Go to court, you know verdicts, no judge hasnt spoken yet so well see what happens outside of that hows your morning coast outside of that mornings. Going great bitcoin need a little. You know, yeah exactly so other than other than bitcoin dumping at like 6 37 a.m. Like waking up thinking, everythings gon na do good and then just not as much fun so other than that. You know its friday. Super sunny, weathers great were feeling fall. We got to meet up this weekend, everybodys happy. We got new people in the office. Life is good. We got a double whammy this morning we got pastries and what is this donuts holly? This is your favorite french pastries to show my appreciation for my co workers in a way yall understand. Unfortunately, we do understand this, but theyre trying to make us fat nick. How do you feel to have holly one up you this morning? Whats that? How do you? How do you know uh? This is crypto, so i just got ta learn from my lessons, running uh and just always improve my game. So i wasnt here my head wasnt in the game, but uh it is what it is. So cards are cards Music thanks opulos. What did we get? We got a speaker, oh thats, actually show them this shirt. We got this shirt. Thats super uh limited edition number 11 out of 100.. Its like the holly, says its. Like the birthday.

You know when people have that oh theres money yeah its a dollar. I thought it was just a black shirt, i mean it kind of is, but this dollar doesnt really fit very well um and then the back and look limited edition wow. What did we get? Oh it is you plug it in yeah thats, exactly what it is. I dont recognize that logo. No, i dont either. I dont know what that is. What is that? Thank you, cryptocoindisplay.com. Okay, foreign ben. What were you were you doing something this morning like a task at the house, yeah so uh this morning i have ive got this uh back thing that i lay in and it takes up so much space in my bedroom. So i cleared out my garage move that downstairs. Then i got all my wifes holiday books moved him into her library because they were outside in the shed. She didnt like that, and then i put up all our halloween decorations, so yeah real busy this morning because no time im going to be gone all weekend. So if i didnt get how many decorations up before we left, who knows when they get up, probably like six years from now, look at that shirt. I love that. I love that look at this wow that was pretty cool stuff. You know changing right cool. I like that everybody does not get a trouble, big facts, youre on youre, the one that gets the news every morning right whats, going on with bitcoin man, i dont know.

No one knows anyone who tells you they know is lying to you and ill. Keep telling you this so whats going on here, guys well, uh were working on some social stuff for pluto alliance is gon na, be pretty good and uh. Im about to start working on a tv show. We got j chains hosting and uh, then im gon na go leave early, get a haircut, maybe buy some clothes and get ready to go to nashville youre going to nashville right, yes were riding together. Yeah we ride or die baby justin youre not going to nashville. No, oh, wait: your wifes pregnant, so good, excuse, yeah, pregnant wife. Uh gets you out of a lot of things. Ive been telling you guys to knock one out, even jason derulo. Should i sing it. Jason rudolph welcome to bitboy crypto home of the vet squad, the largest and greatest crypto community in all the interwebs Music, welcome to bitcoin crypto home of the mid squad, the largest ingredients crypto community and all the interwebs. My name is ben every day on this channel. I show you how to make money in crypto if you like money in crypto, make sure to hit the subscribe button. If you dont, like money in crypto today, go get a hobby old news suddenly gets picked up on social media. Sparking an instant crypto price crash is that not insane? This is why the market is dumping: okay, old foot, new btc price dip weeks old china, crypto ban sparks bitcoin price drop to 42 000.

uh; okay, guys thats it uh detroit is midwest thats. The word i was looking for: midwest, not heartland midwest. Thank you for that. Nick right appreciate that uh. What would you consider tech, nine in chicago same thing with common tech? Nine. I consider these guys chicago guys. You know, okay, all right thats it we got to go. The white guys were talking about rap. According to the chat uh, i from atlanta, i feel, like i cant talk about rap, so take that for what its worth uh all right, guys thats all we got for today – uh well be having our meetup this weekend really excited about that see all you guys In nashville we went from talking rap to a cowboy hat: thats, all god be blessed Music, so uh, you found something jack yeah, so this is a relic from when i first got into any sort of crypto. This is my dogecoin paper wallet from february of 2014. At one point, this wallet or the address i sent the dogecoin from in 2014 had a hundred thousand doge on it. This wallet has a single doge on it, but still pretty cool to have my brothers and i used to mine doge and get in on all the faucets back when you would get like 50 doge every time you would do it. So i think the piece of paper might be worth more than uh doge itself at this point it might be.

