They dont seem to really care about. This quote unquote: bear market about this lagging cycle that were seeing right now, because, as fees remain cheap on ethereum, as were not seeing, multi hundred dollar gas fees were seeing once again, the winter wonderland. That is nfts, and i do believe that the projects that carve out their users that carve out their communities of diamond hands those are gon na thrive, rain or shine. Youre, definitely gon na wan na watch this one front to back because were not only going through. All of the biggest news in nft land over the last few days, but were also gon na, be giving you some new collections that i just ate that are hot off the presses. If you guys are excited for some absolutely cutting edge a brand new nft alpha then smash that, like button make sure youre subscribed or youre gon na miss out on huge opportunities in the space its that simple with that said, lets dive in so, first of all, Like i said this, elio trade site is coming along its going to come out very, very soon. Well, have more information on that in the near future. Lets just hop in right now. The biggest point i wanted to bring up here is that nfts are looking like theyre heating up, while other things cool off and given the state of the regulatory overhang on d5. I could see a whole lot of money jumping into both bitcoin and nfts as new stores of value, because nobody cashes out of crypto unless youre crazy, so lets go ahead and dive in and see whats been going on.

First of all, we got snoop dogg coming into the metaverse in a big way, this time directly into the sandbox. We can see him foxilized right here, and this is a great partnership from sandbox shout out to sandbox big big fan of their team, and there is an announcement coming soon. I have some very, very interesting plans on how i plan to interact with the sandbox elio trades nft holders im looking at you, so among other premium nft features for snoop dogg. There will be private party passes which give owners access to exclusive nft drops and private parties in the metaverse hosted by the one and only snoop dogg, and these are already going for a premium here about. It looks like four and a half times or a little over 4x, what their mint price was. The sandbox also had two land sales coming up, one on the 30th and one on november 4th. So this is big news and youre. Seeing a lot of push here from the sandbox, they just got walking dead and there are a lot of big entities and important entities moving in to build out their metaverses within the sandbox. What makes me super bullish on the sandbox is their ability to attract outside investment and user generated content and experiences. That is going to be the biggest driver of the most valuable metaverses and, in my opinion, i go back to this sandbox their san token and in general, the communities that are really taking root.

There are really a step ahead of any of the other quote: unquote. Metaverses weve seen of recent, we did see facebook just announced their plan to start researching a metaverse theyre so far away and i hate to say it, but they only put 50 million dollars towards the endeavor which in facebook terms is bubkus, and there are plenty of Other crypto companies with more resources, experience and crypto based community, so its looking very good for the crypto metaverse communities that are ahead of the game here in 2021. Now, if you havent been living under a rock, you probably saw the board api club 2.0 roadmap. Now it starts here, and you can see it goes through. This whole river is the roadmap. I thought this was actually a pretty creative way to do it. You can see its a whole like treasure map where they get through, and the final thing is the the dow, the bayc ecosystem, which is really interesting um, but they mostly just have like little bits of detail here and it says not listed here – are collabs and Partnerships and dope stuff they dont want to be front run on. I totally get that and thats why ive been keeping ziplipped about a lot of my own plans within the nft industry, because theres so much copycatting and stuff its better just to do it execute and then let other people chase um and then so we see here The first annual ape fest theyre actually having, i guess, a festival for apes, uh ill, definitely be there if thats the case uh.

We also have the board api club plus m a y c. The mutant ape yacht club mobile competitions, theyre gon na, have some game here, uh really interesting. They have the trial of jimmy the monkey. I guess this is some kind of narrative thing that theyre doing. I think this has something to do with uh. Some narrative based storytelling, maybe some content, um md versus mmi – not sure what that is: uh m a y c b, a y c 3d models. This is huge because youll actually get a full fbx 3d model to bring with you and upload into the metaverse and now youre, seeing that these actual characters are more than just jpegs theyre, actually going to be your identities in the metaverse, as the metaverse starts crossing Over more and more again, it shows you that owning these assets will be a huge, huge status symbol going forward uh. We also have more of the md versus mmi. Then we have the sandbox miami 2035 plus bayc vx apes, and then we have the miami clubhouse. Irl theyre actually having a physical clubhouse in miami that you can get into with your ape crazy stuff, and then they have redacted and the dow ecosystem. So, anyway, a massive massive update here from the apes and is it any surprise that weve seen a little bit of excitement around the board ape yacht club. We even saw a nice little spike up here. The mutant apes floor bumped up again, as i said before, this is a little bit of price suppression here as the whole ecosystem really deflated after this sale, but i believe mutants will be definitely the entry point for a lot of aspiring board ape community members.

