Okay lets get used to it. Wow look here: heathers, pretty stable, oh hey, doge, hey youre late! As always, did you get the drinks? No, i dont know what to do. She didnt know um, but but i do have a good read this time. So unreliable, you are well. I saw this woman driving a binance c3 class. Oh my god. What kind of car did you say? Fine at c3? I know right, oh what its my wifes car you. This is lady. Maybe maybe i can explain. Uh arent you fighting back shes dead were dead too it wow. Are we sure about this? Ladies? Can we just come just take a second here i mean this. Is my wife and its either us or her mike? If this works out, can i get her car okay, never mind? No baby, you idiots you cant! Even nope im still here right now so whats your feelings, the citys screaming were not coming home tonight were living quick in this world. Gon na get it right now, but they all disappear. They will let you down. So we better stick together. Lets come whatever were not coming us together. Im! Sorry baby, i wont ever. Do it again, hello, sir. Can i help you guys were here to help you? What do you mean? Well, we take away your wife momentarily and bring you back. Two wives huh its a once in a lifetime kind of deal. So let me get this straight.

You take one bitty and you bring me back two thats how it works. Huh cross, my as the darkness in me lingers.