It looks like were going to go to 10 in the coming months. So what is up welcome to the crypto fomo were covering the hottest news in crypto, so includes card down analysis, ethereum, bitcoin, chaining, clack coin beach and polka dot, and everything that you need to fomo into crypto. The right way so make sure to smash the like subscribe and turn notifications to get the hottest news and crypto before everyone else. Now, on the day, theorem is eleven percent cardinals up two percent bitcoins up seven percent were seeing a beautiful sea of green across the markets. Uni swap is up 37 on the day. Absolutely beautiful and lots of free magic, internet money and whats interesting right now with cardano is that weve seen this um actually pump yesterday across the market, weve seen a lot of dips getting bought, and i think this is pretty much confirming that this was the low And were going to continue higher song im cautiously bullish here, because we are saying kind of like this downward trajectory or kind of like downward like resistance line. So cortana is still in the downtrend on the lower time frames. But seeing this bounce like this is pretty bullish, seeing the accumulation wakes on the weekly, its making me pretty bullish and im pretty confident. The bottom is in as well were, starting to flip the previous all time high over here into support as well. So this is looking good.

It just looks like accumulation to me when you look at it on the weekly as well were starting to see the same accumulation wicks. We actually saw for cardano back when it was below a dollar and 20 cents. I mean you can see that those weeks right now actually looking pretty similar to what were seeing right now over here as well on the weekly. So this is looking good and it looks like really buying anywhere below two dollars and ten cents, two dollars and fifteen cents thats, pretty good risk reward, as were starting to confirm that pretty much the fomo is real and then also we just wicked kind of like Into this accumulation area as well – and we bounced from it, so i think the structure on cardano is looking very bullish. Also, when you zoom out, you can see that we had some really nice support resistance flip as well, and its just getting ready to break out of this. Like all time, accumulation range right over here kind of like this rounding bottom here and its just going higher and higher its looking very, very good. So i am bullish on the coming weeks and i think yeah at least five dollars this year and probably ten dollars or more is what i would expect from cardano charles hoskinson talking to some birds, make some magic happen, sir. I dont care what you do as long as the coin goes up, im a happy man, cardena versus bitcoin, also looking very bullish as well, pretty much continuing with this reversal that weve been talking about ever since over here.

By the way, i was calling for this reversal like really when we started talking about this its actually in this range over here and since then, its just been playing out by the book. Just pretty much reversing the way down. Reversing the same thing, just going up. Absolutely beautiful and right now, cardano confirmed the double bottom over here kind of like a fake out below five. Five thousand satoshis and right now were taking a cool off after hitting this resistance level again seeing some downturn over here, but im pretty confident were gon na continue higher. I think this is actually a pretty good point to buy versus bitcoin kind of like expecting a higher low from here before going higher and then also versus ethereum. Same thing were seeing a pretty strong rejection. You can see how those wicks on the daily were kind of like a red flag. They were going to see some downside movement and thats been playing out, but i think that were starting. We saw this area flipped into pretty strong support too having the double bottom over here. So i would expect a higher low really around this level where were currently at versus ethereum. So, looking good, when you look at bitcoin on the daily, you can see that we are looking good as well. Accumulation wakes on the daily on the weekly as well. Dips are getting bought. We are at resistance right now, which is around forty five thousand dollars kind of like this level over here, but overall definitely leading bullish.

So right now were in this meeting range right. So, from a trading point of view, what makes sense is really trying to buy around the bottom of the wicks right around 41 000 and trying to take profits around 45. Although i wouldnt take profits around 45 because were going to go to 100 relatively soon. In my humble opinion, but this is the mini range were in and i think once were going to break 45k its going to confirm pretty much that were going to continue higher. Although i think its already confirmed to be honest with you, i mean i think the fomo is real, uh, basically to say the least cardano in the lower time frames is just kind of chopping. Sideways were seeing some reversal signs, but its not the strongest. We did have the one hour yellow reversal account, which is a very strong sign actually and overall, its looking kind of neutral and then also cardinal versus bitcoin, is winning right here. Taking a break after this rally, im still bullish on it too, whether rosa sign on the daily looking good bitcoin on the lower time frames is looking good as well reversal. Sign, got cancelled out, but still chopping to the upside right. So you can see were kind of gravitating higher from here, which is looking bullish and then also shout out to master war theyre currently having an air drop worth. Six thousand dollars worth of m80 tokens theyre still available for two more days, so make sure to check them out im going to link to them below the first airdrop by my master award, the most sophisticated play to earn game.

