Okay. So if you woke up today – and you looked at your you know your crypto.com or coinbase, or whatever exchange you use, youre like man, that kind of sucks its all red were gon na talk about that uh mines red too, by the way so just fyi uh. This video is for entertainment purposes only and what were gon na do is were going to look at whats, going on with the market and kind of the trend that im, seeing the fear and greed index is pretty low right now were down around in the 20s. So theres not a lot of investor confidence right here. Right now in the overall market and thats, okay, okay, im gon na say up front. This is when the smart money is buying the smart money, the whales, the smart money, whatever whatever institutional, whatever name you want to put on it, you buy when the markets read period, and i know its hard to do that. Its hard to look at man. Ethereum is down five, eight percent. Is it ever going to go back up yeah its gon na go back up right, okay, so im not making this in the context to tell you to go, buy a specific token or coin, or anything like that im just making it in the context that that Uh you guys follow me. Thank you by the way for subscribing to me and following me i i truly im im im in im in awe of, and thank you i wanted to say something really pointed there.

You get my point um, but heres the thing its one of those deals where theres a massive amount of opportunity right now and i dont think were done with it. I think that the markets going to continue to roll down a little bit were down four percent. 1.84 trillion you know, were down below that 2 trillion. Mark i mean bitcoin 41.58 um, you know ethereum 2800, i mean again we keep kind of go up and then we get pulled down. We go up, but we get pulled down overall, uh were just the bears. Are in control right now, it is what it is right now, but i mean i, you know i kind of its almost like uh, you know kind of youre riding in the roller coaster and you have no control over. You know where the roller coaster goes right. Ups, dips and things like that, you kind of just have to be in in the ride and thats kind of how i think of it, and so like for me, like bit in ethereum at 200, bucks opportunity right, ethereums going to go up in value. We all know it is bitcoin is going to go up in value. Everybody talks about bitcoin going to you, know 100 000, plus its going to happen its just a matter of when some bitcoin at 41 000, not a bad buy. I mean i cant its kind of crazy. I just said that, but it you know its a lot of money: ethereum 2800 good buy.

We all need ethereum before you know. Obviously i think it. I think everybody should hold ethereum, but you also needed to trade on you know: decentralized exchanges like unit swap sushi, swap, etc, and all that other stuff pay, those wonderful gas fees and all that kind of stuff right, cardano um did you. Hence did you sense? The sarcasm there – okay, i hope you did if you didnt thats whats, that was sarcasm, uh 209 buying opportunity – i mean cardanos gon na go up. We all know it is right. All right. Its gon na go up. Xrp 91 cents. You know its going to go up over time, solano, buck 31 131 bucks, huge fan of solana. I own solana polka dot. 27. You know, i think i bought it in the 30s and obviously before the market just went down buying opportunity at 27 bucks, polka, dot, polka, dots, solana, phantom avalanche cosmos, probably missing. One of them, i think, are going to greatly continue to benefit from ethereum 2.0 delay. Right, it is what it is. I love ethereum, my own ethereum, but hey solada and those other guys i own those too, because theyre going to benefit in the short term mid to short term like into mid and in 2022 theyre gon na be great great plays solanas already shown that uh phantoms Already shown that theyre all up, you know overall and they continue to do avalanche. I love uh. Just did a video on china and how uh, uniswap and sushi swap are benefiting from the china ban on crypto interesting scenario, theyre up overall look at this china.

I mean the unit swaps up 17. You know partly why its up its because people in china are going are using unit swap and sushi, swap regular people to be able to buy and trade and sell. You know crypto all right there. You go so thats. Why? You see here and youre, seeing uniswap and sushi swap kind of running right now, because the china banner cryptos backfired a little bit, so people are figuring out how to be able to trade crypto, which is pretty darn cool. If you ask me all right, just continuing on well keep this kind of short and sweet uh tara, luna, seven days up 25. Looking really good there uh chain link is a nice little deal right now, algorand one of my favorites. I love algo uh cosmos. One of my favorites to love that just like right there with phantom uh. Let me see if theres anything else. I wanted to want to point out tron uh right now, nice, nice uh on sale there v chain definitely a good one. There on sale, e cash has been pumping. Look at that its pumping right now, 18 percent – probably not a bad one. To look at. You know payments and things like that. Payment systems and things like that uh continues to uh, actually was up 12 and down seven overall 24 hours, um pancake swaps, another one that kind of is benefiting im sure from the whole china thing you know a little bit potentially uh axiom finney, holding kind of Steady in there, let me see: uh crypto.

com has dropped a little bit so thats, not a bad, buy long term, because i mean crypto is the marketing genius company of the entire crypto space. Really uh hbar been hearing a lot about hbar and quantz been doing good ave. I havent really dug too much into lately um phantom. I love it thats one of my favorites im. Definitely a huge fan of phantom uh shiv, hey right now, if youre into community and meme coins and things like that, not a bad buy long term. If you believe in the viability of it, i do im a ship holder um. Let me see what else amp continues to kind of be asleep im. Definitely a long term fan of amp. I just think its. It needs some catalyst. It needs some something to kind of get it off the ground so to speak. There um lets do real, quick before i wrap this up. Yeah were coming up about six minutes. I want to see like who the 24 hour gainers are yeah e cash is kind of winning right now, okb havent, dug into this one. I dont know what that one is. You might want to look at that unit swap ive already mentioned them, theyre continuing to to do really really nicely kind of in in light of the the china band and all that and uh thats really all i want to cover again again it just its one Of those things where hey its an opportunity right here right now, this is a crypto news update if youve ever done so consider subscribing wed love to have you be part of my group.

Also uh mentioned it patreon links in the description check it out. If you need help, you want me to help guide, you be kind of a mentor to you um. You can direct message me on my system. You can join and cancel at any time ill. Look at your portfolio, you can see mine ive got a discord community with 600 plus people love to have you part of that group. See you later have a good one.