A very interesting crypto transaction took place today. I am talking about the 100 000 transaction that took place for about 24 million. Yes, its crazy and ill. Tell you guys all about it today so diversify layer, 2 solution for ethereum, which is basically a small sort of subsidiary of bifinics, or at least bifinix, has put a lot of money into them and so theyre well acquainted with one another lets put it that way. Well, those guys apparently were trying to send some money to diversify and because of some issue somewhere, which is very vague, i know but thats the way it is. They messed up and poof poof 23 million dollars lost lets check through it biffin expense, 23 million bucks. In gas on an ethereum transaction, its the highest gas fee ever for a single transaction on monday, a wallet owned by biffonex, paid 7676.6 eth and just reading that number gives me a heartache. This hurts to the core. This is this is awful. Now bifidex has paid a record breaking gas fee. Theyve basically broken the record for the highest gas fee. Ever and rightfully so i mean, if youre spending, seven point, seven thousand ethereum for one hundred thousand dollars worth of tether, thats thats, just crazy. But again, what they wanted to try to do is send this 100 000 usdt to the layer, 2 decentralized exchange diversify and the transaction inadvertently included a very high minor priority fee of about 53 million gui, which is basically 0.

05 each. This means that the transaction fee was 230 times higher than the value of the transaction itself and for kind of for fun reference. We can actually open up coin market cap and see the average guide that is being used right now. You can see it over here at the top 79, which is actually relatively high. If you compared to the rest of the last i think week or so. But then again, they used about 53 million diversified said that the erroneously high gas fee was caused by an error on its interface and as of this point, im still not sure. If that means that biff and x put in the wrong number because of some strangeness in their interface or bifidex, put up the right number but diversify processed it poorly because of some sort of interface issue, again its kind of hard to spot, whether or not its Bifinexs fault or diversifies fault, as i can understand, an error in your interface would allow you to you know, put some data in wrong. Then again, i can also understand that, if the interface is not proper, that you interpret the results wrong, if you guys get the drift now diversify, is a bitfinex back decentralized exchange that leverages stark wires later to technology and thats. Actually, in my own opinion, what makes these things the most difficult it is, who is accountable for something like this, and this is two layered. What i mean its funny, how i said later to solution, but i mean its too layered in the sense that so, first of all, it is a bifinix backed system.

So, even if, where diversifies fault well its backed by bifinex, so i mean the cost is from both, and you should also see like this, its bifinex ultimately, who paid so who lost the money and whatever type of interface faults. They were on the other side. They ultimately paid the money, so if it was the other side paying it, the money is lost forever because, again guys with the new ethereum proposal that went through a little while ago, its not as if all the miners are getting a lot of money right now. No, a lot of freaking eth just got burned and theres, of course, no way to really get this stuff back. Ive seen a couple of people say in the comment section that this is all fine, because biff and x is busy with the tether scandal. Anyway, they print so much that it doesnt really matter them its definitely debatable guys, because a 23 million loss is really really big for anybody thats. I think also why they let go of statement on twitter eventually as well, but again, im not really sure why its getting no attention whatsoever. Its just got about 55 likes and biff next has like eight yeah, 700 000 followers, which is pretty crazy and im also wondering who exactly lost the money and what was this transaction for? We cant say its money laundering. We cant say its anything. You know that has any effect like that.

Why would they want to burn it if they, if that was their chance or their their thought, process in transactions such as these? The fees are shorted by third party integrations with bifinix so again, thats what makes things even more difficult? The fees are shouldered by third party integrations with biffing, so its not their own fee. They didnt lose any money. This is also being confirmed by diversify, which i kind of think, maybe biffinic sending money over there. The fee was going to be covered by diversify, which again is a subsidiary, or at least back babyfx, though so it kind of gets the circle rolling around again. This has also been confirmed in the recent statement. We look forward to diversify investigation into um theyre. Having this matter sorted out on their side, so i guess basically saying were fine, its all their fault again, theyre back in them, so its ultimately their own thing anyway, its a very difficult situation, guys im, not sure exactly what to think of it, except for damn.