I know i love my mutants im still hodling them very, very hard, so keep your eyes on this space and, in my opinion, what weve seen is. Probably the lows have been put in for mutant, ape yacht club im. Definitely holding mine expecting higher prices. You do what you want to do again. All nfts are super duper risky, and i want to make it clear that, if youre playing around in nft land that i will give you the exact strategy, i use to make profits and also what i think is probably like the most noob friendly strategy as well. Uh so stay tuned to that part towards the end, where i tell you like the strategy that you could use, especially if youre, starting with a smaller stack and youre, not doing what im doing which is diamond handing for a long time, because i think a lot Of these have a massive next leg in them, and especially over the next coming years, the good assets will grow to be in, in my opinion, astronomically expensive, like i said in some prior episodes, we also had anonymize, did really well uh dot, dots, which i minted Loot which im down bad on, but i still believe that loot and its derivatives are an important movement going on within the nft space. To keep your eyes on and the thing about anonymize is they actually have this on chain staking reward, and all of these coins that have these on chain staking reward uh, like chief here uh, which is misspelled, but the thing is theyre mixing with d5 theyre fully Automated on chain and immutable, which makes them really really interesting assets which sort of cannot be stopped here, like these yields, they dont even require front ends here and most nft heads know how to claim their rewards through the contract.

So its really interesting stuff. Here anyway, one of the interesting things about the anonymize project was that it was a free mint with no commission and no royalties. So there was essentially no money made by the original project founders. Obviously they probably minted some themselves. Then they also had this mechanism where you could burn your own mice and re roll its traits, but it would remove that anonymize permanently from circulation. So every time someone burned to try to get a rarer anonymous, they would actually have one less anonymize in circulation. So now something like 60 plus percent of the anonymized have been removed from circulation and theres about 3000 or so, and a lot of them are super rare, because people kept burning to get rarer ones um. But, as you can see now they have a passive staking reward. All of them have the same uh chief per day, theyre 100 on chain there were 10 000, but not anymore anyway. This has a really strong diamond handed community and thats. Why? I really liked it so really what you want to find out here is the next anonymize, because there are literally projects where, if you are doing your work and finding the alpha, you can mint for free, just pay gas, and then you can actually, in this case Roll and re roll for, like 30 dollars, just pay gas again and end up with something super rare. So, as you can see here anonymous now with a 3.

7 eth floor – and this was, i think when i found it like 0.8 um again. This thing just absolutely rocketed, and this was a free mint, so again nfts arent, just for the ultra wealthy. Here it really pays to be doing your research and to have a somewhat resilient attitude here, because you will have losers, especially if youre jumping into fresh mints, and you will have winners but its important – that you stay resilient and know that the next anonymous can actually Be yours: you can also stake these and so out of the 3550 mice. 92.5 is staked and increasing breeding. Will time lock. Two mice cant be sold and wont, earn cheat uh only 138 for sale, so you can see only 138 out of the 35.50. This is a super diamond handed community and they also have this really interesting time lock mechanism on breeding. So if you breed them, then they cant be sold and they cant earn for a period of time, and so, even though openc shows 10k mice, the reality is that 6450 have been burned, really really bullish and, as you can see here, it did hit a 40th Floor at some point it has come down a little bit again well see if it keeps dipping. I think its probably a buy the dip type scenario, not financial advice, and i know four ethan is already too expensive for most people, but i just wanted to cover the actual collections.

