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Now one thing thats getting me very excited about solana right now, nfts, we are seeing a lot of nfts launching on solana these days and were starting to see a lot of nft infrastructure coming into play here now. Burnt finance is a new infrastructure play for the nft markets on solana. Now it hasnt launched yet, but its coming very very soon. Theyve been doing um some closed testing of it with um the public at the moment, but we dont have the the wider app available. Yet but i think it will be available soon. This is going to be like the open sea of solana. So this is definitely something to keep an eye out for, but the whole nft craze thats been happening on solana is very serious. Weve seen people flipping nfts for insane gains over on solana, showing that solana is providing the kind of nfts that people want to buy and want to use to make money off of. We also see solana being able to bridge out and get liquidity from. All of these other chains, now whats very interesting, is that solanas wormhole has extended their token bridge in order to support nft, meaning youre, going to be able to move nfts between ethereum and solana. Now that is game changing, because that essentially lets you bring things like crypto punks art blocks board apes, all that stuff over to the solana block chain, where you can now sell them for fractions of a penny list them for fractions of a penny.

Instead of for 50 or 100 dollars like you have to deal with on ethereum quite frequently, so that is really really cool to see this kind of interoperability coming into play for solana and nfts. Then, of course, we have the fact that the ecosystem is continuing to attract a lot of attention and its understandable. Why i mean ive been doing a lot of farming over on solana. Ive been farming on mercurial finance, ive, been farming on port finance. Ive been farming on saber finance via the sunny finance. Aggregator is also another interesting one that ive been keeping an eye on if the rates drop too much on one of the other platforms, theyre gon na jump over there and farm some orca tokens as well. But you see the big money. Investors are starting involved here as well, so orca finance theyve its a decentralized exchange on solana. Theyve just had a big 18 million dollar series, a funding round led by poly chain capital, three arrows and some other big vcs, including coinbase ventures. Thats absolutely massive as well as well as the official solana account too so thats thats incredible were seeing a lot of big money coming into the solana ecosystem, which means dont fade this ecosystem. I think its got a lot left in it. Next up is polygon, polygon man, polygon the main asset. The matic asset has been struggling to get that price momentum built back up again. We got up over two dollars a few months ago and ever since then, weve just been stuck above a dollar which is nice, but we havent been able to pick up new momentum, push on to capture a new all time high.

Yet but man theres a lot of stuff going on for polygon, i am still bullish on polygon. I still have a huge bag of polygon sitting around im, not selling until the prices go. I think quite a bit higher. I would love to see us at five bucks before i start taking some more profits on my polygon bag now heres, some very big things that are happening right now in the polygon ecosystem, so its a big milestone for polygon, so polygon had more daily active users Than ethereum, for the first time ever so, matic had 351 000 daily active users compared to ethereums 326 000 daily active users, and it makes sense. I understand why, when you go over and use polygon, you can use basically all the same great stuff that you can use on aetherium, but for a fraction of the cost, which is, of course very, very cool. Now i know we have lots of layer, two stuff coming out for um ethereum. We have arbitrary arbitrarys getting a lot of attention, its got a lot of stuff launching on it, but polygon is still out here, its its its the biggest side chain right now. By far for ethereum, so its as part of the layer, 2 infrastructure of the ethereum network and of course they also bought hermes recently, which is a layer. Two scaling solution, much more like arbitrum or optimism, is so instead of being a side chain. Its more of an inherently built kind of layer to scaling solution.

They bought that thats now part of the polygon ecosystem as well. So thats, really cool, very interoperable with the hair maze network coming into play here as well. So its a nice feather in the cap for polygon polygon, also teaming up with ernst and young for their night fall so basically were gon na have polygon nightfall, which is a privacy, focused roll up so again more scalability. This brings in the big players too, by collaborating with nightfall and hair maze, and basically just polygon in general, being that premier side chain for ethereum that makes layer two enterprise adoption possible thats. A big deal for polygon and polygon is well situated with ernst young. As a partner on this, we also, of course see nfts taking off in a pretty big way on polygon right now, so this is um dolce gabbanas nft collection that came out on a polygon based platform thats getting a lot of attention. These are big big bids for fts. The collection has a 3.2 million dollars so far. Think about that thats pretty damn crazy, because essentially, what were seeing right now that one of the big, i think, um criticism so far of polygon, has been well yeah. I know they have nfts, but they havent had any of the really super high value. Nfts coming out. Look at ethereum its got all the highest value stuff, its got all the big whale accounts. Well, here we go. This is proving that wrong.

People are going to spend millions of dollars on nfts based on the polygon network, that is super super cool and finally, of course, we cant forget that polygon has been nailing down the gaming arena, so theyve been looking to put a lot of money into play to Earn crypto games, of course, are best suited to a layer, 2 environment. Much like polygon is offering the third coin, for today is elrond. Now elrond in case you are not familiar, is basically ethereum 2.0, but today, which is super super awesome. Its got all that great technology and theyre just starting to unleash the juiciest parts of that technology. So theres a lot of reasons. Why im excited about elrond? We see the user accounts growing. We see the amount of transactions growing, which is you have to keep in perspective. We dont really have any operational applications yet on elrond, so 8.4 million transactions, without really anything for people to do still pretty gosh darn good 11.9 million elrond. Currently staked now look growing accounts, obviously thats a great thing, but we really need to see now from elrond product launches more and more product launches. But we do have the my art d5 wallet, which has launched for elrond dapps. That means that its now going to be possible to start connecting with decentralized applications via the my r wallet. We also have this, which i think is just an incredibly important uh integration for elrond, and that is that kucoin is going to start listing esdts, which are basically elrond network tokens, so that gives centralized exchange liquidity for these tokens.

