But of course, if you zoom out and look at every other mainstream market right now, youll see that its not just bitcoin, its, not just crypto, were seeing red across the board because of bond yields. Thats right we saw a little uptick here in bond yields and were seeing a risk off climate starting to develop. But the truth is, we are not going to go risk off, because the transitory inflation is anything but and the economy is seriously in need of more assistance and who do we have in power but big, big spenders and big big printers. Essentially, this administration and the current uh financial powers that be are highly highly incentivized to print print and inflate, and in a climate like that, uh, an inflationary, transitory period is a myth, and this two percent yield that you might get in the bond market is actually Losing upwards of 10, if you actually calculate in real inflation metrics. So in my opinion, once again, it is a charade and, like i said, a trip down uh below 40. A trip down to 33 are all things that, according to uh, the analysts that im talking to are things that would be okay and still part of this accumulation phase, which ends above 48 000 getting back above 48k. Its over the time to accumulate was now during the uncertain times. However, of course i want to reiterate this game is high risk high reward. You want to make life changing wealth.

You need to understand that comes with taking on the risk so for a lot of people they cant handle, they cant hold the coins. They get too scared in moments like these, but as we see theres red uncertainty around the debt ceiling, which of course is gon na get raised like every other single time before, whenever the markets get into true danger. If theres going to be a huge capitulation, a huge crash looming on the horizon well get old, jay powell, stepping in and saving the day. We know how these games resolve, which is always to the upside for mainstream markets, and so that uncertainty will get completely corrected. Now its important to realize that these upticks in bond yields these up, ticks and slightly stronger dollar uh. They will be corrected, and especially any strength in the dollar, in my mind, will lead to higher uh printing of the dollar, because why not? If the dollars strong, why not print more of it its been solving your problems so far and remember 99 of the people in power hold assets like stock market assets like real estate and so seeing those assets go up and up and up in value is nothing That theyre, actually mad at so just understand, whats happening right now, in my opinion, is still part of the accumulation phase that will end above 48, 000 thats how i am invested. Personally, again, you got to make your own decisions, but i believe once again were seeing yet another fake out, as big banks add to their bitcoin exposure as big institutional buyers ape into altcoins layer, ones, nfts and the future of the blockchain, which is anything but uh.

Going downwards, the actual productivity curve only goes up into the right here. So remember that, as these news articles come out as the fud and the price action which, by the way ive said this a bunch of times, price action has been purposefully painted to look horrific over the last. I dont know 12 months or so, and then we get these explosive moves to the upside, so thats whats been happening, keep your eyes on the prize. In my opinion, this is anything but the end of the game. This is just another sort of round of the same uh mental warfare thats been going on, remember right now. The name of the game is to print print and print, and in a climate like this, i think we can only go one direction, which is upwards. So remember that im gon na be coming with a lot of nfd content over the next few days, uh im coming back from a little bit of a wellness retreat, which is what i told you guys about im gon na be back in the office later today, And ready to bring you guys, the normally scheduled programming so make sure you have that bell notification on because, as you guys have been seeing, nfts have been in a massive bull run as the rest of the market has been sideways. And i told you guys that this was what was going to happen. Nfts are in their own market structure, so while weve been seeing cool cats and other projects go, you know two.

Three five x uh, the markets just been sideways and thats whats happening here in nft land, is that this market is growing and growing in its appeal to investors to users and its attracting new audiences. Meanwhile, a lot of this sort of mainstream crypto is still waiting on the next leg of the bull run. I have a play by play coming for you, but just know. In a climate like this, with uncertainty, swirling around the mainstream markets, it will get resolved. There will be a step in an artificial saving of the market, from jay powell and from the centralized financial powers, and that certainty will then bring more risk on climate. Once again, there will be more printing, and i believe strongly that being invested into this market is the place to benefit from all of this madness and the current financial experiment uh with modern monetary theory. Let me know you guys think in the comment section below make sure you smash that, like follow me on twitter at elio, trades, lots of hints for the citadel and future citizens coming so make sure youre tuned in closely there and ill see you very soon.