Gem guardian is a listing in 30 minutes and in this behind the scenes, video im going to be sharing with you how we are preparing for this. I want to share with you how i even came across this cryptocurrency gem right gem guardians and it actually just came into my telegram group, my vip telegram group. We share new projects with each other all the time i hadnt even heard about this project. I wasnt paying attention to it. I did my research here in the last hour or two, and i absolutely love it. So let me share with you this website. It looks incredibly clean and you can see right now. Their twitter has more than 87 000 followers, and their telegram has more than 80 000 followers, and here is the telegram group right here right now you can see there are people engaging typing. Today is sunday september 26th and the listing is happening in just about 25 minutes, so i just wanted to share the behind the scenes, the process of how this kind of looks and all the information, because you need to know the contract address you need to know When its listing you need to know what exchange is going to be listing on this, one is going to be on pancake swap and as a bonus to actually getting into my online class. You get access to cryptocurrencies that i do not do videos on. If i would have known about this project a week or two ago, if somebody would have brought it to my attention or if i would have just found it, i would have done a video on this one.

This one looks really really good the token generation event. Market cap is only 200 000. They have a bunch of use cases for this, as well as staking its an nft gaming type of cryptocurrency project. It looks absolutely insane to me personally now i wish i could share this with you, as this was happening in real time, but thats the power of getting into the vip telegram group. So now let me share with you even more about how this listing goes. How much i personally will be investing and all these other details. So if you want to learn im ready to teach lets get started, welcome to the youtube channel, my name is joe and every single day i make videos teaching you how to make money with cryptocurrency. So if you like money and you like crypto click, the subscribe button also hit that notification bell to be notified every single day. When i come out with these new videos, they are very time sensitive and youre not going to want to miss out. Also, please know that everything i say in this video is not financial advice. These videos are for educational and inspirational purposes only in full disclosure. I do own some of the cryptocurrencies that i will be discussing in this video okay, so we have our computer set up. We are ready to rock and roll, we have the contract addressed, it was posted in their telegram group and on their twitter.

Its really important to double check all of these details and the reason why i mentioned this is because, if you actually contribute to the wrong contract address, you could lose all of your money because its not the right token. A lot of these tokens that are new there will be scammers trying to give you the wrong contract address, and i do say this in my youtube videos all the time make sure that you never risk more than you can afford to lose, because situations like this Can happen now, if you dont have the education and youre on youtube right now trying to do this on your own? That right there, too, is another potential risk, because if youve never done something before theres just a likelihood to make mistakes right – and this is basically im eliminating 99.9 of the mistakes – we have approximately you see by the phone at 10 43. We have about 15 minutes now, heres a key too that i share really with my vip telegram group. You got to be prepared for these things before right so before and after sometimes they lost a little bit later. Sometimes theres errors, sometimes theres mistakes, sometimes its a little bit before you have to be prepared for any sort of situation, and you must be prepared to lose all of your money at any time. Okay, like thats, always the risk with some of these projects and its really important to understand the tokenomics, the team, the backing the hype theres, a lot of factors that go into this and again, i do teach you a lot of these things on my youtube channel.

As well as in my online class, because theres so many details, i cant get it out to you in just one youtube video. So this is what it looks like again. They have closed the chat right now: theyve paused the chat in their telegram group and now its just a waiting game. So i have this telegram group open. I have a bunch of other tabs with the charts ready to go, but obviously im waiting for the liquidity to drop and as soon as the liquidity drops itll give me a chance to buy and if im one of the first ones to buy. Well, then, that can be a very good thing right. It could also be a very, very risky thing. So please understand this is the deep end of the pool. If you dont know what youre doing here, i would not recommend this. I do not recommend buying a new cryptocurrency at listing. I personally am willing to take this risk thats. Why im doing it again? This is just the right opportunity for me: im not telling you to go. Get this cryptocurrency. In fact, by the time that you watched this, the cryptocurrency could have pumped and gone all the way down. So you need to do your own research as always, but again this is just going to show you more of what it looks like and then im going to be on my phone with the telegram group getting all the information together so that we can nail this Launch all right, so gem guardian just listed, i did try to buy it, but it didnt work.

