This shout out to the homie man and yeah its insane, so apparently star wars has been confirmed for vivi now, weve already known that star wars is coming. We saw the pod, racer and stuff like that in the um in the patent documents and stuff, like that, if you, if you havent, been here from the beginning, basically a while ago, we found patent documents that that led to us to believe that marvel was coming And also um, they had some patent documents with star wars on it, which you cant, really patent, things that you dont have the right to use so um yeah. We saw those documents and weve known that its been coming for a while now, but it looks like this is the first um official publication of it somewhere. So um shout out to this platform here for actually putting it in there im pretty sure this is. This is part of bbs marketing strategy, like this probably a hint for the community um, as you can see this publication right here, just to look at this real, quick, its a very valuable publication, man um its a very valuable one, um and also lets look at Some of this monthly data and traffic, so 94 000 visits per day, 2.8 million um visits per month, and then you got um 14 million page views and page views per year. So this this is. This is insane. This is in the same publication, so shout out to them man um, but were gon na jump into it.

So lets just skip straight. We dont need to read through this whole article. We can just go down and click the star wars um go to it. Okay, so yeah right here, um vvnft is targeting movies and comics, and this is this is the first time this is the first headline where we um were starting to see um vivi mention alongside movies, thanks to the james bond thing, so thats insane um its a New category, so we have collectibles, we have comics and potentially movies movie type things coming as well, so itll be interesting like if they have shorts or clips, like imagine shorts from the james bond movie, coming that that would be sick. But anyway, on to the point of the video um, the vvnft market has become the place to get official nfts from many popular movie and tv franchises. The company has signed deals with the above mentioned giants along with the powerpuff girls adventure, time, star, trek, star wars and todd mcfarlane, star wars. Star wars is here its here um the platform originally offered digital artwork and action figures from properties like batman, superman and back to the future. However, over the last two months, the platform has grown substantially due to the inclusion of digital comic books. So obviously, comic books are taking this thing. Taking this thing out of there like comic books, is starting to shoot us up, but they did just confirm that we have um.

We have star wars, um and, as you can see what what it means that we have stars first off thats, the marvel that we have then, if star wars like this is star wars that damn near confirms that we have the disney partnership. We have that disney license, which means that were going to see more things coming from disney, which is absolutely massive and honestly disney is so huge that, like they said they have over 200 licenses, thats thats. What vv andy comey said. They said they have over 200 licenses and disney by itself comes with like 100 licenses, probably maybe more, i dont know so. A huge chunk of these licenses that we can see upcoming is disney and im pretty sure. At some point, cars was confirmed, which is also disney. So at this point we pretty much know that disney is is confirmed, and we also know that that star wars is going to be massive for the platform. Like look at this look at what these things are priced at, so these are star wars, collectibles um, just just random ones: 200. 200, like 500 300 200, like i aint nothing here less than 100, like 100 500. For that one, like 700 right here, okay, we say something less than a hundred dollars and its crazy that anything less than a hundred dollars actually stands out. When it comes down to star wars, people are paying a hundred and fifty dollars for a helmet, bruh 619 people paid for that and thats.

Just the people who left the reviews thats. Just the people who left to refuse its insane um lets move over 14 of the most valuable star wars. Collectibles in the galaxy lets check this out. So 172 000 right here um this. What is this? The chewbacca original custom, headpiece? 172 000. A comic book star wars, comic book issue – number one um his face is mad strong but um. I guess that was the art back then 20. 000., if you nab a copy and kept it mighty meant all these years expect a pocket upwards of twenty thousand upwards of twenty thousand okay um. Then we have this for nine thousand, whatever. That is this toy 000 and 18 000, depending on the condition we dont got to worry about that on vv by the way um 51 000 right there. Well, actually, we might. We might like its been its been released, that we might um 76 000 right here. So, as you can see, these things are going: okay, thats just that was my mighty big jump like camera buddy. What are you talking about? Um death, uh, okay, 625, 000 right here, acquired by a historic film yeah. I dont know what that is. I dont feel like reading all that, so i mean you youre just seeing what this stuff is worth: 20, 000 to 86, 000, so youre, seeing what this is. This is going to be worth so now take into consideration all the the nfts are booming and becoming valuable, just for the sake of them being nfts its the first things on the internet.

