This is cryptothermal and you are watching crypto. Crypto comment. Hope you guys are doing great in the video clip not in the video like and also subscribe to, support the channel, and you know remember not to tell us at the same time, joining both twitter and telegram group put a link in the description, the orange line. Other pokemon already last video of our vision mentioned, but i know which is about this level so in the level in the trendline level of cold no being commercially in there and in the white line, so kilometers panda cup from added the critical level breakout production level. In enough forty four thousand so forty four thousand dollars of breakout point on the whole trend in the downward trend in the downward uh, following which is very much bullish, which is because, in the trendline breakout point, downward sidewalk is important support to hold on the 4640k. Forty thousand seven hundred dollars, so forty thousand six hundred and the four thousand six fifty dollars support level to hold a positive bitcoin triangle formation, so symmetrical triangle formation, gradle, uh, its a continuation pattern, are the important mission, so continuation pattern now return to downward direction or Symmetrical triangle formation either the probability so in the range where i can 37 38 36 in the range sideways. So still in the trend line, Music b to c and the correction wave on the other end, because chances are so once the killer breakdown had shifted now, possibly total trend is changed out of the updating, so either important so 37 to 38.

So important. This is standard breakout panel, actually so daily. I think daily or weekly, close so weekly close above this level, 93.405 uh 93.487 in the level weekly close um weekly close during the chapter. Now it is bullish for a dollar. I dont important in the bullish for dollar and kind of number stock market seller drop. Our chances are good stock market drop accumulation in the marijuana stocks of the uh accumulation of bitcoins, at the same time, on the trend out of the fundamental auditory and the on chain, metrics such as still accumulation on the increased iterative, something that has never happened in Nations history so usa direction. So us one of the important uh country worldwide effort or country Music, um, Music, Music, Music, foreign.