Lawmakers are weighing that one trillion dollar bipartisan infrastructure bill that speaker, nancy pelosi of california, has signaled will move ahead on a vote this week, possibly thursday. Now, despite divisions over broader social safety, net measures and joining us now is haley lennon partner at anderson kill in california, hello haley. So there are a number of crypto provisions in this bill. Perhaps you could outline how this infrastructure bill will impact the blockchain industry so yeah in terms of the infrastructure bill, its been something ive been following closely. I think we need to see where it goes, but the issue there is really that the infrastructure bill currently would track and and force companies to record transactions that they may otherwise struggle to comply with in terms of actually having the technical infrastructure to track and report. On those different recording transaction requirements, so i think that we made a lot of progress. So there was a lot of movement on the hill and within the different amendments, so um im feeling cautiously optimistic, but we, you know, need to see sort of where, where that goes, and what it actually does right. Im also hearing from other crypto provisions and proposals. Uh that lawmakers are coming up. I wonder if that, if youve heard of any that pop into mind that may raise some concern or challenges uh going forward well, some of them were so broadly drafted that they would encompass more um of the sort of mining and defy areas that traditionally have not Been able to or have struggled to comply with, recording standards because they arent obtaining that information to begin with so um and they arent technically able to at this point.

So i think that those are the amendments that people are concerned about, but we did see some flexibility in some other amendments and also sort of discussions on clarifying legislative intent, regardless of what language goes forward. So i think, i think, were in a good position for that to not overly negatively impact the industry haley just a larger kind of narrative question here. You know in terms of whats happening in the u.s. Is this just kind of the u.s just trying to figure out how to regulate this like really quickly developing space or is? Are these signs of like a us regulatory crackdown? You know because you kind of have like people sort of arguing both sides. What is your take i mean, is this something people should be really worried about, or is this just part of the normal process? So i am maybe less concerned about the infrastructure bill, but there are some things happening, especially with the sec. That worry me in terms of potentially us seeing more enforcement actions moving forward. I think that gary ginsler has made some statements just in terms of centralized and decentralized exchanges being on their radar more and this idea that there are tokens on these exchanges that may be securities, and so i think we just need to sort of continue seeing how The sec regulates the space, but up until now, its really been regulation through enforcement and threat of litigation, and i think that that leaves the companies and the attorneys like myself in the space in a in a difficult position, haley uh, we got ta wrap up, but I wan na ask you about crypto connect, apparently its a womens association in the blockchain industry.

Tell me a bit about why you felt a need to create this group yeah. So the need really came from my personal experience. I joined anderson kill as a partner during covid, and i found it much more difficult to know where um companies were based where people lived and so crypto connect. The idea of it is its a decentralized organization where there will be city leads in we launched in 12 different cities, but hope to expand in many more cities and internationally by next year, and the idea is that it would be an automatic resource for individuals who Are looking for their sense of community in the crypto space, whether theyre traveling for work relocating somewhere, um or just somewhere for business? For a quick trip? I found that i was having to utilize sort of my personal network and even twitter presence to ping into those communities when i would travel um and so brought together. Some of the amazing leaders in the space that i had found to also be like me, really liking to create connections in the space and and so weve launched crypto connect to be a resource for everyone in the industry. In that way, uh haley, please correct me. If im wrong, but my understanding is that there is a special emphasis on kind of women and providing a network for women um – and i was just wondering if you could address your personal opinion about what are some pain points or frustrations for women.

Specifically in this industry yeah i mean so the the initiative is women led. There are 26 board members all women um, and i just think that that allows women who are interested in getting into the industry to see that representation um in leadership roles and i think thats important and should be more common. But we were very careful in when we decided to launch this initiative and how we uh posed it to the industry that it really is open for everyone and a resource for everybody. We, the members of the of crypto, connect view cryptocurrency for everybody and, as a result, this resource should be for everyone um, and so i think, theres an argument that there are more men in the industry. There are more men investing in crypto, but at the end of the day, we dont want gender to really be the topic. We want it to be um.