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There is a good shot that is going to uh dip down to four around the 40k mark now um and, of course, thatll drag the alts down with it for a little bit, uh weve got a couple days of the month left. It does feel like uh bitcoin is going to close the month around the 40k mark. Maybe a bit lower still 37k is still possible for bitcoin, but all we can do is see how the market is going to play out over the coming 24 hours and react accordingly. Um right theres been a lot of news come out, particularly with regards to investments in adoption. Um so start off, pretty bad news in terms of um dan berkovitz joining the sec as general counsel, uh, stan berkovitz is not a big fan of decentralized finance. He doesnt like defy um hes, made critical remarks about defy or a collection of applications that enable users to deposit digital assets, earn returns, borrow and loan money using computer protocols that eliminate the need for financial intermediaries. Of course, he doesnt like that. Why would we want to disrupt the institutions in a june speech, he said a purely decentralized financial system that eliminates institutions like banks, brokers and exchanges threatens to turn the us economy into a hobessian marketplace with each person looking out for themselves as opposed to what we Have now, are they telling us that the banks arent looking out for? Is he saying the banks arent looking out for themselves? Can i remind him of the crash in 2008 um yeah, because regulators can only enforce bans against money laundering and fraud and recover ill gotten funds for consumers by holding intermediaries accountable? Okay, again is obviously thrilled to once again work with berkeley.

Some matters essential to our financial markets, um its not great having another uh golem like gensler, like genzel, like figure in the sec um. It does seem that uh cryptos start to rally some level of allies within um the the political sphere within the us. You know weve seen, sentences come out, um and critique the way gensler has approached um the crypto markets, so hopefully uh the political um sphere are going to start attacking again or going to start approaching the sec with more um, requiring more clarity because thats the biggest Thing right now is: clarity is piss poor in other news, not great news again in terms of what were seeing um, so an ethereum researchers played guilty to advise north korea on how to use crypto to evade sanctions. These are the kind of stories that sadly draw negative attention to crypto, but they are something that fundamentally, is also true within every financial institution market. You know so its not its just the, because crypto is the thing right now. Is the trending thing its the thing that peop that has hit mainstream? Is him a lot of peoples at the very least peripheries, if not um, right in front of them and uh stories like this, obviously bring some level of negative attention? Uh virgil griffith has pled guilty to conspiracy to violate the international emergency economic powers act um. He enters his plea in federal court uh. Today, um so well see what kind of sentence he gets.

Uh. He traveled to north korea uh for the pyongyang uh blockchain and cryptocurrency conference, where he gave a presentation on how blockchain tech and cryptocurrency could be used to skirt u.s sanctions and launder illicit funds. Um. Apparently he had sought permission from the u.s department to attend the conference, but it was rejected, um, Music, so yeah. You know when youre seeing uh stories that are highlighting their negatives, never good thing but sort of a mine. You know fundamentally its one guy who i mean hes helping the country, but its one guy, so you know you can take. You can take a lot of uh solace in the fact that thats the case its one guy now. This is quite an interesting one. So coinbase has enabled customers to deposit paychecks into crypto accounts, uh, so theyre preparing a direct deposit feature that will enable customers to drop their paycheck into their coinbase account, both virtual currencies and us dollars set for launch in the next few weeks, but theyll be able To get paid in crypto or us dollars and choose any percentage of their paycheck to deposit with direct deposit customers can more easily access our crypto first financial services and be ready for any trade or purchase theres a positive to this, but people its very easy for People to end up overextending themselves. That does concern me in this kind of story. You dont want to see tons of um people looking at putting their paychecks in you need to live so, hopefully propor people can they.