So they share here what you have to do to participate, definitely worth checking out and then, in addition to that, they shared a demo of their game. So you could actually check it out on their twitter, which im going to link to, and they show here how you can buy different items inside the game, how its actually working on the blockchain. I thought this is actually really really cool. So you see the transaction is being approved and then, after that, they show you kind of different items inside the game which actually looks really cool. They show how you receive different items inside the game and its beautiful to see how crypto is actually being integrated into video games. I think this is awesome. I think were really underestimating how big of a trend the play to earn is going to be, and i think that my master awards are really a great place um to go there so pretty bullish on this and um yeah. Let me see what else theyre just sharing some more features from the game. As you can see, weve got lots of really nice screenshots. I really recommend just watching this under twitter to see the full thing for yourself. It looks actually really beautiful. So keep up the great work and love seeing that those things coming up so lets go to the moon liquidity right now for bitcoin is sitting below liquidity for cardano is sitting slightly above, but really neutral.

I mean it kind of doesnt really say that much over here, but i think when you zoom out like youll see, i think we got a really nice tweet from a couple. Let me see if i can find it basically showing that things are looking very, very bullish, so you can see here it says for the blind homies. I love that and hes showing here how the currently the funding rates are negative across the board and this kind of aligns with local bottoms that weve seen before, specifically the covid bottom, that weve seen last year a year and a half ago right. So you can see how we had a similar market structure to where we are right now, and that was actually the absolute bottom and thats. What were seeing right now as well, so im very bullish. I think we continue higher and it looks pretty obvious, as he says, for the blind, homies looking good now. Also, if market right now is fearful, so not a bad time to buy when people are panicking and then also funding rates across the board are neutral to slightly negative, which is bullish in the bull market and then also shout out to revolve games were deploying their Rpg token uh on the binance smart chain and they passed with flying cordless theyre, the full token audit with chain integrity. So this is really awesome and theyre also live right now on pancake swap and theyve been absolutely crushing this after having a very, very successful launch – and this is just the beginning – theyre building an ecosystem, redefining game, fi right so uh with a robust gaming ecosystem.

That is plugged into the heart of d5 actual rpg stake, tether and nft assets earn rewards according to performance, so they got a really cool way to combine between define and gaming play, to earn uh getting higher interest rates for your money having more capital efficiency with Really strong partners, backers and team, so im really excited to see them go to the moon. Also, i liked about them. They had their sdk for metaverse development, making it easier for third party developers to build on top of revolve games multiverse. So i think this could be really big. I mean think about the app store right. Think about google play right. All those applications on top of them, so revolve is definitely going in the right direction and calio is saying that another thing going in the right direction is solana, so he is bullish on it saying that solana is going to go to 250 bucks really relatively soon, Which is pretty interesting, i really respect him taking a ball as he calls and kind of putting his name on the line. There lets see. Um solana had a beautiful rally this year. Absolutely massive. Congratulations to everyone that made money on it and uh. He says that its going to continue higher lets, see we had them uh. What i want you to notice with solana is that we pretty much had im going to compare it to ethereum, because its kind of like the competitor right from its either solenoid ethereum.

You can see that we had one big leg up over here and then we really had once we had a big leg up. We kind of had um four months of sideways movement, so ill, be aware that just it could just go sideways for four months now. So just something to be aware, because we already had a massive mind, blowing rally, so it could go higher but just be aware that we could go also sideways or we could bleed lets see. But a lot of smart people are bullish on solano. So im definitely open to that possibility of it going higher. When you look at d5, you can see the d5 is pumping across the board lots of different tokens showing similar price patterns, and this is looking good. So it says, sakai saying narrative: mobility is the best part about this space, so this is awesome and its cool to see d5 rattling like this. So this space is looking very, very bullish, and also i got chris from saying that, ironically, china exchange ban will cause massive growth in d5, triggering the next wave and he is buying the dip and by the way, hes. The ceo of, which is a chinese im, pretty sure theyre theyre, a chinese exchange theyre based in hong kong, something im pretty sure, theyre based in asia and uh him having him saying this take is a very knowledgeable guy right. So him saying this is definitely someone that i listen to or give some weight to his opinion and massive for bullish for d5, as well like with that exchange ban right.

