com one of the major cryptocurrency exchanges in the world for shiba inu and its investors. This is a huge win. Shiba inus visibility is increased as a result of the news, and prospective purchasers have more purchasing options. The cryptocurrency industry is fast, and investors have recognized this ever growing possibility as a way to be prepared for the future, as evidenced by the surge in the number of investors who have invested in several apps virtual currencies and meme coins. In recent years, dogecoin and chiba inu are two emerging crypto coins that have recently gotten a lot of attention from traders and investors, but the actual question is: can shiba inu hit the 50 cents mark anytime soon? What is the new relationship of with shiba inu and why may it force the shiba price to reach 50 cents? Keep watching this video to find out hi there, its sheriff network and im, happy to welcome you to another video dont forget to click on the subscribe button and notification bell down below. So you get to know whenever we post similar videos like this with that being said, lets get to the video. Over the last few months, two unique dog cryptocurrencies, the shiba, inu and dogecoin have been making headlines in the crypto industry. Dogecoin has been active since 2013 and has witnessed tremendous growth over the previous year. Erc 20 is a relatively new crypto. Both dogecoin and shiba. Inu have outperformed bitcoin in terms of market capitalization, dogecoin and shiba.

Inu have made big gains in 2021 and both of these digital currencies have outperformed a lot of other cryptos in terms of percentage gains against the us dollar. Investing in bitcoin a year ago, for instance, would have resulted in a 290 percent gain against the us dollar. According to todays 12 month, data, investing in dogecoin at 37 cents per unit would have resulted in a 14 787 percent increase in comparison to dogecoins 2013 beginnings. Shiba inu tokens were created in august 2020 and are only 10 months old newcomers. Prior to january 1st 2021. There is no price data, but according to coingecko, shibb was trading for 0.0001 for a few weeks after that, the price remained in this range. But since then the token has climbed 90 100 to 0.007 dollars. Shiba inu investors can thank dogecoin, while dogecoin was created as a joke and for fun by software engineers, billy, marcus and jackson. Palmer. No one knows the identity of the ship programmer because the york 20 token was launched by its creator, and both digital assets have active communities. While there is a sizable doge army, there are also a number of fans known as the sheba army with a market capitalization of 2.8 billion dollars. The shiba inu is ranked 30th on coin gecko. The current market, capitalization of dogecoin, is 42 billion us dollars. Fees are greater for sending sheep as each transfer costs, 0.0019 ether or 5.32 compared to 2.48 doge or 0.

93 dollars for sending dogecoin dogecoin can be found on a lot more exchanges than shiba inu, and it was recently added to coinbase. Shiba may be found on okex wobi shiba swap kucoin coinbit, proba global binance,, coindex and more exchanges. The number of ship tokens in circulation is far more than the number of doge tokens. According to research, there are 497 trillion ship tokens in circulation today, but only 129 billion doge have been traded in the last 24 hours. Sheba witnessed global trade volume of 800 million dollars, but dogecoins volume surpassed that by a long shot with 6.2 billion dollars in global doge swaps. Speaking of the shiba inu and relationship, the shiba inu token is now available in the app alongside 100 plus cryptocurrencies and stable coins, including bitcoin ether, polka dot, chain link and v chain used. This two meme coins may be similar because they both share the likeness of a shiba inu dog, but they have distinct differences as well. Shiba inu gets listing a big win for shiva investors proclaimed as a dogecoin killer. It appears that the shiba inu is in good company, which is why this coin is so hot right now, even without reaching 0.01 us dollars and being well below ascent, it has the potential to exceed dogecoin exponentially and become the new ship on the block, especially given Its meteoric rise, shiva inu, has developed significantly superior technology, built a strong community and has been working hard to establish itself across all platforms.

It is the communitys goal to have the shiba inu coin introduced on the greatest platforms possible and, as such, they have been filing petitions to have that happen, as well as expressing their concerns about the situation, because cryptocurrencies are such a volatile investment that is fully dependent On market feelings, volatility increases significantly. In addition, the number of individuals supporting them has a significant impact on the price of cryptocurrencies. We are referring to the community, not the developers when we say this due to the fact that many developers are anonymous, not much can be expected about them. Nevertheless, a great deal can be predicted about the amount of people who participate in the community. We believe that since shiba inu was introduced as a competitor to dogecoin, we are now seeing a competitor for shiba inu as well. The baby doge, which we believe is a natural progression, shiba inu, appears to be completely surrounded by doges protection. Nonetheless, we have seen a number of occurrences in recent days that we believe are significant. Having said that, what exactly does investing in this coin entail? Now, given all of these developments, it is built on the ethereum blockchain and is one of the most rapidly rising cryptocurrencies. It has one of the highest market, capitalization values in the industry, which has enabled it to maintain its growth over a long period of time. We have also been able to witness some significant advancements, not only in terms of the use cases, but also in terms of an overall increase in the efficiency of the system.

Aside from producing a large and active community, this dogecoin, alternative or dogecoin killer has also succeeded in uniting a united movement to push this coin to even greater heights than it already has. Shiba inu appears to be one of the most fun and unique coins on the market as a project built on the untamed wilderness of the future, with an ethos to move away from rigid financial structures, users are able to hold billions and trillions of them with cryptocurrencies. Already creating a paradigm shift in how people perceive wealth on the ethereum blockchain, the currency is an er 20 token, with the year 2021 being the year when ethereum applications exploded in popularity. Things are looking positive for the shiba inu token, which now has a thriving ecosystem of decentralized applications. Sheba appears to be the fun token that eases the mainstream into ethereum and decentralized technology in general. Shiba inu is also supporting 75 artists, who applied to be a part of their first nft venture, as well as a rescue shiba initiative that will work alongside the shiba inu rescue association to help the dogs in need. This demonstrates that the shiba inu creators recognize that the cryptocurrency world is more than just currencies and that they are aware of the impact that their decentralized meme is having on the water public, with the option to spend it at over 60 million retailers worldwide. Utilizing the visa card its safe to say that the shiba inu founders know how to get users engaged with the cryptocurrency universe.

Users of the app can buy sheep in usd eur gbp and a variety of other fiat currencies. We can see that it began as a joke, but today it appears that cryptocurrencies are the way of the future. Almost everyone is investing in cryptos and people are starting to realize their value. If you actually want financial stability, you must stop saving all of your money and begin investing it. By far the least promoted ships climb to this rank can only be explained by the involvement of numerous important players. Vitalik buterin and someone from his network, i believe, are actually involved in the initiative. Shiba inu has surpassed bitcoin as the most talked about cryptocurrency on twitter, youtube and reddit with a market cap of almost 700 billion dollars. Shiba inu coin is a relatively new token in the virtual currency market, so its riskier than more established cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum. Even binance warned its users against investing in shiba, stating that sheba is a relatively new token that poses a higher than normal risk and will likely be subject to high price volatility after the finance listing thats it for now. If you have any business proposal, kindly send us a message via our official email in the description of this video disclaimer. Please keep in mind that this isnt financial advice we take no responsibility for any loss or damage caused by your actions or inactions. As a result of watching any of our videos, you acknowledge that you use the information we provide at your own risk, quick reminder: if investing in any cryptocurrency seems like an interesting idea to you, the easiest and safest way to buy any cryptocurrency regardless of any country.

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