So not only are we dealing with something that is immensely complicated, but we kind of feel a little bit distraught. Sometimes weve got nfts, we have defy, we have staking, we have pools, we have farming, we have trading. We have all of these really great things. However. Its sometimes nice to kind of centralize the entire cryptocurrency experience and on todays show, were going to take a sponsored look at tokenplace. Tokenplace is an all in one crypto platform for the next generation, where you me, anybody thats interested in crypto can access the entire market of digital assets in a single window. Yes, you heard that correctly its all going to be done on one single window, so youre able to access all the different subgroups of cryptocurrency in one place lets go ahead and get into it Music. Before we head over to the token place website. I want to talk about a key announcement here, so beta release is going to be live on october. 4Th and tokenplace is gearing up for their upcoming beta release, which is going to let traders connect up to 35 exchange accounts to one single terminal, with a data aggregation and portfolio visualization center, and its also going to provide advanced, analytic tools and order types for everybody Which, i think is absolutely amazing, so make sure to mark your calendar for october 4th. This is the tokenplace website and tokenplace has a vision to become our one: stop shop for digital assets, investments and trading, and they also are going to be including fiat on and off, ramps wallets and everything in between and some of the next moves that they plan To make are going to be integrating decentralized exchanges known as dexes futures trading and atomic swaps.

So pretty much youre going to be able to do everything on the tokenplace website and as tokenplace continues to evolve, they are going to be looking for more products to bring or kind of like services and potential avenues for future development are going to include arbitrage opportunities Which means youre able to buy a particular asset on an exchange for a lower price and then go ahead and sell it on a different exchange for a higher price um. That is something common that happens in crypto and theyre also going to offer tax tools. You all know i am an advocate for paying taxes, even though i say end the fed and taxes, their scam, but at the same time its important to pay them. They are also going to offer a paid version which offers smart routing algorithms to select the best possible path for any given order, um its also going to be dealing with order books at that moment, with fees also because fees can be a little bit expensive, especially For dealing with ethereum um, also too theyre thinking about an order splitting among different exchanges to kind of help, get you guys the best price, because we all know that things are not always the same price on every different exchange and that has to do with liquidity. Another very exciting announcement from tokenplace is going to be the zip mechs listing, which is also a very respected southeast asian exchange that works with the monetary authority of singapore and theyre also regulated in indonesia and thailand.

This was announced on august 25th, but its going to be going live soon. Some of you have heard of bitstamp, but if you havent, they are a cryptocurrency exchange and tokenplace just announced that they will be the first member of bitstamps affiliate program which is going to be part of their revenue sharing deal since tokenplace is able to bring new Users and traffic to exchanges like bitstamp um, theyre, going to be able to get a discount on trading fees which can be reinvested or pass on to their users, so thats. Why? They have all these amazing programs inside of the all in one easy to use suite. The last piece of news before we head over back to the tokenplace website is going to be the new 100 000 staking pool on the trust swap platform tok, which is the native token of tokenplace, has held up pretty well considering, and one of the reasons why It could be the staking pool of a hundred thousand dollars on the trustwave platform. So again you guys anytime, youre, utilizing any type of staking pool farming, etc. Its always important to consider utilizing a moon bag. That way, you can kind of help mitigate risk and also too, when youre staking or farming and locking anything up within a project you believe in it could also help with volatility and holders of the native tok token will be eligible for discounts on subscriptions and fees And the token is also involved as a carry of liquidity for the final version of tokenplace, which will be released next year, and the platform will finally come full circle and become a true aggregator, with the ability to trade on all exchanges, with one single account which Again, i think that the tok token is a true utility token, because they have a platform that you can kind of redeem rewards and different things by holding the token, but, of course, try to utilize the moon bag all right.

So this is the token place website. This is what some of the features are going to look like um again, you guys it is not fully live yet, but once its live, i will let you know, and it also lets you know what available exchanges theyre working with and itll give you like. A little sneak peek on how the platform is going to look and pretty much to utilize touring place. All you have to do is connect your api keys to um to tokenplace right now, theyre working with eight exchanges. They have 40 trading tools, 500 plus pairs, which is awesome and 100 billion plus available turnover, and they do care about safety and they offer a five star safety rating. So you basically can log in with an image or fingerprint, which is great, because sometimes things get crazy. In crypto i always recommend using a separate trading laptop or device just to make things safe and using api keys. They exclude the possibility of a third party accessing your funds, and your data is protected by their enterprise grade security, so registering and utilizing choking place once everything is live is going to be super easy. You all you need to do is register, make sure your security stuff is set up, and then you can make your first trade within minutes. Um again, you guys are going to be aggregating data from multiple different exchanges to give you the best price, on whatever it is youre trading, and they will allow you to set up instant reports, a notification and make a deal from any chart in two clicks, which Is amazing and as you saw before, they have a really nice ui, ux and tokenplace also values the idea that the community should be part of their stakeholders in the business which i absolutely like, and theyre also going to be utilizing cross chain architecture to make a Better relationship between customer and the company.

Lastly, i wanted to kind of talk about the tokenomics just a little bit over. Here we talked about that. It was a utility token and youre going to be getting increased, rewards from participating in the affiliate program. With the token um, you get discounts to traders who hold large amounts of tok um, similar to what binance is, with b b and lowered fees. At token places. Partner exchanges, which is amazing, tokenplace, was also audited by surtek, which is one of my favorite places, and i believe they are available to start investing and trading on via pangolin for avalanche, which we covered yesterday on the show, and probably the best part of the tokenomics That i like is this part here we will have corporate accounts of various crypto exchanges, which will be used to place orders from our users onto the exchanges themselves. The corporate account feature im, hoping it is what i think it is and that it allows business owners to utilize their ein or tin to help save on some of those taxes. Thank you guys for watching this show on tokenplace. I hope you enjoy the information presented. As always, i highly recommend that you join the community of any project that youre interested in using or investing in, ask questions, make sure it resonates with you. Thank you guys. So much have a great rest of your day.