I hope you guys are doing good in this. Video were doing the latest uh safe moon updates. What is going on with safe moon? What is going on with the safe moon? Hound has he given us an update and uh binance has been blocked in singapore, so this is massive news again we have been covering the story on binance. What does this mean for safe moon? What does this mean for cryptocurrency? What is going on with all these blocks soon, it seems like binance will need to have a new planet to operate in the way things are going for them. So well be talking about that and then in the second half of this video ill be chatting to you guys about. You know: cryptocurrency, investing some tips from crypto zeus on how to make money in the market. What to look for, and so its a little bit different, so it wont be specific, safe moon, uh content. It will be more of an overview of crypto, investing and uh what i do in the market and how to make money and that type of stuff. So if you guys are interested in making money make sure to stick around to for the second half of this video, but as always, this is not financial advice, im, not a financial advisor, but i hope you guys are enjoying the journey so far. One big update we have is from the safe moon hound about the safe moon, wallet and uh.

He sent this one out just recently and he says, as i have said before, and will say again, we are awaiting a third party to adjust some text to adhere to apples guidelines. The app is solid from our end and we are waiting patiently for this to be fixed. We have zero control over this patience, hashtag, safe moon wallet, safe moon army. So, at the time of making this video were still waiting for the apple ios wallet to come out and thats then going to lead on to v2 of the token which we discussed in a bit of detail yesterday. And i just want to reiterate to you guys uh from crypto zeuss point of view. Youve got some comments in the background here from that video. But really the big picture is your percentage holdings in safe moons stay the same. Your reflections percentage holdings stay the same and always remember when youre investing in cryptocurrency uh. You know, cryptos are priced in all types of numbers or theres different quantities of cryptos. Some are staking cryptos some, you know deflationary cryptos. Some are non deflationary cryptos, but the big picture. What you really want to understand the crypto space is your percentage returns over time. So that is the number one metric you want to know about and uh thats all tied to market cap generally. So you always be looking at the market cap of the crypto, so crypto zeus uh my opinion about you know whatever you want to call uh the consolidation reverse split whatever it is, whatever you want to call what theyre doing with v2.

Basically, your percentage holdings are staying the same, and that is the important thing. So as long as the percentage holdings of your current holding and safe mode stays the same which sounds like it is it basically doesnt change anything okay, so that is crypto zeuss uh point of view about v2 right there and uh. Look guys lets talk about this binance update, binance blocks fiat deposits and spot crypto trading for singapore users wow. This is not good news for binance at all, and it says right here: the cryptocurrency exchange giant has announced further restrictions to his operations. In singapore, admit, regulatory scrutiny and ive got the official statement behind me straight from binance.com directly, and it says right here with effect from the 26 of october 4 a.m. Utc time, users in singapore will not be able to access certain functions on binance.com, including fiat deposit services, spot trading of cryptocurrencies. That is absolutely massive: the purchase of cryptocurrencies through fiat channels and liquid swap wow. This is a big news. As the market leader binance, constantly evaluates its products and service offerings, we will be restricting singapore users in respect of the regulated payment services, in line with our commitment to compliance. Users in singapore are advised to cease all related trades, withdraw fiat assets and redeem tokens by wednesday. The 26th of october 2021 4 a.m, utc time to avoid potential trading disputes. Our aim is to create a sustainable ecosystem around blockchain technology and digital assets, and we hope that such efforts will help the industry grow in the local market in the long run.

Okay, so that is a massive update and uh guys. This is huge, and, let me know in the comment section below is anyone tuning in from singapore, crypto zeus ive been to singapore. I love singapore, very modern country, very modern city uh, with some great uh things to see over there. To sum this up – and this ties into the second half of the video which well talk about soon – but you know the cryptocurrency market, its hyper competitive, okay and one of the biggest i like to call the sword of damocles in the crypto space and always remember This term the sword of damocles i always like it – i always enjoy you know intertwining. You know, roman mythology into some of these videos, but the sort of damocles the sword of peril. Uh, you know its in the crypto market and it comes in the form. This is the number one form for crypto. Zeus anytime. You know im reviewing cryptocurrency, and this is why im always saying you know to some degree. You know risk crypto is a high reward, high risk area, but the number one thing to watch out for is regulation. So its hostile regulation to cryptocurrencies and uh, usually that the most powerful form of that will come out of the u.s in the form of the securities and exchange commission. So ive got this sec website behind us, but you know right here: binance. It looks like theyre having trouble complying with local regulations theyre under a lot of scrutiny in singapore and uh.

