We have uh the diversion still playing out negative diversions. We got the reversal of conditions right there, dropping back below the 21 period. Moving average in the momentum line and the reversal of conditions has remained hasnt been able to get back up above the upper end of the momentum band back above the 21 and the momentum wine. We dropped back below the 50 period, moving average and then dropped back below the 200 in a uh went from a warning phase to a distribution phase. We continue to hold below that 200 period were still in a distribution phase. When we had the reversal with the diversions, we saw the rsi drop into the negative region, its been there ever since money flows, dropped into the negative region has been there ever since so cell signals remain uh trying to get a balance at the moment. Im making this video up about one and a half percent, but you can see the divergence has also taken the mecd. The divergence with price uh has taken the macd into the negative region uh. So again, there are some problems here as long as prices continue to hold below the 200, even if they get back above it, youve got the 21 period and the momentum line and the 50 all acting as resistance uh between the dollar level and the dollar 12 Level if xrp drops further again, this is the trend line. You want to be watching from the low here at 17 cents and this trend line could be tested and then we can go higher or it could be broken and we could see a bigger, a bigger sell off with xrp.

If this very important trend line, uh is taken out, its got a nice looking channel here so again well be looking to see what becomes of that trend line were likely going back to test it right now we have the bull flag, pattern form and it broke Out we pushed up to new high only to form the negative diversions on the rsi in the daily time frame and then have it push into the negative region. You may recall that when it was in the negative region before uh, we had the massive dump on xrp and xrp continued to to slide and hold below the 21. The momentum line and the 50 period moving average was until it got back above those levels that we turned this around and got this counter trend to form the diversions at the top. We got it on bb, a print parameter there as well uh, so again, uh the divergence is playing out. The diversions has dropped us back below the 21. The momentum line and the momentum cloud and those levels remain as resistance. At least at this time were finding support at the 100 period moving average after breaking the two. If we break the 100 period were likely going to test the 400 period, moving average uh here in the 65 66 range, or so now an important trend line. You want to be watching with xrp that the now that the diversions has played out is you want to be watching this trend line right here.

We cant get back above the cloud. The 200 thats in the trend line, thats rejection were gon na break lower. We get back above these levels and youve got a possible little bull, flag, uh that might give us a bigger rebound back up to test the highs for potentially a lower high to again make our way back to test trend line that i was showing you a Moment ago, in the daily time frame now, weve had weeks and weeks of selling on xrp for a lower high setting up on it and weve been selling off and right now were trying to take out some important support levels on the weekly chart. It was the diversions that marked the top here in the weekly time frame with the rsi. It could be confirming a lower high if we start pushing solidly back into the negative region validating a lower high that might give us a bigger corrective phase to take out these lows back over here. If signals here in the weekly time frame all begin to turn back down, the rate of change already is doing it its turning back down into the negative region. You can see that weve had the diversions with the rate of change and potentially now confirming a lower high same thing with the rsi that we spoke about a moment ago. Macd rolling over this is very problematic. Uh likely now confirming a lower high with xrp. Again, a lot of things come down.

The pike for crypto, a crypto tax is likely going to pass here any in any day. Now the infrastructure bill youve got a rising dollar youve got a stock market thats starting to now sell off. You got the evergrand uh crisis, which is uh got uh. Problems for crypto institutions have exposure to evergrand and theyre gon na sell crypto to make up for losses. Theyre gon na sell other assets like the stock market to make up for those losses. This is not a resolved issue. You have the china crackdown now, making crypto transactions illegal uh. This is all a big deal. Uh, all of the stuff im talking about and uh likely going to be problematic for crypto uh here so wouldnt be surprised to see another lake lower uh with uh cryptocurrencies and if we do get it uh. This is the level you want to be watching key support level here at around 60 cents uh, it was resistance, turn support, and then we got back above it. So this uh, you know this uh level around 60 or just underneath it. This is key support here and we and then we have the rising trend. If we take out the rising trend were likely to move back towards this levels, important levels to be watching, we take out that level. Then this 28 cent to 35 cent level comes into play, a key horizontal support, xrp now trying to take out the 21 period moving average.

