Bonuses click, the link in the description to get set up on buybit or femex, and get an insane signup bonus for being part of the bit squad. Leverage trade responsibly, but do it the right way on femax or buy bit bonus details in the links below morning? Everybody its september 28, 2021. My name is piano maddie b, thats scaramuccis. This is your morning ta a brief glimpse into the crypto markets, where the sun shining, where the winds blowing all the humble opinion of this piano Music zamboni, bringing the data the fomo nx – has dropped to 25 from yesterdays 26 fear of missing out is dissipating slightly. It knows they missed this bomb. Social media market sentiment in a rent control department in queens is still at 61. Bitcoin dominance is at 42.4 percent 24 hour. Volume is at 93.8 billion. The overall market cap is 1.86 trillion, give or take a hundred million Music over on the daily. We see another day, another big red candle. Well, it looks like the bears saw our bullish hammer candle and raised us a bearish shooting star or croquet mallet, which is starting to form its own shooting star, which is not only a bearish continuation candle of its own. But a confirmation on the previous bearish shooting star candle, so its a daily double whimmy theres. Also some wick elephants in the room dangling down wanting to be candlestick begging. The question am i going to sing the old wives tale? The answer is no.

I shouldnt have even brought it up really, but the good news is: we only have to close this candle at 40.7 to wipe those wicks off the planet and thats no big whoop. At this point, i like the support down there, so a quick bounce would be somewhat imminent, dont, you think, and for the third week in a row im saying these words were in the same place. We were last week below all moving averages: Music, not my favorite place to be lets inception down to the four hour chart and see whats going on in this 1930s mail room. Now, amidst the hustle and bustle, one can see a descending triangle now. The bottom part of the triangle isnt a perfect horizontal line, so its not a textbook descending triangle and thats the bright side of the math Music. The quick armchair psych on this one is that you have the bears coming down, putting pressure on the bulls, but the bulls are holding the line. If you will, but every time they do so, they lose some bulls on the front. They either give up due to heartbreak or they simply stop believing in the battle theyre fighting and we see it break out or down in this case, because it is a bearish continuation pattern but piano maddie b. You said it wasnt perfect. Does that mean its? Not a descending triangle pattern, maybe its a symmetrical triangle pattern to that. I say its really, neither here nor there, because the bearish percentage is about 52 and i should probably check with my trading poindexters on this one yeah.

I was off its about 54 for the bearish breakout on a descending triangle, but thats not waking me up at 3am to watch the meteor shower. If you tell me theres a 54 chance of a meteor shower tonight, and i should wake up and try to see it ill say no thanks ill stick to my law and order reruns at 3am. Thank you, Music. Quick look at the weekly to wash down these bearish flavors with some bullish desserts. We have officially ting the 50 fib retracement level down at 41.