You know massive. This is pretty much terminating a lot of the activity uh on the finance exchange in singapore. So if you cant do uh spot trading of cryptocurrencies, if you cant deposit fiat fiat services onto the exchange, thats massive and uh, look its just uh, really really big news for binance and they are referring to themselves as the market leader. But i just want to give you guys some context, so if activities like this happen and more suspensions happen like this uh, i expect i predict that the trading volume on binance will significantly decrease okay, so you always have to remember in cryptocurrency land uh. You know customers user base are the number one most important thing, so you need people to trade on those exchanges to you know, generate liquidity, uh, trades activities, profits and things like that. So its a massive deal for finance, so im really surprised uh. You know this sword continues to fall on binance, but at the same time, lets bring this back to safe moon. What does it mean for safe moon? And we understand you know john caroni and the team? The next thing after v2 will be the safe moon exchange. So theres a huge opportunity here you know when the king uh no king rules forever, as they say, you know warcraft, 3 and uh. You know the king right here ranked at number. One finance looks like its going to be taking a bit of a fall in the market, getting kicked out of more and more countries, and basically that that creates a window of opportunity in the crypto market for new players to come in for new exchanges to come Up – and we have been talking about a few exciting exchanges on crypto – zeus – kanga being one of them – but again you know safe moon, safe moon.

You know, competition is good in the market and it would be really good to see safe phone. You know, launch this exchange and get onto these markets to pick up some of this trading volume that is going to get taken away by binance, so that is a massive update and uh really what it means. The key takeaway here is, you know the crypto space, its hyper competitive. You know no king rules forever and uh. You know some kings will fall and then you have light for new people or new players in the market to come up and thats. One of the keys of a cryptocurrency, so there is a window of opportunity for safeman. We know safe moon is building the safeman exchange and it just comes down to speed and opportunity and execution of the roadmap theyre. The key things for safe moon and we also have another update for safe moon, and this is going to be some direct communication coming out of john caroni himself, the ceo and that is the safe boom sunday october, the 3rd 8pm british standard time and uh. What youre going to get? There is some more direct communication from john carone about the safeman wallet v2. But i will sum up. You know crypto zeus, you know with the fall of finance, what thing im most excited about right now: isnt v2. It isnt the wallet. I think theyre great to get ticked off on the road map, but it would be the safe moon exchange, so the safe moon exchange can move into.

You know pick up some of these areas where the giant tree of binance has fallen uh. That would be really good for the safe room price and in i expect that would pick up the market cap of safe means, because you have to always think in the crypto space. One of the most important things is uh pushing up the market cap. So i think, if safe moon adds on the safe from an exchange, people use the safe moon exchange its secure its easy to use. That could be a massive game changer for safe moon. So im really excited about that and guys lets talk about the second half of this video. So if you guys are interested in making money in the crypto space yesterday uh we went into the nft realm, so im kind of starting to explore the nft realm in the crypto space and the reason im doing this because im seeing a lot of movement in The crypto space i going to nfts and going into nft gaming, and i did put out a video yesterday and we did a bit of a deep dive through it. So its 18 minutes long a lot of info in there and we had benjamin ross chiming in right here and he said you should do more videos on nfts. I would like to buy but need more understanding. Before i put money into nfts. I have a physical art collect. Why not have a digital one.

The problem with art is, you need a lot of space or proper storage. Not so with nft is a big advantage over physical arts and uh yeah. I want to say to this. You know, and the reason i want to talk about nfts is because crypto zeus im sensing a lot of movement towards the nft space right now, so i think its going to be heating up. You know kind of in the same way uh that we saw a lot of movement move towards the binance smart chain. So you know along this journey, crypto zeus, i got into binance smart chain around. You know the 60 level took some profits around. You know the 600 level, so that was a good trade uh, but you know the reason i got into there, because i saw a lot of movement kind of going into binance smart chain gems, which we have a lot on. The channel are very exciting lots of potential to make money there uh. You have to always be you know in the crypto world, you know you have to be predicting where the masses are going and you have to get there before they arrive and thats kind of. Where you can make money so right now, uh, you know my spider senses are telling me. You know theres going to be a lot of activity in nfts, nft gaming. In the future. I think nft gaming nfts are going to be absolutely massive, so im seeing a lot of activity, uh move into the nft space and thats.

