We got a good one for you guys today, so make sure you watch this video until the end. We got a chart that weve made for you and we just want to show you where we think the market could be going in the upcoming months. But before we get started, we want you guys to go out and check out. Our twitter at bitcoinbros26, were just crypto enthusiasts talking crypto every single day and weve been doing weekly pulls our weekly pull just ended right here we have an all time, high and votes. We wanted to thank every single one of you for going out to our page. Following us and voting so for this poll, which altcoins going to have the highest gains for the rest of the bull run, the options we had were ethereum cardano and v chain and of those three cardinal won with 28.4. But a majority of you guys thought that something else was going to outperform them. The replies that we had was basically polka. Dot was a majority of the replies, so 34.6 of you thought that other altcoins were gon na outperform ethereum, cardano and v chain. Of these three, we had ada coming in first v chain coming in second and ethereum coming in third, and we have another poll for you guys to check out. We just started this a few minutes ago: whats your biggest crypto bag. Right now we have two votes. We just started: we have six days left in this poll, but make sure you go to our page.

Bitcoinbros26 follow us and vote in our poll lets see if we can break 81 votes guys lets take a look at the crypto fear and greed index and guys these are buying opportunities every time, theres extreme fear in the market. You should be getting ready to press that buy button because those you want to buy when people are fearful and sell. People are greedy because when this ticks over here 9.9 times out of 10 were gon na have a sell off. But up here were gon na. Have an uptick in price and we could go lower right now were in extreme fear. Yesterday we were just fearful last week was 27 still fearful, but we could go lower every time. If you look at the history of the fear and greed index charts every time we hit a certain level, we tend to come right back up so with that not financial advice so make sure you guys are packing your bags, because we think october november and december Is going to have some major upside and it could be something that you cant even imagine, so how high is that upside going to be well, we pulled this chart together for you. What is this chart theres a lot going on so lets. Explain it to you. This chart is the overall all time history of the bitcoin price action, and these orange lines here are the halvings bitcoin had a having in 2012, 2016 and 2020 and, as you see after every having, we had a all time, high theres an all time high here.

After first having here after the second halving – and this is the third having this – is the local high – where we were at right here – um, but we havent sort of completed this cycle yet well get to that in a little bit. But we did a few things for you guys we measured out the potential increases and how you should sort of time these markets by one of two ways. The first way we took a look at was looking at the bottom of the cycle before the halving event, and these bottoms are indicated right here in these purple boxes. The bottoms are called out after we had a run up and a high, and we came down and cooled off after we have another run up and a high. We came down and cooled off after we have, it run up and high came down and cooled off. Thats, how items are illustrated on this chart and, as you see here, guys, lets look and look at this. First bottom were going to zoom into this price action and right here the bottom hits in and we have 749 days that pass until we hit this. All time high in 2013, around 1228 and from this bottom to this top, we took a measured move from here up to here, and we seen that it was about 62 000 percent increase. So with that, we then went to the next bottom after we had that blow up top up to about twelve hundred dollars, and we seen from this bottom to this top up to twenty thousand dollars so lets zoom in to this price action.

So the bottom here was around 155 dollars and this was back in august of 2015 and we had a high of almost 20 000 in december of 2017. So 847 days we actually increased 98 days from the previous days from the first bottom to the top. From 7, 49 to 8, 47 98 day increase, and we actually did a 12 000 increase from this bottom to this top and then the last one were at right now guys the way we measured these. If you pay attention to these arrows, lets just copy and paste this um. These arrows actually are lengthening as well. As you see, this second arrow got a little bit longer than the first arrow i just copied and pasted the first arrow lets copy and paste. The second arrow, the third arrow currently is getting even longer um, so we just sort of you know mimicked each one of these and extended the arrows um from the first to the second and if we just measuring by the bottom, this second arrow almost exactly lines Up with the end of the year, which is sort of ironic, because a lot of people are calling for cycle highs and new all time highs and 100 000 price points before the years out. So this could be a viable option. If you take a close look after the previous all time highs, if you see once once we blew up right here, we had a retracement sort of a one two.

Then we blew up to the new all time high and once we blew past this new all time high right here, look we had another one, two new, all time high, so it seems like we have two pullbacks so lets see what happens when we put blue Past this previous all time, high of 20 and looks like we have that one Music, two and whats going to come next guys if history doesnt repeat but it rhymes its gon na – be a parabolic move to the upside most. Definitely so if you pay attention from this area here and this area here, we actually mirrored these for you, and these are right here. So this one here was actually the two the 2013 mirroring. So this, actually, you know, perfectly aligns and shows bitcoin going up to an extremely astronomic level, and this aligns almost with the end of the years, but itd be like in december december 6.. This will show bitcoin going up to 450 000 thats if bitcoin mirrors what it did in 2017.. This mirror is from two im. Sorry did this from 2013.: this mirror is from 2017 and if we track this and just mirror it exactly, as is seems like itll end sometime in november, early to mid november and itll go up to about and fifty thousand dollars, so thats measuring from the bottoms Guys um, so we did that for you with the blue lines and the green lines actually somewhat equate the same way.

If you look at this green line from the having to the top theres 371 days and from the havings price to the all time high, it went up not over 9800 percent and then in having number two in 2016 to the all time high of 20 000. This went 518 days with over 2900 increase and the days increased 147 days, this arrow here on top, is just this arrow copy and pasted. So if you see this arrow actually had a head difference from this arrowhead to this point was the difference in length from the second to the first arrow, so lets copy this second arrow and move it over here and see if we move ahead, one arrow head Ahead of this ill, take you about right here, so if this plays out this way, this will add another 147 days to the 518 days and thatll take it out to roughly march of next year. So this is why some people are calling for lengthening cycles. We dont know the increase, yet the percentage increase, because we just dont were still in this cycle. So instead of us having these two mimicking tops here, these tops could be extended like this and they could they could be spread. So if we just use this top here and sort of extend it to the end of this, it could play out somewhat like this lets zoom into the price, action and sort of align this, because we dont think were going to drop that low.

So if it plays out like this until march of next year, looks like this will go up to a 260 000 bitcoin. So this would be a lengthening cycle, but regardless, if this is stretched or back to what it originally was in 2017, to mirror that one thing, if you look at the technicals in the chart – and you look at whats forming here – this is definitely a double bottom. You have one bottom here and then a second bottom: there thats a w formation, thatll break to the upside and definitely take us into a blow off top for the year and cycle with that said, what do you guys think about this chart? Do you guys think that you should be measuring from the local bottoms to the highs to illustrate exactly where the new all time high should be around, or should we be measuring from the bitcoin havings to the cycle peaks? Please let us know your thoughts below this. Can play out a variety of ways, only thing that really knows when the all time high is going to be at this point is bitcoin, but the technicals are definitely pointing to the upside and a six figure bitcoin before we leave guys make sure you guys go Ahead and vote in our poll at bitcoinbros26 and follow us as well whats your biggest crypto bag. Right now we have four votes. Weve only been running this for about 20 minutes. While we recorded this, we got four quick votes right now.

Ada is in the lead for those that are voting other, please reply below and let us know whats your biggest crypto bag. We might do a video on it for you and with that thats all i have for you today once again im showing off the bitcoin bros. You guys, like this content, go ahead and smash the like button.