Why is bitcoin currently struggling whats going on? Why are we not making 100 a day anymore, whats happening were also going to be discussing some big banks that have been talking about bitcoin talking about how you can get a little bit of free cash, of course, and hey. If you watch the whole video youre going to be completely up to date with everything that you need to know today about crypto right, so you might as well just hang on. First of all, the most important news of the day is theres a hamster thats, making more money in crypto than you so whats that about his name is mr gox and hes a hamster thats beating human investors. Now, maybe he doesnt make more money than you definitely does make very good profits, because he is up about 20, which is beating many professional traders and funds. Of course, he is a hamster. Basically, what hes doing is hes in this room. This room of his is live streamed on his twitter account and basically he goes through whichever tunnel he wants, sell and buy and its basically uh random right. So the point of this is theres, a hamster thats beating the market right. But the point that i want to make from reading this – and the point that i think is super important – is that no one has a clue whats going on, because even these huge, huge multi million multi billion dollar companies are getting maybe the same as this hamster Right so the thing is, is people appear like they know stuff, but they dont know stuff.

I might appear like i know stuff, like i always say i dont know stuff because im just a guy sitting in his room talking about different ways to make money online. So if you dont know me already now, you do because my names connor and im not a financial advisor, but i just wanted to bring that to you because i think its both cute and very interesting to see that basically at random, you can do as well As some funds, so basically what you need to understand is that, just because something went well recently, doesnt mean its going to go well again. Now i always tell you guys that i have a patreon. I have a group of investors over there. I share my buy and sell trade alerts, but to be completely honest with you guys, this could be based on complete luck now. What im doing is im basing my investments on my experience, ive been around in the cryptocurrency space for four years. I know what i think are good buys what a good sales and i go on solely my own opinion – were in such a new space for crypto. Basically, anything could happen at any moment. We could double in price and, in the same regard, a piece of news. Could come out tomorrow that crashes, the entire market, so all we can do is we can learn as much as we possibly can? We can come up with a game plan and we can stick to that game plan, but hey if all else fails well just follow this hamster and hopefully he can make us a millionaire now.

One thing that makes me very bullish about the market. Ive spoken about this before, but its the bitcoin search volume in comparison to the price action. So what we see here is yellow is the price of bitcoin. Uh teal, blue, i dont know, is basically the search volume for the word bitcoin. So if we head over here to google trends, you can see, let me just uh put this into a five year chart, so we can see the last ball run here we go so ball run 17, 18 and then the ball run that we are currently in Right now – and you can see where we are its come down a lot. So what i want to actually say here is this makes me incredibly bullish, as you can see on the chart here, this is kind of one of the first times we have seen a divergence in the price and the search volume right. The price of bitcoin is seemingly up, but the search volume isnt you can see here. Price goes up, search volume goes up, price goes down, search, volume goes down again exactly the same, correlated right here, search volume up price up, and you can even see the dip that we had recently and a little spike, but now it has tapered off. So what im seeing from this? What this tells me is that potentially any small catalyst to come into the market could send the price absolutely wild.

This is telling me that there arent many retail investors involved in bitcoin and cryptocurrency right now. Its us guys weve been around for maybe six months, maybe five years, whatever it is, but its us guys who know a little bit more than your average joe on the street, a little bit more than the guy who just reads about bitcoin in the newspaper on The weekends right theyre not involved right now and when they do get involved, is when we see these absolutely incredible. Spikes in both the search trends and the price of bitcoin, because once the search trends start to go up, that means more retail is coming into the market now do bear in mind. In my opinion, that is the time where you want to be taking profits when we see parabolic runs in a few days a few weeks a few months whatever it is, that is the perfect time to be taking some profit in turn. We can then buy the dip when this sort of thing happens so right now very little in the way of searching for bitcoin. So i think if we have a catalyst, this catalyst could be something like what happened with tesla when they bought 1.5 billion dollars. Worth of bitcoin thats, what kind of started a huge parabolic move from, i think ‘ 000 to around the top of 64 000.. So if we had something like that come out soon, maybe paypal buys maybe a tesla buyers.

Again, maybe apple buys any of those things. I think could really lead to this huge parabolic run that everyone is expecting do take into consideration. Normally, what happens is the exact opposite of what the majority thinks is going to happen right now, the majority thinks were going to have a massive parabolic run, so, in my opinion, im 50 50 right. So the way i do it is, i keep some profits on the side im not going all into the market im. Simply dollar cost averaging the money that i got from taking profits on the parabolic runs thats my plan, not financial advice, just what im doing so before we move on. I just want to remind you guys today is the last day of the airdrop event over on buy bit. You can get free money by simply holding assets on the buy bit exchange you dont need to trade. You dont need to leverage trade. Dont need to do anything. You can just hold a little bit of money over here on by bit to take a snapshot of your wallet and then you will be airdropped tokens, so this is the chance for you guys to literally get free money. Ive done it myself, ive moved over a bunch of assets over to the platform im actually gon na start using the platform itself. But if you dont want to you dont have to you just need to sign up, make an account put those assets in and if you want to, you can remove those assets afterwards.