There can be some level of uh theres. A regret using the word regulation, but you get some some level of regulation, some level of um safeguarding for customers. You know only put in a you know, have a max percentage that customers can deposit. I know its their right to do what they want, but for some you know you do have to protect people um, but well, see well see what what happens with that um. But you know theres positives and negatives, though im not sure how i feel about that. Now, in terms of adoption, theres, some really interesting stuff, europe has become the largest crypto economy over a trillion dollars in transactions. Uh and d5 has been. The major customers for europes, crypto economy and large institutions have also up their share, so it was released on tuesday and found that the um so thats today, yeah um, found that uh, the cnwe central north and western europe region accounted for 25 of global crypto activity. Thats, a huge percentage um between july and june of 2021, the region witnessed the sharp uptick in transaction volume across all crypto subcategories, especially d5 um. So europe has also become a hotbed for institutional. Investing transactions have gone up from 46.3 billion have gone up to sorry. 46.3 billion in june 2021, compared with just 1.4 billion in july of 2020 and the uk is the single largest crypto economy in the region. At 170 billion dollars worth of transactions, its nearly hot and nearly 50 percent of the value was sent via d5 protocols.

Uh uks growth is driven mostly by in uh growing institutional investment. Although you dont hear about the institutions within the uk that keep doing it, i would wager they were banks. I would wager central bank bank of england probably have a decent foothold there um, and that is very, very interesting. The fact that we are seeing that much in terms of um in terms of purchasing from from europe and the uk um and in terms of the emerging markets and the crypto adoption index, vietnam, india and pakistan, are leading other leading countries for adoption based on based On on chain value received, retail transactions appear to pay exchange trade volume um. This is quite interesting stuff. You know its not surprising that were seeing um Music that were seeing a larger growth in in countries that have a bigger struggle in terms of their own fiat currency. Uh, vietnam have had a have been rife with uh crypto scams, so they are now starting to have a bit more of an oversight in terms of what crypto is being offered within vietnam. So hopefully, that will reduce that uh and in the final bit of news, revolut are launching a crypto token. So revolut is a massive company, its based out the um space out of the uk theyre waiting on regulators, but the company itself has a 33 billion dollar valuation uh they offer cryptocurrency buying as part of its service um theyre, looking to launch their own cryptographic.

Token. Um now with revolut getting in on this thats, fairly big news inter again its another opportunity for um well its another its another avenue where institutions are starting to really push. Revolut has 60 million customers worldwide um and it sees over 150 million transactions per month and theyre an enthusiastic supporter of crypto, and they offer exposure about 50 tokens or over 50 tokens um. So now, in the last year, visa mastercard, robin hood, paypal, revolut major companies or institutions, huge huge reach, all pushing more and more and more to participate or incorporate crypto. The revolut, obviously looking to capitalize by having their own token so well see what their potential offer is. Within that token, they are waiting on uk regulation so well see um. The fca have been pretty anti crypto lately. Um so well see how that plays out, but their token launch plans were focused on europe and other locations outside the us for the time being um. But that would be big news again. We are looking at huge embrace of crypto a huge adopt level of adoption that has occurred over the past 12 months. More than anything in the last 12 months, weve seen massive waves of uh incoming money and not just that cryptos that uh are being picked up to help countries and continents. You know africa is working uh. The whole continent of africa is working with um cryptos like stella and cardano uh weve got weve, got cbdcs starting to be launched on blockchains like stella, like xrp weve got major banks within the us that are starting to add um their own patents to use blockchain Tech again, like still uh sorry, xlp um weve, got d5 being used by used up by nearly 50 of ins of uh, the total volume done in the uk and their institutional money.

So adoption is just increasing more and more and more were still in really in the uh. Crypto is still in its infancy, so its very you know. It bodes very well for the future and five years down the line when the new, when were at the following bull cycle. Obviously this one hasnt ended and theres still time and theres still a few months at least left um, but the next ball cycle. The amount of countries that are going to be intrinsically theyre going to be entrenched in crypto its going to be staggering, theres, probably going to be more countries than there are uh more countries than there are not so really bodes well. Adoption is really starting to push on very, very well within crypto and its exciting times anyway. Thats it thats, your crypto news, hope youre, all keeping well, if you are new to crypto checkout copy, my crypto. This is where i share my live portfolio. All the coins that i hold the portfolio ive built to maximize gains during this full cycle, the portfolio thats outperforming the market. We can weak out. If you want to make those gains. In anticipation of the inevitable bear cycle, then uh check the link in the description.