So looking very, very good for d5, ironically, and we got root, saying that new all time high for bitcoin in the next month actually checks out. If you look at the mark in the market structure right now for bitcoin, when you compare it to the previous bull markets of 2013 and 2017, it looks like fomo is incoming and then, when you look at pentoshi, saying that this is actually bearish for altcoin. So hes saying that you should be careful with altcoins hes on bitcoin in the coming months, calling for bitcoin dominance to rise significantly as altcoins are getting wrecked. So pretty interesting actually called the baltimore actually six months ago before the price actually went there and right now hes saying that were going to see a big bitcoin season, and i agree i mean that chart looks very bullish for bitcoin dominance right. So i think that still there are some altcoins that are worth holding im holding a lot of but be aware the bitcoin bitcoin might rally in the coming months. So you should be careful with where you put your money and then also at the same time. Patoshi is saying that ren is looking good, looking like incredible market structure, wise at low time frame, high tie frame, parabola, forming super clean trend of higher highs and higher lows, building on momentum and hes targeting right now, a dollar and 34 cents pretty nice. Currently, where the dollar, so i thought this will be an interesting trade for you.

Getting the traders that are watching this channel lets see it go to the moon and then also we got morphe network saying that if you want to get an exclusive investment round in their up and coming ido, you need to participate in the avex launcher. Perpetual staking program and enjoy the triple bonanza love it upcoming morph, ideo, airdrops earlier location in the morph ido and 12 apy on state tokens. So pretty exciting things coming to people that are holding the avex launcher token, which offers decentralized incubation funding and launch pad on avalanche, really exciting features. Theyve had a very, very successful launch now. Their next token is morphe network, the centralized community driven oracle. So this is uh very exciting as well, and then we got pentoshi saying that the bitcoin meme from just over a year ago would back. Then people were waiting for bitcoin to go to 3k and then bitcoin when bitcoin was at 6 600 and then bitcoin rallied. Then they were hoping for 5k bitcoin and the bitcoin go to 8 000. Then people are starting to fomo by right and then look where bitcoin is today and hes saying that right now people are waiting for 35k btc and its probably not gon na come and next quarter um in 2022 hes saying people maybe will be waiting for 70. 000 bitcoin and it wont, come so something worth uh keeping in mind to for those that are waiting on the sidelines in the bull market and also um hes, saying the cosmos is likely going to 70 dollars in the coming weeks for the fibonacci level.

So it looks like a pretty good trade as well, something you want to check out and then cardano what a journey says: el capo and theres still people calling for one dollar after such a bullish support resistance flip. Maybe they forgot to add the zero after that, because this is going to be ten dollars and yeah. I agree if you look at the logarithmic chart double bottom. You can see here flipping the previous level of resistance into support and rallying higher, very, very bullish on this man, and then also we got saka talking about how decentralized exchanges are pumping across the board and the china exchange ban is probably bullish for them. So this is looking uh pretty nice and you can just see the massive rallies on the day today, absolutely beautiful and then also shout out to splinter lensman being the number one top blockchain that by users across the entire world. Today, having and four thousand unique users, absolutely beautiful, you can see ahead of pancake swap ahead of alien worlds and head of open sea like just absolutely craziness, so its really cool to see splinter landscaping such making such a big splash. In the space i mean you can see top of gaming applications as well. Having a big advantage, i mean the only thing thats coming close is alien worlds and splinter lens is ahead of that by like 30 40. So absolutely crazy love seeing splinter lens growing like this, their charts are going parabolic.

So if youre looking for a gaming project, that has a lot of potential splinter lens would definitely have that because they already have so many users and its growing so fast. The chart is literally looking vertical for them, so very bullish on this, and we got zoo saying that he is bullish on crypto, saying every fudd refuted every fudd attempt to make you sell your crypto lower has been refuted. This is looking bullish. We are continuing higher and were all going to make it and then also we got kyle talking about how woo blockchain saying the large number of chinese users will flood into the d fire world and the number of users of metamask and dydx will greatly increase.