So if you fancy it, there is a link down there in my description and you got ta sign up and then hey get a little bit of free cash and if not hey its up to you right so moving back to the old cryptocurrency market. Today, we are looking, i would say, were okay right if we head over to the chart here. The one problem that i have here is that we are again below this 21 weekly moving average and we are struggling to move back above it. We were very bullish for a little bit there, but we have hit bearish territory again now if we do close this weekly candle, so each one of these candles is a week if we do close it below we have about what percentage do we have to go? We have about four or five percent move to close above it. If we close above it perfectly fine, if we close below it, i would start to be a little bit concerned that could be an indicator for taking some profits. I personally may take some profit into stable coins ready to buy the dip. You can see here that it normally shows bearish mentality in the market. If we do start to go below it, you can see it starting right now. If we head back, you can see here, this was the 2017 2018 bull run, we dip below it, and then we stayed in a bear trend for a long time, many years right.

So that could be happening, and one thing i want you guys to have a look at is how similar these charts are a little bit longer time frame, but initial pump down relief rally then possibly down. Hopefully not if we do see a bounce where we are right now, but thats very similar. You see, we see a parabolic run down relief, then downwards, so pay attention to this before you sell your house, sell your car, sell your pets all of that stuff and dump your money into the market. I just think its better to stay safe. We can make parabolic gains huge life, changing gains and still be conscious about taking profits, not fomoing. All of that sort of stuff thats, the kind of trader i am anyway, you guys are obviously entitled to do whatever you want, so thats the chance thats. My concern. I think we are in a relatively strong place fundamentally technically right now. I think the market is very scared and a little bit bearish so do pay attention to that. We can see this article over here on coin telegraph, bearish bitcoin, fractal, with 78 success rate flashes. As bitcoin drops below the 43.5 000 mark, so this is exactly what im talking about the 21 week exponential moving average for the 19th time in history is triggering additional, sell off risks so out of the 18 times its happened in the past only four times out Of all of those times did it actually end up being a bullish situation, so there is more chance, according to history, that this is going to result in a bear trend.

Then it will result in a bullish trend. Now, fundamentally, we are in a completely different place to where we were a few years ago, a few months ago, me personally, im not selling right now, but im also not heavily buying thats, simply what im doing to keep myself safe. Now, even in this slight bearish trend that were in right now, there is still opportunities to make money. I did invest in free just this morning at nine dollars, so we had about a 20 gain in one hour. So if you do want to be alerted when i make these sorts of trades again, there is a link to my patreon down. There feel free to join it. If you want it, the best thing about that group is the awesome community thats growing. So if you want to join it, the link is down there and what i like about free river, if you dont know, this is a decentralized exchange built on the moon river network. Now this is a para chain on kusama. If you want to learn about all of that, do look it up on youtube because thats far too much to get into in this video, but one thing i like is their portfolio option. You can see. I have 22 000 here on the moon river network. This is something you can connect to your metamask. You can check out this video here. It will go through in depth how you do all of that, but this was originally, i think four thousand dollars i put in so very nice returns, and these returns are still happening even though were in this bearish trend, but do keep in mind at any moment.

The market can change right, this isnt financial advice and you have to only invest money that youre more than happy or okay with losing. Whenever i say youre more than happy of losing people always go, you no ones happy losing money, but what i mean by that is youre, okay and content with the risk of losing money. So i was, for example, happy putting four thousand dollars onto the moon river network with the opportunity or the possibility to make 22 grand. I was happy with the risk the risk of 4 000 going to zero or the opportunity to make 22 grand right so thats. What i mean by being happy to lose that money, so do keep that in mind now one thing just to finish up the video i wanted to point out was jp morgan. Ceo says: bitcoins price could rise to 10 x, but still he wont buy it. So thats one big bank, jp morgan, who is always chatting absolute crap about crypto, but on the other side of that you have morgan stanley, who just doubled down on their grayscale bitcoin investment. They almost doubled. What they had do keep in mind that this is a small amount, someone pointing this out here, its only about two million dollars worth, but just big banks with all of their opposing opinions. Like ive shown you before, i have a whole uh document based around all of their opposing opinions, but dont listen to the outside fud thats.

My point: dont, listen to them, listen to your own personal beliefs. What have you done? What have you found out when youve done all of your research right? Listen to that dont! Listen to the nonsense that these big guys, who make less gains than a hamster, does dont listen to them. You dont need them right and just to close this up, binance release, this only 0.27 of the global population can own one bitcoin each. That is why i personally will always want to have at least one bitcoin, because i want to be part of the 0.27. As you can see, there is over 7.8 billion people on earth and the total supply is only 21 million. So if you feel the same as i do about bitcoin about crypto, then it seems so obvious in my mind to own as much bitcoin as you possibly can, but it totally depends on the way you feel my hands have been moving a lot in this video. I dont know why im a bit excited today, but hey thats, the whole video. Hopefully i provided you with a little bit of value. If you do want to sign up to buy a bit remember, the link is down there in the description as well as my patreon is also down there. I would love for you guys to come over and we can chat over there on the community.