Here we took it out ever so slightly there last week and now uh moving moving below it here with the macd histogram. Moving into the negative region, which means the macd, is getting a bearish crossover now likely validating a lower high on xrp. So again this is uh. This is not good were dropping below the cloud here. Uh again, we start uh dropping here and and holding below this 20 period moving 21 period moving average and and dropping back below the momentum line. Then the lows are going to be tested. Luna luna still has a bullish reversal of conditions still green here. Weve had the negative diversions were watching to see if we get a lower high negative diversions on the macd could get a a triple peak in the form of a three drives to a high with a peak, a peak and another peak. If it does end up trying to move up to a high right now, uh, potentially a lower high uh weve, had the rsi move negative back to the 50 and it balanced out the 50 and we got the rsi back above the 50.. So right now the divergence has only given us a pullback. Now we need to see if we get a lower high or a higher high, and if, if we do turn back down, we got to get a bearish reversal of conditions. Weve got to take out uh the 21, the momentum line and the lower boundary here weve got a if we do that well, see the 50 period uh taken out here with luna.

Uh solana remains in a bearish reversal of conditions. The diversions formed. We saw a bearish reversal of conditions, dropped below the momentum line went back up. I got rejection added the purple line there bounced off the 21 got rejection at the momentum line then took out the 21 and uh kind of been jumping around the 21 back and forth, but were now below at this moment were still below the 21 and the Momentum line and we have a bearish reversal of conditions. We take out the 50 period, then thats going to be problematic. We have the topping tail with the reversal conditions above 200. It was validated and then we started dropping below the support levels, and here we are uh. You know, uh, just below 140. were thereabouts. Current price. At the moment, uh 138. weve seen the rsi move back into the negative region and the money flow as well. In the daily time frame, we had a big big push up um. Just just over three weeks ago, there um we rose by 47 percent that week and and the week after week we were just seeing dramatic breathtaking rises, uh in a winning streak and then the last two weeks uh prior to this week, weve uh weve, seen sell Offs giving back the 47 percent gain from going. You know from uh going at the uh, the 140 level or so 130 140 level rising and rising 47 percent in that one week forming the diversions on the weekly chart and then turning back down over the last two weeks, giving back those gains and then right Now here we are uh with a doji uh with uh this weeks, candlestick on solana, so negative diversions is with the price oscillator and with the momentum oscillator down here and a lot of divergences, you could see it on the rsi and the ra.

The rate of change up here so again, possibly the completion of a fifth leg, higher risk of a deeper sell off if signals remain bearish in the daily time frame, uh polka, dot, polka dot uh got a possible head and shoulders here now: uh thats uh completing Uh left shoulder here head formation and then this right shoulder with the kind of a slanted neckline. If we break the 400 period, if we break the you know, the 26 level uh well see that play out. We did get the death cross with polka dot and we continue to hold below the momentum cloud here in the uh in the four hour time frame again, this tells us where theyre going sideways, which it looks like thats the case with the topping process uh that Uh were either going sideways or down and again it looks like a potential head and shoulders horizontal trend line if we exclude the shadows or if we include them again, kind of a slanted uh neckline there, the 26 27 level key support, polka dot, taking out the 50 in the daily and resting right now on the 200, they got a bullish cross, but weve got a potential head and shoulders. Now the macd is moving into the negative region showing a new downtrend after diversions marked that peak. So again, it looks like a reversal, and now a lower high will be looking for a lower low uh to potentially break through the neckline and validate the downtrend that were already witnessing with the macd.

Now, if we take out the 200 period, theres risk, polka dot comes down to this long term trend line and we move back towards it at around the 15 area. If we, if we get a nose dive to come back and test the slow. Now again, the question is: do we come back and test the slow and get some kind of bounce and and the bottoms in or do we come down and try to take out that trend line and get a bigger drop to come back and test this level Right here, uh coming in near the 11 range polka dots taking out the 21, the momentum line, the 50 resting on the 200 forming those head and shoulders finding resistance. So far at the momentum cloud couldnt get back above it so again, uh some real problems, uh with crypto with the recent sell signals with a lot of crypto crypto, not all of it, but a lot of it with a lot of negative divergences playing out or Or reversal patterns and the one potentially here, uh the head and shoulders it measured down by about 13 points which would take polka dot. The measurement of the pattern would take poke it out back to about 13 again back to test this lows and potentially on its way back to test that trend line. We looked at a moment ago, the criss crossing back and forth of the 50 and the 200. The death cross followed by the golden cross uh.

If we start dropping below that 200, we have an accumulation, uh phase failure. I think when we got back above it and now above the 200, you drop back below thats on accumulation phase failure. We got the 50 back above the 200 moved into a bullish phase and now dropping back below the 50 were back into a warning phase. We drop back below the 200 and move back into a distribution phase.