Weve got some institutional money inflowing into the markets, even though the markets are dropping im, also going to look at cardano price analysis, as the price is getting closer to that two dollar level. Uh weve got the metaverses going so weve got some crypto news how to get paid with your cryptocurrency. Some news coming up and also the real estate boom ahead, just a little piece on the overall markets, as some guys have been asking about the cycle, all right guys. You know what to do hit the like button subscribe to the channel bell notification icon. So you can see that the content pops up on your mobile phones, time sensitive information here all right lets dive into bitcoin. Now ive got the weekly chart up here. We are looking at coinbase, so im only going to go back a few years now. You probably notice, obviously the title october might not be bullish for bitcoin. What the hell are you talking about, ive been talking about a quarter four bullish. You know things to go crazy for cryptocurrency but october, which is my purple boxes here is potentially the month. That is still waiting or just starting to push to the upside, so thats all im. Looking at here, i wanted to go back in my analysis this morning, as i was reviewing my charts and have a look at how long do i have to wait until i get the exciting times like we saw at the end of 2020, like we saw at The end of 2017, those sort of periods – you know: when does that actually happen and if youve been following the channel, you know that i love to look at time frames and we look at it to see how long should or could these moves last – and this Goes for many markets, and so sometimes or often its only several weeks out of the entire pattern.

So out of this period, youve got from that october period to the top was about eight weeks so about two months that was to the 20 grand top and im picking that low, because that says we began to break out. So when i look at that thats, a 100 percent move there from the 10 grand to the 20 grand 100 percent. Now the next move is also exciting, but its far more exciting because more people are in the market and theyre expecting big things. But the move is exactly the same: youve got another 100 to those levels from 20 grand to 40 grand 42 grand. You know give or take a little bit here, but the excitement in the market is so much more and then that leads on and spurs on. Even more people to get into the market, but the returns are either similar or they start to lag. So we got about another 100 from those lows in january into the highs in uh in about april. So about 100 just a touch over 100, but you know from experience now – or hopefully some of you have lived through it to have that experience that the markets most people are getting in closer to the top. So you can see the volume up here, the retailers getting in and then the returns are just far far less 20. 30. 40, sometimes 50 into the highs. So im looking at the patience. How can i prepare myself in case october isnt the blow off month and we have to wait till november or december because i still think quarter four is going to show some really big price action, its going to have something going on, whether its price action to The up or the down, i think something happens in quarter four, because ive seen it time and time again.

So if i just look at 2020 ive got october – and this was the month started – to break out of the previous tops that were set in august. So that was the the breakout month and then we had november into december, which got a little top. And then it took off in january and uh. You know the rest is history from that point. So november was a little more exciting because it started to get more volume into it. What happened in 2019? This was october in the purple box and then november. Had the spill, so there was still some excitement. There was still a motion in the market for what i can see here and i remember being in the market. This was kind of like what the hells going on. We thought it was going to 20 000 or a 50 000 bitcoin by the end of 2019, because we had such a big explosion already and it didnt it spilled. Over 2018 november was another spillover month into december. So october was the kind of the wind up waiting for the action to happen, but the rest of that quarter just spilled over. We had all the excitement and well no ones, really excited when the price crashes 50, but people were panicking. There was fear. There was emotion in the market im looking for highly high emotional times in the market, because thats when most of the money is made, you want to be in the market before that emotion comes and then hold on for that ride.

The ride going to the moon. Whatever else people want to rave on about thats the emotion that theyre looking for so i want to get in before that emotion, which i think is the time that is now that sort of september period, that weve seen the crashes and then have the patience to Hold out for that excitement, if i go back to 2017, we had september as a low and then october started to break those highs that were set in august, which is kind of similar to what were seeing now october started to push up. But then the real excitement everyone started to come to the market in november and december when it was too late. They were only getting about you know, sort of the 8 000 or 10 000 bitcoin into the 20 000 if they happen to sell the exact top, which of course, we know from history, most of us dont do, and nor are we looking to do that. Exact point either so the november december period was, you know the the excitement the energy is coming to the market lets go back a little bit. Further lets have a look at 2016.. It started to break out of the september top that was set here. August july was the spillover, the pause, the top and then october started to break out, and then we got november and december into this peak that happened late december early january. We go back to 2015, the last one here.

So we had the lows in august a little bit of a tiny peak in september. Market went quiet, then october started and we started to take off from that point. And then the peak came in november, possibly late october early november, and then the market continued to run into december before it peaked at just a little below that previous top and then the rest is history again the wind up and then the move again. So i dont expect the entire quarter three to be one upwards trajectory to the moon and im just taking it back a few steps and thinking, i do think therell be some sort of move in quarter four, because its what ive seen in the past, but i Dont expect it to be every single day of that 90 day period and im, just looking for other similarities in history to to represent what could happen in the future. So at this point, im thinking that november december seems to be a pretty good candidate for when the the big moves or the big excitement will happen because, like we can see for 2020, there was still a big move from october in 2020 to the end of October, going from around that 10 or 11k to about 14 15k, so its still a reasonable percentage return. But then the next move that happened going from 15 to 20 percentage isnt as big, but the excitements there now onto ada, and it has continued to work its way back down to two dollars.

