We have a liftoff, hey everybody. This is the digital asset investor and im going to check in here with bitboy. Listen to what he says here. The hrp army theyre crazy theyre insane theyre, not loco. They never know what theyre talking about theyve been telling us that uh, you know, ripple is gon na xrp is gon na redefine online payments. Theyve been known as this for five years now, but none of us listened well. No, they had not really not really happened. So i really understood how connected ripple is in the banking world and how the banking world runs the entire world. They got. Goldman sachs expert telling you this isnt me this is an xrp army. This is goldman sachs expert, andrew lokanov. He believes that the ripple xrp well thats a keyword stuff right there. The ripples xrp is likely to take precedent as the public coin. As soon as the ripple foundation is able to resolve its issue with the sec. Weird because i told you the same thing as soon as this thing is over, we are going to see this adoption happen. Extremely quick, uh hes been dealing with crypto for years, holding different positions at goldman sachs, aig bank and other important financial institutions expressed his opinion about ripples. Xrp coin, rather openly ripple will redefine online payments and i believe that ripple xrp will likely ipo and go public once its sec. Lawsuit is resolved, ive been telling you all the same stuff ive been telling you all the same stuff for months and months and months now and uh look the the the moon fuel, the moon fuel for ripple in xrp is going to be.

If this ipo gets announced or if its able to go public while the price momentum is still going up, that is going to send this thing up between 20 and 30 dollars. If that happened, 20 and 30 dollars ripple ipo, i like it: okay um. This is from ron hammond. Now this guy is like a i dont know. If lobbyist is the right word lets see what he calls himself um. He used to work for ripple director of government relations at the blockchain association, and you remember the other day when uh charles gasparino said that he thinks that gary gensler is going to be is going to be up at a congressional hearing to explain himself on all This stuff, well, i dont think this is the hearings hes thinking about, but at least this will be one of the the hearings where he might be asked some questions. It says rumor rumors are swirling sec. Chair ginsenger will be testifying in front of the house financial services committee in october. The date will likely be confirmed later this week, as the committee typically announces their hearings for the month at the beginning of a new month. Like the senate expect that hearing to be heavily focused on crypto gensler does a good job sticking to the script and not saying anything particularly new. However, dont expect this to deter republicans from attacking him on his regulation by enforcement approach to crypto all right. So i think that these guys know something smells bad now and theyre theyre on it.

Okay, now this guy said something i really agreed with the sec. Lawsuit against ripple is simply to save ethereum and slow down xrp from being ecosystem of all money on at the stage. At this stage i said bingo yep thats about right, then john deep said: leave it to a cable news producer to make a huge statement without making a statement says it all which signals she knows the truth – and this is eleanor terret whos, the one thats helping Charles gasparino says institutional investors, preferring ether over bitcoin, now jp morgan, and she you can tell what john deatons getting at is that a lot of the things that weve tied together point to jp morgan and that we we know from a video? Let me think which video it was now we know from oh its from joseph lubin. We know from a video with joseph lubin from the other day that jp morgan was involved in ethereum, since before ethereum came out, they were involved, and we also know because it came out of joseph lubins mouth – that ethereum and consensus, which is joseph lubins company, were The two drivers of the ethereum alliance from the very beginning, those two organizations he set it out of his own mouth all right now. This is interesting from coindesk breaking ethereum developer. Virgil griffith has pleaded guilty to one charge of conspiracy to violate federal sanctions, laws stemming from a trip to north korea in 2019.

Apparently he went over there and he gave an ethereum presentation in north korea um okay. Now i wanted to show you this. The reason this was interesting is a couple of reasons. First of all, this was uh 12, 12, 18 at ripple headquarters. This guy thats talking is um the ripples senior vp of business operations, eric van miltenberg whats interesting about this is that the two late two of the ladies on the stage, the the valerie. However, you say that name and sarah hodie of theyre, both perkins coy. They are also um in the blockchain group at perkins coit. Well, who else is there? The blockchain team has lowell ness on it who wrote the memo which inspired the hinman speech, the guy that wrote the the safe harbor memo you dont have to take my word for it down here. You will see um if we can get. Let me see where it is somewhere right in. I think i went too far or something there. He is thats lowell ness and then i think down here towards the bottom. I saw one of these ladies uh thats, one of them right there valerie that name, and then this isnt, the other lady sarah scheidel. I think her name was sarah um. Was it cody hodie and then she must have gotten married or something. But anyway, i think its the same woman, but the point is is that both of these women are on the blockchain team, at perkins, coy with this guy lowell ness, who wrote the ethereum free pass speech, and this is aft.