What not the first things on the internet, the first things on the blockchain. These are the first nfts on the blockchain, the first time officially licensed um things have been put on the blockchain, and this, like vb, has the the first appearances of this stuff. Um 162 000 right here. So if you look at this, look at how valuable this stuff is 191 000 that was sold um 500 000 right here. Oh it doesnt, no thats that might be 500 dollars, thats right im, pretty sure this lego set didnt go for five hundred thousand. That would be crazy, but um, i think it sold its. That was the initial sale price and its more valuable around three thousand on ebay, okay, so that that is more valuable. It sold for 500, initially um 2.7 million at auction. This is over 2.7 million at auction. So, as you can see these, these things are insane these. These things are, they go crazy and heres, some more stuff, thats selling for insane amounts there. We have one we have this, you see all these numbers and all this different on these different products selling for this, this amount of money when it comes down to star wars, but i dont think anyone has any confusion on how famous the star wars brand is, And how impactful that brand is um theres, just so much different star wars, memorabilia and things like that: thats selling for insane amounts of money.

And then, if you go over here to the star wars, um instagram youll see 14.4 million followers, also alongside 5.2 million over here on twitter. So the point of this is star. Wars is absolutely massive, and this means so much when it comes down to um having it on vv. This is a place where were at a point where were getting so many different collectibles and getting so many different um major brands and licenses being released on vv. This is what i mean by theres, no competition when it comes down to vv, because lets say you you, it has competition and they start releasing like like they. They start releasing some some licensed products or something um theyre, not first appearances, theyre, not first appearances. They can never be first appearances, because bb is dropping on the first appearances and thats whats, so crazy about these first few months here on the um. Well, the first few seasons here on on the vb platform, its almost anything you put your hands on anything. You grab is going to go up in value anything at this point, its not really speculative, now theres an argument to be made that anything can can be valuable in the future, but especially these initial months. These initial months season, one two and three theyre still dropping. First, appearances and thats thats what thats whats key here when they drop this star wars, its going to be first appearance, which means that this is the first time its ever been on the blockchain.

This is the first time like like star. Wars is selling digital and its true ownership. This this is a first and we already know the star wars fan of the star wars, phantom and the star. Trek fandom are insane and star trek right now by the way, is insanely, undervalued on vv im. Just saying this is insanely undervalued thing on vb right now, um and by the way people were telling me my video actually boosted the price of that. That definitely was not my intention. I didnt its crazy, because i never think about the impact. I guess i have um just pointing certain things out and stuff like that, but that thats never my intention its just. I i try to share with you all the logic and the things that i think about like. I just show you all the way that i think and why i think this way, and i i i take into consideration the way that you all think in a way that you all feel and stuff like that as well. I im learning from the community as im sharing the things that ive learned to the community so its like a give and take thing for me. So shout out to everybody who made some some money off of my video. If you all chose to sell uh me personally, i havent sold mine um. I havent sold anything actually. I havent ive never sold anything on vb at all, and i i have over 100 plus collectibles and a lot of valuable ones.

So um. That being said, um its so so much opportunity coming here on vv, i i cant wait to see what else theyre bringing from the disney ip. I truly believe that they have disney. Well, i its pretty much known that they have disney all these disney brands. Um coming like its and then weve heard what the president has to say if the president of marvel is, is giving vivi this type of praise and talking about vb like this, you know that the relationship is very good to the point where and its not like. If star wars is confirmed, the reason that its automatic, that disney is confirmed because disney is not going to say here, take our two most valuable. Take our two most prized brands. You can have those but dont touch any of our other stuff, its like that dont. Really make sense from a business standpoint, you have marvel thats selling out everything that its doing is going crazy, vvs, making you a lot of money. You drop star wars, its going to make you a lot of money too. At that point, you have everything you have everything from disney, because youre you have proven that you can constantly bring disney some more income, so yeah. I just want to share this with you all. Let you all know that this this is this happened. This was actually an official article coming from um coming from vivi coming from vivi and one of it its affiliates so star wars put in here.

I dont, i think. Maybe it was an easter egg for the community um i dont know. Let me know what you all think in the comment section down below, as always be sure to drop that thumbs up subscribe to the channel if youre new and turn on notifications. So you stay updated and yeah ill catch.