I think are interesting here. We also have the avagachi ecosystem having some news here. They have a new grant program for game ecosystem developers. The grants are from 500 uh die here and will be funded by pixel craft studio im, not sure. I think this is a typo here anyway, from 500 to 5000 die yeah. That makes sense, um and matched by polygon studios. So this is polygons uh investment arm and as well as ivan on techs morales company. So uh you can get a little bit of development money here, obviously ivan on techs company morales actually is a phenomenal resource for dapps. Looking to integrate nfts half the grant will be rewarded up front and the second half will be a contingent on the completion of various milestones. So youve got to deliver here and again. You see facebook coming in with their 50 million dollar investment fund uh trying to develop their virtual metaverse. I bet this will take a very long time before we see anything from this, but its worth understanding that epic games and facebook and these types of companies will definitely be pushing forward to try to have their own contributions to this metaverse world and thats. What makes all of these assets even more valuable, because you better believe those hyped original, ethereum nfts those jpegs are gon na, be the things that people covet the most in those future meta verses. These are like the mansions that are impossible to get your hands on the super super desirable assets, the lambos, the ferraris, etc.

We also see a cryptic tweet here from stanley over at ave, saying its all coming together with a venn diagram of d5 nfts and social, and we know that hes working on a social network here very, very interested to see what comes next um. Clearly, hes going to be throwing his hat into the nft ring very interesting stuff now. Finally, i wanted to go over some projects that ive just invested into and tell you two ways to approach this market. First of all, if youve got a big enough stack and you can stomach it, i think diamond handing really good projects that come out like anonymize. I am not gon na sell my anonymize im, not gon na sell my sup ducks im, not gon na sell. My cool cats just yet because i see them going the way of bored apes, just like i havent sold my board apes because i saw them going the way of crypto punks, if not eventually higher, because look at this crazy road map, i dont see any road Map for crypto punks, so the mentality is, if you can afford to do it, getting into good projects, obviously as early and cheaply as possible and then holding them until they go the way of some blue chips. And, of course, knowing that you might miss out on some flips along the way, for example, right now, my cool cats are at like 50x or something of when i got into them, however, selling them right now, i still think is foolish, because i think theyre gon Na double or triple or quadruple again over time now, you could argue that my moneys better spent by selling those and reinvesting into new mints.

But again, i do believe that were gon na hit an inflection point where big money is gon na pour in to the top one percent of assets and so im kind of wanting to hold on to my blue chips. As long as i can, because i think theyll get targeted by big investment funds that just want to invest in something thats more for sure so theyre going to go after the punks theyre going to go after the apes and then going down the list. You have kongs and cats and ducks, but then it starts to be a little bit uncertain. What comes next so understanding that being in the absolute top top assets is one way to think about how to optimize for that mainstream adoption push for nfts. Now, if i had a smaller stack – and i was looking at nfts as the opportunity to really turn a small amount of money into a big amount of money, then you cant just be sitting stuck in one asset and so obviously getting early to the next big Thing getting early to the sub 0.1 eth floor prices and then waiting for them to get up to like an eath and then selling thats a really good strategy as well. So one that we covered that i picked up a bunch around point. One to point two was monster buds. This actually went up as high as like .7. I think, and now its coming down a little bit but theyre starting to introduce, as you can see, um fully realized buds and theyll have breeding soon as well.

So again, im holding on to my monster buds. I really like this project. I really like the art and yeah im just gon na be holding on to them. But obviously, if you got in at point one and then this thing went up to point, seven thats a decent amount to flip, even here at point five, three, its holding above a five x or so so thats, something that you would wan na. Consider if you had a smaller stack, taking some profits and reallocating again im, not selling my monster buds. I want to see where it goes. Its got an interesting breeding mechanic and its from a known artist, so im going to keep holding on to those now heres a project that, to be quite honest, kind of annoyed me because, as you can see, if youre familiar with the world of women project, its Pretty much the exact same art, in fact, ive heard it was the exact same artist actually but theres. This project boss beauties that, according to some people, have a better team or whatever, and so people are kind of looking at this. As like the knockoff world of women, but people are still kind of bullish on it and think that it might have some potential, i think of this as kind of like a pepsi to world of womens coca cola. I personally um only have one just to say. I did i personally dont like how its just a direct copy of the art, but again this is one to have on your radar now.