Uh, my transaction didnt go through and you can see the price is falling massively right now and so its a 10 x at a dollar but heres the price action. You can see with a huge green candle up and right down. Here is where we are sitting right around a dollar and honestly, it seems to be a 10x is a lot to be buying a new cryptocurrency, but it failed right. The transaction failed, and that can happen, but if i would have got in early in my transaction did not fail. I would have bought 6 500 tokens at a dollar 33 each and then those tokens would have been worth over five dollars, which is literally about a 20 000 swing and that twenty thousand dollars is twenty thousand dollars in opportunity cost, which, unfortunately, i did lose out On and then the price pumped up way too fast and you can see it is coming down heavy right now, uh its very volatile in the early stages here and you can see. I got both the computers running uh again, its still up at 8x, and this is why its so important to understand tokenomics, because if you were to bought up in here, maybe it was a blessing in disguise that it actually failed my transaction. But you really got to get in early to this, because if you did it pumped all the way to five dollars, thats, absolutely insane and now its sitting at 75 cents.

So again, theres like a massive opportunity potentially down here, and i will be maybe scooping up a few of these right now so well see it looks like a pretty decent entry point as the price seems to go. You know back up, but it could roll back over and again. This is very risky now at this time, if you can get into a pre sale right, because if you got into the pre sale, the pre sellers now are in massive profit. So you can see again right here, 89 cents after a few minutes, and i want to share with you here on pools how important it is to get into these pre sales. You can see here for gem: guardian 1bnb would have got you 3400 tokens and right now you can see the price is 83, so pre sellers are taking tons of profit because they are up almost eight times on their money, and this is what i preach on My youtube channel all the time is to try your best to get into these pre sales. If you can, because youd be sitting really pretty right now, even if it pumped up and pumped down youre literally still up eight times your money, thats, absolutely amazing, one bnb would be worth more than eight and you can see thats why the chart goes up and Goes down and again, this is the education that you need. The experience that you need in order to be successful with this now are there a lot of other factors that go into these listings? Absolutely did a bot buy up a majority of the supply in this one right away absolutely, and because that happened, it makes it very dangerous, and this is why i dont recommend, especially for beginners, to ever risk more than they can afford to lose or try to Jump into these new cryptos because you are swimming in the deep end of the pool here, but if you do get one of these correct like if i would have got mine correct, i could have tripled my money.

My 25bnb would have been worth 6. 500. Gem guardian tokens: if we do some quick math, that means that one gem guardian token i would have been paying for would have been a dollar 33. So right now i would have been in a losing position, but if i would have jumped in at that dollar 30 mark and it pumped to five dollars there, you go theres, my three or four x and yes, i would have certainly been taking profits being up. Two or three times on my money, literally within a few seconds, and that is how time sensitive a lot of these listings go. So i wanted to record one that again was a failure. Do i think, theres an opportunity still at 80, something cents here, id personally love to get it right around 40 or 50 cents thats, my ideal price point: maybe itll never go there. This is a really strong project. In my opinion, again just my opinion. Not financial advice, i do see a lot of good things with this project and even if i would have bought at the dollar 33, if i would have just held on to my tokens, they could have appreciated up to that point. Some point in the future, but again its very, very risky, and i wanted to share with you yet again another behind the scenes here. So, if youre interested in learning more about how to get into these new launches, if you want to take more risk and have higher upside, but also the potential of downside, as you just saw, check out the links in my online class, we have more than 550 Students right now who have enrolled, and many of us are basically sharing new cryptocurrency opportunities and projects.

So, if youre looking for research in a community and a team to actually share with you more of these projects, definitely click the links down below. In the description. Many of my students have multiplied their money exponentially, but please do understand that not every single one of these goes the right way and thats the nature of the game and thats the nature of cryptocurrency. So its actually really good that a failure – kind of happened here on camera, because now i get to show it. I was really going after this. I was investing right around 8 000 of my own money in this right away and yeah thats. What im willing to afford to lose at this point in my life and so im not here to show off in this video im here to genuinely show you what i was looking to do with my own money and also show you the real, live behind the Scenes to a project like this one, so thanks again for watching this video and if you want to learn more check out my cryptocurrency playlist here on youtube.