I want to take a look at the entire crypto market thats why its crypto news today i want to start with polygon, though polygon matic, uh, ticker, symbol, matic um, so they rebranded right uh later earlier this year and its kind of been a slow grow. After the big pop, so they they kind of came out of nowhere. They were, they were somewhere in. Like the number 50 range on coin market cap they burst onto the scene. They came all the way up to 20. They got all this hype earlier this year. I talked about them and kind of rode, the wave up with them, and i was very early on on this youtube channel. I think a lot of people opened their eyes to matic, but now its been kind of just in the background with all these other d5 plays – and you know so many people looking elsewhere – dont sleep on matic. I think it is a sleeping giant, and i think this article talks about some of the things that polygon is doing behind the scenes, this layer, two solution, if and when, which i think they should, if and when they come together and partner with ethereum, to help Scalability, this price will jump now, if its not ethereum its going to be others its going to be others in the space, because people are going to want this layer too, so crowd attention shifts from ethereum to matic time, formatic price breakout.

So this article kind of pins, ethereum and matic as competitors and i see how they could be, but i think the real benefit could be if they combine and partner thats, just my opinion thats. Why im still holding my matic uh thats? Why? I look to add on to at various positions: listen polygon is down there when it gets down below one dollar. It is a great great buy lets see where it is right now and then well bounce back into that article uh. So things are actually coming back here today, which is good to see matic right now at a dollar ten, its ranked number 21. uh. You know i first purchased polygon at 77 cents and again at 88 cents thats, where i have most of my bag there. I havent added a ton uh other than that, but i added two nice positions, so i like, where im at im roughly at like 80 cents per matic, i think, were heading to upwards to four dollars. I would say by the end of the year now lets bounce back in uh, so it says here: matic network, daily user activity. Booms ahead of ethereum keep in mind. Matic is one of the top performing smart contract platforms ranked number three in year to date. Growth behind phantom and solana also on that list is tara, luna, uh and poly or um polka dot. So the crowd is going crazy to see maddox performance over the last few days, and it says here: matic hit 351k daily active users where ethereums user activity stood at 326 000.

. So recently, theyve partnered, with vysyn providing a 30 million dollar fund recently hyper play a multiple currency payment solution, collaborating with polygon, so users can now check the polygon dapps on hyper pay wallet, theyre also getting ready to collaborate with idle finance, a leading yield aggregator. This venture will help users earn the highest rewards from several d5 strategies now heres. The other thing too. The slight pullback is trading at 109 110 right now. At the time of this, recording matic price is patiently waiting for a breakout, as its major resistance lies at 116 with breakout, the price could skyrocket to new highs, and i think that is certainly imminent for the end of the year. Now lets get back to the overall crypto market because things are starting to rise again. Lets take a look at some of the top gainers here and uh. If we go to the 24 hour period, we can see. Dydx is crushing it over the past week. Its up 92.85, its ranked number 70 on the big board. All of a sudden, you can see look at that chart over here to the right side. That thing is just booming: okay b thats, a 15 finance coin, ranked number five on the big board, its up. Eight point: seven percent omg network is up about six percent. Perpetual protocol has had a really nice week. Nice seven day gain here of about 29 pancake swap were seeing a lot of the decentralized exchanges performing well.

Pancake swaps turned to rise up here today. Its up 5.2 percent we saw uni swap and sushi, swap really perform well over the past week or so solana trying to build back up some of that momentum, its ranked number seven. How about solana what a story it is up to 138.55 near protocol. Its had a nice run as well over the past week or two its up three point: two six percent and theres polygon up about two percent silica is another one that i hold. That, i think, is a sleeping giant. Zil is just in the top 100 ranked the number 94. its at seven cents right now, it could be had over at crypto.com by the way crypto.com link down below use my referral code zack and we both get 25 in crow coin back so thats pretty nice. If you open up an account over there im officially a partner with uh crypto.com, at least for the next three months, then were gon na renegotiate some things, but uh yeah a lot of fun. I love that platform. Okay, a couple other things: shiv, is up. Two percent uh each bar thats, another one 32 cents right now, h hbar is uh. Interestingly, you know kind of creeping up there on the big board, its ranked number 43 harmony, one one that i hold one that i really like still up 29 in the week that one has performed really nicely and lets see anything else kind of to touch on Al goran is another sleeping giant.

In my opinion, i think al goran has a lot of room to grow in this cycle. So i really like algorithm uh for the future here and just kind of going through here see where else everything is doge going back at 20 cents, it dipped down to 19 cents at some time. Yesterday, i really like doge under 20 cents, ethereum same thing. Underneath 3 000, i think its a good buy really. What were really looking for right now is like any anywhere it gets into the 2700 range you get it at 27.50. Thats, a great steal on ethereum right now were sitting at 2923. love ethereum. This is my number one holding. I posed a question yesterday. I want to pose this with everybody else. It does cardinal get to nine dollars or ethereum to nine thousand dollars. First, what happens? First, let me know down below in the comment section, but to put a bow on this overall, the crypto market, slowly coming back, i think, were gon na see october is going to be a much better month as we get into quarter. Number four, i think, were going to see some massive growth here. I think just thinking out loud here i think october is kind of going to be a slow, build and november. I think the roofs going to pop off, in my opinion, thats what im hearing and reading well see what happens, strap it in sit back, relax and strap it down, because i think crypto is about to go crazy.

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