Why im kind of starting to explore? You know the nft market, how uh its valued, how you make money in it, trading nfts and its a pretty exciting space uh to be in uh, so well be exploring more content on nfts in the future, because i think theres basically going to be some massive Potential there – and i think you know the nft window – is still extremely early in the space, and people are trying to understand as best they can. You know about nfts and how to monetize, nfts and im, seeing a comment here from matt mungno, saying good video. Still a bunch to learn im a photographer and want to do my own nft. So really you know, nfts can be bring a lot of money uh to people who are artists. Who are you know into digital imagery and things like that? Its a huge amount of potential and its a great way for artists to monetize their work, so theres a huge amount of potential, and i think anyone even listening to this video right now, uh youre early, so everyones early into the nft market. Right now, i dont think the nft market has really taken off. I think its early days and i only think its going gon na get bigger in the future. So shout out to all you other guys, uh. You know commenting on that video, so bjl tyler young hand them out uh right there. So i think the nft space is gon na be huge and another fun thing i wan na talk about.

You know in the crypto space one of my philosophies when im investing in cryptocurrency is ive, got the fishing pond, so im not sure if anyones played a zelda ocarina of time very cool game on the nintendo 64., and i want to use the metaphor of you Know fishing in multiple holes and thats what i like to do on crypto zeus so basically were gon na be fishing for lots of really great crypto market, uh, gems and uh in those crypto gems in lots of different fishing holes. You can make lots of money. So i like uh the metaphor of fishing in multiple holes. At the same time, you know casting out lures to see what bites we can get in the market and just one example. I want to show you guys so, when youre fishing around in multiple holes, looking keeping your eyes out for opportunities in the market uh one that has went really well, is the kanga cryptocurrency pre sale. So we had this one up on the radar on crypto zeus: a lot of people tune into that video, which is really good and uh. You know the public rate. If you were fortunate enough to get into the pre sale of that one, it was two dollars. Okay and if i go to the kangaroo exchange right now, uh this things cherry, this win is trading at twenty dollars around twenty dollars, u.s, so guys that is a crazy amount of return right there.

So if you put in a thousand dollars into kanga on that pre sale, you went in for a fishing expedition. There youd be sitting on ten thousand dollars right now: okay, so that is uh thats, all real money and uh thats. The exciting thing about crypto, zeus and uh kind of what were looking for – and these are the ones and it makes crypto zeus happy so if you guys made some good profits on kanga, uh! Congratulations by the end of the day, i think theres going to be a lot more opportunities in the market uh. You know in nft realm nft gaming, new, cryptos and uh, just basically keeping an eye out on the market, because i think thats one way, uh you can make a lot of money in the space. But always you know you have to be comfortable with the level of risk as well and ive always said that in the crypto space uh you know this crypto market is risky high reward. You can literally make uh tens of thousands of dollars life changing money, uh financial freedom, its all there uh. You have to also be comfortable with the risk and not every crypto will be a home run um, but you know some cryptos can 10x like. So kanga has 10x and thats been a really good one, so that is very exciting. So, and the other thing i want to talk about is the overall crypto space.

You know youve got bitcoin right here, trading at about 42 500 at the time of making this video, but in the long run i think bitcoin will go to 100 000 and, more so im extremely bullish on my cryptocurrency and uh thats, backed by the fact that You know western governments around the world or you know most governments around the world actually are printing out lots and lots of money. Okay. So when you print out lots of money, basically you get inflation and that inflation needs to find its way into other assets. So one of those asset classes is cryptocurrency, so i think in the long run, uh cryptocurrencies basically have a huge amount of potential potential to grow. I think peoples, faith in cryptocurrencies will get stronger than uh in the fiat currency world, where i dont think uh. There is that much faith with so much money printing, so so extremely exciting times in the crypto space bit of an update on safe moon and uh, you know always keep an eye out for new opportunities to go fishing in the crypto spaces. A lot of fun lots of learning to be done, and you know half the journey is just education. So always remember you dont have to buy any cryptocurrencies. You guys. Dont want to always make your own decisions, not financial advice, but its all about fun. Its all about learning, if you guys, like this content, make sure to subscribe to crypto zeus, and if you guys want direct notifications, you can sign up to the telegram for free and if you want the premium content, if you want exclusive access and more exciting early Access to new cryptos on the radar and that type of stuff to help you along your crypto journey to financial freedom, you can join up to the patreon as well, but guys very exciting, update today.