The thing that i just bought quite a bit of is this spirit or pets. V0. This is like a tamagotchi evolving project with a token care that will be dropped, and you will, i think, maintain your spirit or pet kind of like you would a tamagotchi here um. They also have v1 coming. Uh v0 only has 777 items uh and the floor price is now one. When i started buying a few hours ago. I think it was like uh, 0.8 or 0.7, or something like that. Regardless this one has quite a bit of hype around it. Its only got seven seven seven items bear in mind. A lot of collections have multi thousand up to ten thousand is kind of the standard. So 777 is very low here again, im not sure what the floor price is gon na be, but, as you can see, theres been a lot of trading over the last hour. Many many have gotten sold and you see them selling for well above in ethereum, as well as the floor price. Getting swept up here. So if youre looking for something hot off the presses, again spirit or pets has gone up a lot. So theres plenty of downside risk as well, but it wouldnt surprise me: whoa did this thing just jump to 1.78, okay, so heres a good example. While i was filming this video, the floor price went from 1 to 1.78. Again, i dont know where this is going to resolve, but it just shows you that when you identify a good project, i heard about this for the first time in the wall street kongs discord, this thing just jumped literally to double what i bought it for and It looks like here the floor between 1.

78 and 2. Eth is just it looks like its only seven nfts here to hit a two eighth floor, and you see how quickly this stuff happens. Literally, while i was setting up and filming this over the last 20 minutes or so weve seen a jump of almost 2x here so keep in mind, this could go down just as fast as it came up, but i just want to point out that im trying To give you guys this stuff right as its happening, sometimes its not so easy again, this video is going out tomorrow, so god knows what could happen in between now and then know that all of these new projects are ultra ultra ultra risky top one percent of Risk top one percent of reward, so please understand that there are huge risks here and act accordingly. And finally, the next project that i just aped into pretty significantly is bears deluxe now bears deluxe. It was about point two when i started buying or something like that. Um its now up to about point three: three: they have 6 900 bears and your bears will start earning honey. I see a bunch of people that are bullish on this. One again bears deluxe just got started here, um, but you see its almost up to a thousand eat, traded 6 900 items here 0.33 floor price, and these are supposed to earn a honey token. There are a lot of them that are getting snatched up and people are wanting to collect that yield.

So i think what happens here is a lot of these yield. Tokens will go to zero, so its really important to see which projects have people that are just farming and dumping their yield and what happens to those token values like the cyber cons token banana has actually been really bullish and its been holding and growing in the 40S, when i first found the project, the banana token was like under 15 bucks or like closer to 10 bucks, now its 4x and so people are holding and people are bullish on the kongs, because that yield seems to be stable now if projects promising yield like Bears deluxe actually have that yield token holding grown value, thats super bullish. If that token drops in value, then people are going to start dumping. These so just know the risk kind of cuts both ways, but this is the next hot little nft project that has a d5 element on the market. So there you have it another nf tuesday, this time coming to you a day late, but hey were here to give you the absolute best information in the space, and that includes everything from the projects that have worked before dissecting them, helping giving you strategies as well As identifying the newest next projects that are worth apping into again, this stuff is ultra high risk and you need to be aware that you could be left totally stranded holding the bag and, unlike altcoins, where you can actually market, sell them just at a loss.

Most nfts, when they become illiquid you cant, even sell at all, so its literally you will be left with zero. If you make the wrong decisions here – and i cant promise you that any of these will or wont, go up im just trying to share with you the information ive learned and inform you on why i made the decisions to buy when i did now. If thats a value to you were gon na start making nf tuesday an everyday thing, my goal is to bring you the best nft content on a daily basis and, in my opinion, the asymmetric reward is actually way way better in nfts right now than in other Parts of the market, so if you want to get the absolute first scoop on nft alpha make sure you subscribe with that bell: notification on and ill make sure youre aware. Whenever i put out new videos, youll be the first people to know. No one is bringing you this level of new nft content, so make sure you subscribe with that bell notification on. As always, i thank you guys so much for watching. My name is elio trades.