This is six months after ethereum gets the free pass, makes you wonder what they knew and whether they said anything about it. Listen to what he says sitting right next to them very then you have a lot of investment being made within china and within russia around trying to be a predominant force in terms of the next generation of how fintech evolves. You know, and even if you look at two of the most popular uh tokens out there, bitcoin and ethereum, you know the vast majority of the mining uh power is within china right now you know 80 plus percent, and that in effect is control. Now, if you look at at the us it, you know its notable at least to me that around june of this year, director hinman of the sec came out and said kind of in a black and white way, both bitcoin and ethereum theyre, not securities silent on Every other token out there um not saying that theyre by design, but also not saying that that theyre not securities, so that puts those projects, those companies sort of in a in a limbo position. You know that lack of clarity, ironically, the us companies that are not green lighted, are put in a bit of a disadvantage situation, whereas these by design two tokens theyre human bitcoin, which, from my earlier point, uh theres a lot of of uh center of gravity and Control within china have been given a green light, thats thats, not necessarily a formula in my opinion to set you know, u.

s companies up for by design success going forward. So i think you know there is opportunity to move a little more quickly than weve seen to provide that clarity to coordinate um. You know with regulators around the world honestly to have kind of a a uniform or at least coordinated perspective that will ensure that the us can have a a real um, a solid, strong position in what you know. At least many of us in this room believe is going to be a an important technology going forward, as opposed to being relegated to a you know, a second chair all right, so i thought that was interesting now this is even more interesting folks and heres. Why? Gary gensler made it very clear because thats how he says things is very clear. He made it very clear that – and here in this in this clip that lending products are securities thats a long standing very clear. Well, i found someone one of our friends that um has lending products and and so im doing a whistleblower alert. The sec has not given me any money, yet ive blown the whistle on factual, their own words, factual um situations, at least three or four times now, and i havent been paid a dumb here. Ive blown the whistle again ecosystem thats, developing largely on ethereum. We have lending borrowing systems, we have money market systems, we have payment systems, we have, he has lending borrowing systems. You cant do that thats, a security gary getzler said so that is a security.

So i blew the whistle you know. I wasnt the guy that told on people when i was growing up, but the only reason i have im im put in a position where i have to con. I have to continue to illustrate the absurdity of this whole sec ripple thing or this whole sec. This, let me say that the right way this whole sec in ethereum versus ripple, slash, xrp, slash the entire crypto industry, because he said that the reason he had to go after after coinbase was because they were trying to create a lending platform. Meanwhile, joseph lubin and consensus theyre over there building lending platforms, he just told you and gary gensler is doing nothing hes. You dont see him sending out warnings to ether to to those guys. You dont see them sending out any warnings and thats why the congress people need to have hearings and need to talk about this, because this guy is is way out of order. And everybody knows it. Charles gasparino says stay tuned, eleanor terrett and i will be putting together a detailed summary of the various alleged conflicts of interest involving the secs case against ripple by the way conflicts dont necessarily mean causation, but full disclosure is always necessary for debate. Xrp community um thats the same tweet. I dont know why i had it pulled up twice now: theres a little bit of a stir, thats going on right now i i noticed it because xrp crypto wolf had had tweeted out several things and, to be honest, i really had not been plugged into this.

I had to be honest. I had forgotten how many songbird tokens we were supposed to get based on the snapshot. I was told today that we were supposed to get 15 songbird. Okay, i was talking to a friend of mine who was due based on that was due around 300 000 songbird tokens and had his stuff on coinbase, and so at this point has not received any okay. Today i talked to somebody about that and then it looks like xrp. Crypto wolf is pretty upset. Why is it only difficult for xrp army to receive flare, songbird airdrops, but no other community has to go through this type of well. I can promise you xrp crypto. If joseph lubin does not have to go through this, joseph lubin can issue tokens at will, apparently as long as long as he when he issues them, he doesnt use the word ico because it rhymes with ipo those are his words, not mine, hes, able to issue Tokens at will, as long as he uses the right semantics, then hes able to do whatever he wants, but everybody else is in purgatory because they dont have the right friends. I guess is that the way this works from what ive seen thats the way this works. So now we have a um songbird, that is at 28 cents, or so it had gotten as high as 90 cents, and all these people out here who have done nothing but acted in good faith, are not even going to receive this.

As far as we can tell were not hearing anything out of coinbase um, i dont think were hearing anything out of uphold either now, but uphold remember, uphold might be. Who knows they could be in the process of working on going public and not even be able to talk to anybody about this stuff? I dont know they said what was it about four or five months ago. They had hinted that they might be heading toward a public offering or something um jp tierra. The ceo of uphold did – and i dont havent heard anything since so who knows what the situation is, but this songbird thing, then the question is well: if theyre not going to even talk about songbird, are they still going to honor the flare? So i dont – i dont know where all these exchanges are with this now for some good news watch this, i trust capital is coming out with a mobile app, finally check it out. Well, i thought i had that timed perfectly check it out come on so now that my friends is awesome. I cannot wait for that. If you are thinking about opening an i trusted, uh capital account, you might be wanting to think about it now, because that is straight. Awesome ive got two accounts with them and you need to look at that. If you havent looked at it already, ive got links in the description of these videos to um go and i got a free coupon code for one free month with.

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