Just this one, i loved. Obviously, we all went through last week with china. Yet again, banning crypto air quotes are on purpose. This seems like the 10th time. Theyve done this. They continue to ban crypto um. But what happened – and what has happened is really interesting. You can see from the title on this uh this piece of content. What has happened – and i hadnt really given this some thought – i dont own uh, uniswap or sushi schwab – i dont own, the tokens respectively, so i dont really track their price action, but uh their price action has surged by like 30 plus percent and its directly related To this that you see on the screen, so were going to dig into this and have this conversation, and i want to know your thoughts drop in the comments below. What do you think about chinas ban on crypto, and i mean im just going to say up front? Obviously, china saying that crypto is: is horrible and illegal and its used for ponzi schemes and fraud and to launder monday and all this kind of stuff. I would always say number one: regular fiat money is used for that dollars and you know pounds and all that it is what it is uh, but thats really not the reason they banned it um they banned it because they cant control it and period into story. Drop the mic walk off the stage youre done thats.

Why? And so this made me smile because people when there is a will – and there is a way people will figure it out. So people in china are figuring out how to still trade in crypto and were going to talk about that here in a minute. As always, this video is for entertainment purposes only by the way links in the description below. If you want to check it out, my patreon group, you want me to look at your portfolio, become part of a group, have some help and guidance from me because who wouldnt want more austin in your life im kidding, i dont take myself real seriously links in The description below check that out, if youre interested okay, so the long and the short of it, is and im not going to dig into this article because and ill by the way. Ill ill drop a link this article in the description below. If you want me to uh, it really only talks about one thing: it says: hey look, chinas ban on crypto has sent traders piling in to decentralized exchanges, heres a look at what decks and what tokens to watch. All they really said was, and what really happened was when china officially banned banned crypto dont, you love, my air quotes right, um it it sent people to these decentralized exchanges like uni, swap and sushi, swap right, thats. What happened and the point that i love about it? Is people figured out how to still be able to trade crypto if theyre in china thats what i love and they can use obviously uniswap and sushi schwab, because it is, it is a you know, its an exchange right, its a its a ethereum for you know, Whatever youre looking for et cetera – and i love that i love that they figured it out – and i love that um, its kind of going against the whole china trying to control it, and i love that i just love it.

I love it when, when people kind of it as much as they can rise up and fight the you know and fight the power right and thats what i loved about this – and i just wanted to talk about this because to me this is big – crypto news. This is something that that you know. We all know what the china banning situation was. It was power, it was control and it had nothing to do with the utility around crypto. It had to do with china trying to keep their thumb on it and the power. Okay, and so the cool thing is that has that power is you know some people are taking that power away its crazy to me to think of, like you know how you know, china controls its its its uh population, and i just i i i cant even Really comprehend what that life would be like. Obviously i live here in the united states and as most people in the world im free to to do and really say what i want, and i have my opinion and im able to express it. And i dont take that for granted. And so i want to say as a way of wrapping up. Thank you truly for giving me a voice in this crazy crypto world. I will always treat it with respect and i will always be here for you guys helping you navigate these murky waters that they can sometimes be, but i love crypto, i love being in the whole space.