to lowes down here at 2 700 and then came back up uh sunday morning. We are up about 2.7 in the past week were down 12 past month, down 6 percent and then on the one year chart were up 749 percent, so this ones making a nice move here. 354.3 billion market cap, which is about 15 of the crypto market 82 day typical hold time 68 by 32, sell ethereum is doing very well right there, consolidating just like bitcoin, then we have doge the meme still trading around his 21 cents area. One two lows down here: about 19 cents. Actually so this one uh, you know lows were about 16 cents here before we went up the highs of 34 cents and weve been talking about this one just being a meme, and then we think this one is kind of game. Over um i mean we hit lows of 19 cents just right there today.

So imagine what happens if we go into a bear market. This coin is going under 10 cents and its gon na be worthless, in my opinion, in the future 27 billion market cap, but its only going to continue to go lower and lower. You know we saw the hype happening here with this one in the beginning of 2021, but i think its the time for people to get out of doj in my opinion and start trading, some better coins, because this coin has no value to us. Its just a meme and i think that most people are done with it as uh everybody understands what happened there. It was kind of like a pump and dump situation. We saw here at the beginning of the year until about may and then everything starts to taper off so obviously thats how the markets performing guys. You guys, let me know in the comments below what do you think is going to happen with the crypto market going into the rest of next weekend. How is uh, you know china going to affect our prices as well leave a comment below letting me know smash that, like button for me guys lets aim for 100 plus likes subscribe to the channel turn on that bell notifications to get notified every time i make A video, and as always guys if you want to sign up for we will get two free stocks valued up to twenty three hundred dollars thanks.

So many descriptions for that as well. Im, not a fan of entry advisor guys so speak to your financial advisor. This is all for entertainment purposes. Only uh theres, always a high risk highway type situation, trading crypto so speak to your financial advisor and do your own due diligence.