I hope we see some other big exchanges announcing that soon as well. Binance will be a good one, for example its been a supporter of elrond for a very long time, so i hope to see them listing the elrond standard tokens as well. We also have the mayar exchange, which is coming up very soon, so well be getting the issuance and details for those of you who were staking your elrond tokens in the my our wallet youre, going to get some ir exchange tokens, which could be a pretty damn Valuable airdrop considering the growing hype building around the lrund network. I think that when we start getting the applications launching here and thats going to be very very soon then were going to start. Seeing the total value locked coming in then were going to start seeing people foam owing into the eagle asset in order to lock it up in different d5 applications thats. When we really start to see the price appreciation happening were right on the precipice of that moment. The fourth coin today, of course, it has to be polka dot man, obviously now, why am i talking about polka dot today? Why should we watching this in the month of october? Well, one simple freaking reason: pair of chains, man pair of chains, so gavin wood uh. He came out recently in an interview he said: uh, the audits over the audit was successful for para chains on the main polka dot chain.

He says officially that uh para chains are ready to go theyre just waiting for a launch date. Probably my guess, my guess would be that once the second round of kusama parachain auctions finishes, i think thats this week or next week then were going to see probably a week or two delay and then well see an official launch date for para chains. On the main, polka dot block chain, thats, just a guess – im pulling it straight out of my butt, but i think its coming really really soon and once that gets announced, i think thats going to be a very bullish announcement for polka dot and that were going To see the polka dot asset rally into that first parachain auction. Obviously, if we see the success that moon river had with any of the coming polka dot auctions, thats going to be very bullish for polka dot, probably see a bit of a sell. The news event as well after the first pair chain auction, but still until that happens in the lead up to that, i think its a very, very bullish time. I feel like that announcements coming any day now, weve been waiting for it, weve gone through two rounds or almost finished two rounds of parachain auctions on kusama were so close were so close were gon na get announcement on this sooner than a lot of people probably Expect so definitely keeping an eye out for that and the final one for today, the old man old man bitcoin.

Now why the heck would i put up bitcoin here? Well. Bitcoin, of course, is the wild card right now because of this bitcoin etf, its coming its coming in fact today coinbase posted and then very quickly deleted a post about how they think that a bitcoin etf is coming really really soon. Dont know whats behind that. That may be some insider information. Maybe somebody posted a news release too soon or whatever, but um that came out today. We have a lot of speculation going on right now. That october is going to be the month for a bitcoin etf to launch now, if youre new to the market. If you only been here, you know a couple months when bitcoin starts going, it goes man. It goes that the launch of a bitcoin etf, i think, thatll – be a majorly bullish, catalyst event that could see bitcoin rallying like a hundred percent right. That could push us up into new all time highs and it can happen a lot quicker than most people think it can happen. You get kind of you watch bitcoin enough. You start to get bored like ah bitcoins, not doing anything why isnt bitcoin going up whats going on here, come on bitcoins, so boring thats accumulation, man and then something like this drops boom boom. The price just goes freaking crazy. Now, obviously, as ive mentioned on the channel before, if we get a bitcoin futures etf, which is what is rumored to be launched in october – and those are just rumors – the internets full rumors, of course – but i think its about time to be honest – that we do See a bitcoin etf launched if we see a futures backed etf im, not excited about it, its not a great product.

It just gives wall street another avenue to manipulate the price of bitcoin. The cme has stated that they would like to be the standard for the price of bitcoin. The cme, of course, is a garbage uh bitcoin contract, just like bitcoin futures, backed by the cmes bitcoin products, would be garbage bitcoin etfs, because its only paper theres, not a single real bitcoin involved in any of those transactions. Its all cash settled its all derivative garbage straight up. That being said, even a futures etf launch will be a bullish event for bitcoin. I believe that to be the case, and i think that a futures etf launch opens the door for a spot, bitcoin etf, which is what we really want, because that actually matters that actually takes real bitcoin locks. It up issues out a paper contract on your brokerage account in order to be able to gobble that up thats the kind of bitcoin etf that we want, theres a chance that that could be the first thing launched now the current head of the sec has said: Thats not what he would like to see. He would like to see futures backed etfs, which means hes just an uh. You know a sellout for wall street, essentially hes a more uh forceful word than that. But this is a family fender friendly program, but regardless a futures etf is bullish. A spot etf is mega bullish and i think that a futures etfs, probably the gateway drug for the spot, etf, and that could happen very very soon, its a wild card event.

We have no indication when its going to happen. Rumors are flying around so well see, of course, if those rumors prove to be true or not anyway, just my two satoshis for the day. What coin do you think is going to be the number one coin that everybody should be watching for the month of october? Is it one of the coins that i mentioned in my video today, or is it something else? Let us all know down below in the comment section what one coin you think is going to have an explosive october thanks so much for watching todays, video and peace out till next time.