I hope it is. I might make an nft of this because this is like an early piece of history back when doge had a logo or a whole nascar car, wrapped um, so yeah just a fun little piece of history. I came across yesterday yo yo, nick whats up man, yo man, so look uh. The markets are bloody and no one likes to look at this stuff, but this is like bitcoin, china fed like 2.0. If it scares you by now, then you deserve to be poor but get out of here. Okay, are you kidding me? Oh no, are you serious? Did you tell me you didnt say it its, not a big deal. Did you say it its? Not a big deal. Tell me: did you say it? Yes, i said it youre breaking my heart. You know that frank, look. What we have is special look at me. Look at him. I know. Oh man, im getting out of here tim tell us the good news, its friday baby. Everybody loves me on friday: hudson, hey yo, hudson what whats up uh wheres everyone um! Well, if uh, if youre a bible, believe in person, maybe the rapture happened, i dont know that is a possibility uh, but no its a friday. You know everyones been so productive around here. They just decided uh just to peace out early today, i guess whats with the baseball. Oh this, you know its just kind of like a relaxing thing to hold the baseball.

You probably have things like that that you do too, so you fidget with it uh yeah that and other things. What but, typically its just a baseball, tristans working hard were gon na leave him alone, fire edits coming from him yeah like are you trying to flip cars, or do it off modify anything? Do repairs just do like create a ton of content and its not like it. Doesnt have to be like me, yeah. He was like under the car like a little spiderman, just checking all the stuff they modified this transactional from the cj7. He knew everything hes, like. Oh, this is the dana im like cool man. You know a lot like he like. He would be great to have working on cars or find people that could do this stuff great personality. I was gon na say i can work on it and then i think im pretty good with content creation so whats this talk, oh, were building a new set over at the hit factory thats going to be all about automotive stuff, so motorcycles, atvs cars. Thank you. Dz uh, but for now i got ta go study for atv today. Good luck! What do you think bj whats going on man havent seen you today yeah well that sucks for you, because im pretty awesome, especially next to dz. This is like the towers of excellence. Well, i was gon na decide, whos the symbiote and whos uh brock.

Uh see this is um theres a partnership. Here there is no like so its a mutualism, not a symbiosis, what he said im in sick uh, but i did some new money gang, which is always fun when they have zero content and just deliver for 40 minutes straight. Like thats thats skill. This man can do that. They can do that. I cant do that im almost out of content right now, but but might be going to nashville this weekend, and so i need to do an oil change. So i got you some time lapse: footage theres the transition, thats youre supposed to put time lapse, footage and comes over the screen, and otherwise it just looks stupid holding my hand up. I hate you very quiet over here when i run rounded the corner. Yes, it was very quiet because we are hard at work, editing and uh. I am almost done with my episode, so hopefully tj can watch that very soon um, but im actually in a pretty bad mood today, ill be honest with you. Why uh its just like a its a relationship, thing uh its uh someone in this office? I used to have a special relationship with uh and it seems that hes just uh. You know he decided that he wanted to share his love with others, and i was not happy about it um. So i had a little bit of a freak out earlier im just trying to get away be in a quiet corner, just edit forget about it and hopefully uh get over it, but i still have some uh.

I have a long conversation to have yeah thats uh thats, how my days going nice and who whos this guy back here john secret first day, editing john hows, it going oh, its going its uh, its good um, im, learning, learning the ropes aarons guiding me on How to edit and what an edit should look like, and hes gon na be cleaning up my mess after this, so hopefully i dont make too big of one yeah dont make my life too hard. Yeah ill. Do my best thanks guys anytime, see you later. Oh bj, we meet again. Oh, we do friday around the blockchain yup. I was hoping youd show up in a few more minutes because i was going to set up so we can use the ipad on stream and do drawings. As you can see, weve got a fibonacci sequence and then theres some consolidation. There, some consolidation there got some curveback points there, but if we really look at this region here, well notice that its kind of ran out of space to truly draw mickey mouses face. Okay, move this interesting chart. Yeah very interesting chart Music, looks promising to me so promising, but yeah ben wanted to be able to do drawings, and so he can now do drawings. Welcome to bitboy crypto. This is friday. This is around the blockchain home of the bit squad here. Gosh, i just cant believe were here on another friday closing out a month.

Crypto am i right anyway, welcome to around the blockchain. We got a great show for you, Music. There you go, go scoop up. Some blood all right, yall its been a great week here at around the blockchain, but thats gon na – do it for this week, have yourself a great weekend get outside get some fresh air. Well, see you back here monday, 5pm around the blockchain, see you next week. All right j chain send us into the weekend. Man all right man. Well, the markets didnt behave like we wanted to, but you know who is gon na behave like we want you to you, so well see you in nashville for the big meetup i lost.