Welcome back to the channel everybody! Thank you so much for joining me. Just quick update since ive been away and um last week was a little bit. Uh crazy in the markets were going to take a look at our youtube portfolio, but first before we get into that, we take a look at the markets. First, im getting a little bit tired of the china fudge the china uh. I dont understand why people are losing their mind. This is the daily chart and you can see here. This is china foot here with a drop of 11, more china foot here with a drop of nearly 9 and more china foot here of 5.3. Now the thing that gets me about this is china. Removing itself from the cryptocurrency space is a good thing. We dont need them in the real world. All we hear is people bitching and mourning about china and its influence in the world and that it needs to be curbed and we hear of how their neighbors we hear a lot about um their treatment of their own citizens and very rarely. We hear good stories out of china and all i hear is we need to do something with china. We need to do something with china and listen. China says its removing itself from the crypto space thats a good thing. We dont want them in it. We dont need china; all they do is manipulate and one of the things we hear about in cryptocurrency all the time is manipulation and china is the kings of manipulation and its, not necessarily manipulating in cryptocurrency its just, manipulating full stop.

They manipulate everything we dont need them and so um. When i hear that chinas banning cryptocurrencies, i celebrate its a good thing. This price should be rocketing. The less china is a communist state controlled by a select group of people who tell everybody else what to do and dictate how everybody else lives. Why the would we want china heavily involved in cryptocurrencies? We dont, we dont need them, we dont want them, and every time i hear china banning cryptocurrencies or new china food i celebrating anyways. I need to get out off my chest. We dont need china um lets shoot over and take a look at our youtube account. This is our youtube holdings account. This is not my exclusive holdings. This is a an account that we put together for our viewers and um. You know, overall, its not doing too bad the rocket fuels up all almost 100 economy up 62 and were in polka, which is up just five percent. Our biggest um problem here at the moment is space swap milk 2.. I have no concerns about it at all. Thats, a long term hold a bit of momentum and we will be back um to parity very very soon, and a good example of that is veracity, which, if you look at some previous videos, we were down about the same and we sold it with a 70 To profit, and just over 3 400 dollars, we also sold chain recently and um.

We made um just under 550 or 450 bucks in that 33 return muse down 60. thats, not a great one. Im bought into pacoco a couple of weeks ago and its been doing very well ive been using it for farming and um. You know, even though the americans have had a bit of a attack over the last week, or so were still up almost to 20. In that so overall, because im happy with our positions and uh, you know a lot of these are long term positions. Economy is going to be absolutely huge. I think already up 62, that now my neighbor is blowing leaves ah christ. I hope thats not coming true. So enough of that, i want to also take a look at something called verities today and verities is an interesting project. First off their public token sale is now live so well get to that in a second, but verity is lets. Lets lets find out what rarities does they provide verification, identification, data collection and analysis services for companies and individuals? Certainly, these functions is their verities enterprise grade blockchain for its ability to transact and store data securely and immutably. We do have an introduction video if you want to go and check that out introducing veritas, a revolutionary solution that makes comprehensive identification, verification and data collection services accessible to anyone. Veritas offers secure and affordable patent pending chip. Less solutions, as well as our verities, provides blockchain, solid, anti counterfeiting, brand protection and instant up to date.

Product information, as well as ownership transfers and the ability to prove ownership of an item from a distance essentially know what youre buying and know where it comes from. These pop ups drive me nuts um, so identification from your cvs would verify references to trusted online reviews to business care, reputations verifications and even a way to confirm fast personal identity. Veritas provides solutions to harness its latest generation, blockchain technology, to provide users of a system. A rapid path to learn and demonstrate the truth behind events. These guys have been working for about 18 months, i believe theres, 300 million vertex and an extremely low inflation rate of one percent per year and extremely conflation rate of one percent per year. So this is going to be a subscription based service. Now the well be targeting a lot of industries: aviation automobile cvs, tax logistics down. Here you got your team there. We go would like to see a bit more about the teams here, no links to click on well. There seems to be a pretty large team here and we go up here and we have a look at the road map. As we see this year, the their priority is building the corporate website. First phase of back end server infrastructure, development, first working version of the veritas mobile app, and this is all lit up until december 2025.. Its awesome to see look guys. This was a quick, a very quick look at veritas.

I wouldnt mind doing a full review on these guys so um white paper, available in french and in english current investors here these are the key investors. Now these have their linkedin profiles on these and seems to have a lot of investment and support behind the project. They do have their social media links down here at the bottom. Youve got your facebook, your twitter and a linkedin, and their sale has already started, as you can see. The first zero to five million sold out at a price of 30 cents, five to 10 million solar 35 cents im, currently at the 10 to 15 million phase, which is 40 cents and 28.46 of that has been sold. So as you can see, different tiers. As usual, and as you go through the tiers, the pricing significantly increases. They do have affiliate program with ten percent for each referral. So from what i can see here, they seem to be doing pretty good here, pretty much your radar guys, that is veritas um check about lets, move on now to our giveaway so because it was away last week we havent done too many reviews this week. Our videos reality characters up yesterday, im not going to include that in this weeks. Giveaway well do that for next weeks, giveaway so were going to pick two winners from each of these videos: the crypto update from last week and the crypto update from the previous week. So if we copy the link address here and shoot over 179 comments were going to pick 25 dollars in crypto of your choice.

First up is gabrielle israel and he is a divi guy, so 25 bucks in tv heading over to gabrielle, and we need another winner from this video bonito and even nederjevic the two winners of 25 bucks in tv on that video and the audit chain. Video. So, look at that. One 194 comments pick our winners, derrick, ryan and uh. He is an eat guy, so 25 bucks and eat going to you derek and we need one more winner, fran foster, and he is another eighth guy, so 25 dollars and eat going to fran so guys that about does it for today, just a quick catch up. Remember if you want to take part in next weeks, giveaway just comment on the reality cards, video, this video and any other video that comes out in between then all you got ta do is comment in the videos pop your water dress in there and the eat Of your choice and well pick a winner right that about us, dont forget to go and check out veritas. Thank you very much for watching.