Uh gala games has some really cool updates for us, so in this, video were gon na be talking about the changes to play to earn in town star were gon na, be looking at a brand new coin that gala games is gon na, be releasing for townstar And talking about the possibilities for how play to earn is gon na be getting better for you, and i all the players of this super fun game. So if that sounds good to you, remember to leave a big thumbs up, hit, subscribe and now lets get into it Music. We are just gon na jump right into this article posted by gala games. They said enter town coin and im really excited about a brand new coin, coming to the gala games, ecosystem and a brand new coin for town star. So this is what they have to say. A blockbuster launch is coming to town star, grab your popcorn and get ready to earn town coin for playing your favorite farm and city games so brand new coin brand new play to earn mechanics lets see exactly what they have to say about how this is going To be implemented, townstar is going play to earn now, for those of you guys who dont know. Townstar is already play to earn, but its only play to earn for the very best players. So if youre not finishing at the very top uh, then youre not going to be able to earn that much.

But i think what theyre doing is they want to implement more like raw play to earn mechanics that anyone who plays the game can earn from so lets see exactly what they have to say: the weekly competition game of town and city builders that you already love Is about to get even more exciting, more strategic and, most importantly, more rewarding? Yes, we love rewards on the blockchain. We love, rewards and play to earn games thats. The whole reason that were all here focusing on play to earn games is because we want real ownership. We want real play to earn mechanics. Today a new icon has appeared in your gala games inventory. I saw that icon. It looks pretty good replacing the previous conceptual box coin. Towncoin will soon be unleashed as the official chain backed play to earn reward token of town star. So it sounds like previously. If you were winning gala games games, you won gala coin, but it sounds like you that might be changing, maybe youll be winning town coin. After this or possibly theyll leave the gala games rewards for the top of the leaderboard and implement these town coin rewards for everyone, uh, which would be pretty cool. The town star play to earn overhaul is one of the most exciting and massive undertakings in gala games. History, so it sounds like this is not going to be a small thing like earning by playing. Townstar is not changing just a little bit.

Theyre saying this is the most massive overhaul in gala games history, so im guessing the play to earn is gon na be drastically different than weve ever seen it before in townstar. Not only will it revolutionize the structure of townstar and attract countless new players from all over the world, but it will form an economic basis for play to earn reward models built into future gala games titles. So i personally believe that this might be a hint to saying that some of this play to earn thats going to be implemented in this town, star played, earn overhaul might be some of the same play to earn mechanics that well see in mirandis. Now, whether or not thats, true and exactly how there we might see those parallels is going to become a lot clearer when we actually know how the play to earn is going to work in town star. But i already know that a lot of like the economic uh framework of like how you build a cake where, like first you need sugar cane, then you need to turn it into sugar at a mill. Then you need to like get eggs and milk, and you need to combine that to make like the the cake dough. And then you need to combine more things to bake your final cake and its like a very complex infrastructure to actually get your final product. And i know that is kind of how theyre planning on making mirandas items and like like, if youre, going to sell beer at a mirandas tavern, like all of that, like the wheats gon na need to get uh harvested.

Its gon na need to get milled youre gon na need to bring it to a brewery and theres gon na be a very complex supply chain in how mirandis works, and i think that weve been able to learn a lot about mirandas from like the way that Town star crafting works, and it sounds like we might also be able to learn a lot about how mirandas play to earn is gon na work from this play to earn overhaul and then the final thing that the article said is just that this is gon na. Come sooner than we think, so i have a feeling that we are right on the cusp of this overhaul for towns star. I cannot wait to cover exactly how the play to earn is gon na work when we get more details here, but im very excited about the introduction of towncoin im very excited about the support that gala games is giving to their current playable title. I really think that townstar is a fun game and has a ton of currently unmet potential, so i am excited to see how this game is going to continue evolving and improving. Gala games has an incredible team that is on townstar, and i know that theyre making a lot of progress and a lot of like important uh decisions about the future of townstar, so im looking forward to seeing how it all plays out. So if you guys enjoyed this update, video remember to leave a big thumbs up.

I know this update was a about a week ago from when this video is gon na get launched, but guys were just making so much content that theres, like already a backlog of so many videos, were trying to get these out as fast as we can. So. Hopefully, you guys enjoyed this and then also, if youre not subscribed yet make sure you hit subscribe and click that notification bell and you will not miss any future content. I will definitely be covering the changes of townstar and playing the game and showing you guys how to earn in the game after these changes are implemented, so stay tuned for that, and i will end by saying thank you to all of our patreon supporters. Thank you. Guys so much for the support of this channel, and if you guys dont know our patreons exclusive discord channel is launching its own play to earn guild inside the discord were gon na be trying to earn in these games together, its a community run effort and im Really excited about it, so uh definitely join up and check out the new guild that we are forming. We would love your help in the formation of what i hope will be one of the most reputable and successful play to earn guilds in the blockchain metaverse should be really really cool. So, on behalf of myself nate who edits these videos josh? Who does all the sound design? Thank you so much for watching everyone, and until next time have fun roaming.