Currently, the low is right on two bucks, so im on binance here and yesterdays price came in at 2.006, so call it two bucks. We did see this big volume bar that peaked out and came back and weve now closed in that entire bar. But the main thing i was looking at here was for the lows to hold for some sort of support to come in. I think we would possibly see that dollar 80 level and ive just moved. My next 50 level, just like moving averages, would move as well from the major low to the current all time high, which bring brings us out as around 1.60, so the levels for a range that im comfortable with is that sort of 150 160 up to where We are at the old all time high that 250 for a consolidation move all right. Obviously, if we break down further, then i think things have got a lot further to go. Ideally, i reckon 180 would be a nice comfortable level down here. Sort of between the 150 and 180 just gets a little bit too close for my comfort, but the 180 level to where we are at that 250 is kind of where the market is telling us. It wants to grind out for now, so the downward grind for ada has slowed thats exactly what we were looking for, the trend that was put in from the top finally broke out and now again what we were talking about the breakout and then the slow of The bleed ill make a mention if you guys are staking your ada or looking to stake your ada.

You can check out the link down below in the description or in the pinned comment in the comment section to stake. Your ada with the investor accelerator pool check. It out down below get passive income on your cardano now on to the news and were looking at the digital asset fund flows weekly, so volume 48 week, ending 24th september covered this briefly yesterday, just looking at the six weeks of positive funds coming into the space, We havent seen too much come out in the previous six weeks to that and then the following sort of six to eight weeks before that the overall money coming in is far more than the money going out exactly what we want to see, and especially in these Times were seeing more money come in as we can see from bitcoin last week: 50 million eighth, nearly 29 million solana, nearly four kidano two and a half and polka dot two and a half which leads their totals to about 35 and a half billion for bitcoin. So money is still coming into the space, and especially on those weeks where the market was down, we store big money still coming in gives you a little more confidence to think that there is some more big money coming into the pla into the space and blowing Up the crypto verse when the time is right, so kadano is currently at around 81 million. You know it could just be me, hoping and dreaming, but when youve got money coming in when the markets going down thats the times that i like to be buying karano is also investing into the d5 nft and blockchain education space.

So its probably been covered. A few times as it was announced during the cardano summit on the weekend just wanted to recap some of the kedano news, especially as i cover a lot of the uh, the price analysis for ada, more news, and this one is from facebook. This has come out yesterday, a day and a half ago, building the metaverse responsibly, whatever that means from facebook, but we all know nfts are massive. I think the metaverses are going to be big and thats kind of a space that im far more interested in as i like land i like property. I understand those sort of cycles and, if youre looking for something to invest in you, just dont understand the jpegs and the nfts that are just going crazy, like that, maybe start to think about some of the spaces or the exchanges that are looking at nfts. In general, so that theyre kind of, like the gas stations where you go to fill up and youve, got to pay a little bit of a ticket price to get these nfts or, in this case, youre looking at land just like every day, buying real estate. If you own some of that real estate and people want to build on that space, that might be a bit more of a opportunity to get into the nft space, so the meta versus what is the metaverse. The metaverse is a set of virtual spaces where you can create and explore with other people who arent in the same physical space as you, so essentially, building and growing in a digital world.

Now, how can you get paid with cryptocurrency coinbase is releasing or working on rolling out the ability for customers in the us to deposit their paychecks into coinbase to more easily make regular crypto trades, spend on coinbase card earned, crypto rewards and more get paid in crypto Or in us dollars and deposit as much or as little of your paycheck as you want, that is just removing the barrier of transferring your money from a bank to an exchange into saying: hey drop, all of your money into the exchange itself. If thats not bullish, i dont know what it is just an easier route for money to come into the space speaking of money going into the space and coming out of it, of course, im looking at todays sponsor, and that is social good thanks to todays, sponsor Social good, its an app where you can get 100 crypto back on everyday shopping, so you can shop up to about 10 000, practically for free, using the social good, app at shops like ebay, bestbuy and trip.com on the social good website you can see. There are three steps to shop practically for free. The first is use a social good app to purchase the goods that you want. The second is to receive the social good token back and then to get it for free. You have to sell that token. On the exchanges which are listed here so theyre on uni swap bitmart bittrex and you can find more information on market cap and coin gecko.

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6 year cycle, which has been going for over 220 years, but we do estimate there probably be some sort of crash coming after 2026, leading up into a crazy peak at that point. In time now, youve heard me talk about the books on the channel before, but if youre interested in more of this check out the link down below and subscribe to the free newsletter, if you dont like it after any period of time, you can always just unsubscribe Its a very free risk, free investment thats all ive got for you guys today from the new studio setup. I hope you enjoyed it hit the like subscribes and the shares down below ill catch. You on instagram twitter comment section or on patreon links are in the description until next time have more fun to get more done.