This was one of those things that a lot of people thought thought very well might be some kind of time ticking time bomb on the industry. Now we know stable coins are in the crosshairs, but at least this lawsuit is really being put to rest as nothing more than a little bit of political theater here and yeah. What can i say, except uh? The tether flood being put to rest is a massive green flag. Now, of course, stable coins are not completely out of the spectrum of regulatory influence. Here we know that were going to see some stable coins, uh being examined and thats because essentially theres, nothing that threatens the sort of financial powers that be more than stable units of value tied to the us dollar, which is the most trusted unit of value. In the world still earning aggressive, double digit interest rates, i mean if people have the ability to move millions or billions out of the sort of system, the banking system and theyre able to get these aggressive yields, then theyre not going to use the banking system anymore. Theyre going to be using the crypto system, and so theres a lot to really unpack here, but just know, uh that stable coins, at least for today, live to fight another day, and that is, in my opinion, a phenomenal win for crypto. Meanwhile, the markets are pretty much stabilizing here in the low 40s, though the prophecy has been written, that a move down to the 30s and back up in my opinion, feels poetic.

It feels like everyone would then give up all the bears would be on parade. Wed see yet another rejection at a 50 retrace before in half a mile turn left on venice boulevard, oops uh, rip, headphone users uh anyway. So then wed see another uh bear parade here. That would lead to once again everybody giving up and people giving up. I know it sucks to hear this, but that is the key ingredient to another bullish leg. So once people do give up, i believe we can go higher. You need the weak hands to give up, you need the strong hands to prevail, and what weve seen is every single dip. The big money bags are moving in to completely monopolize bitcoin, and the main cryptos, like i said once again, nfts are still in this. Miraculous bull run, obviously were seeing ideos kind of pop off. There have been a few ideos that have done really well. That shows the market super hot. In fact, i saw that uh immutable x, their ido on coins list or coinless sorry had the absolute highest attendance of any ido the highest interest of any ido in the history of coinless. So that is super duper bullish for immutable x, like i said, im a huge fan of this project. Big big integration coming in the next few days with immutable x, youll, be hearing about it um or in the next few weeks rather and whats. Really important is understanding that these l2s are revolutionizing the ecosystem that we have were seeing arbitromatic now immutable x and the future is really closer than we think.

With this twitter integration of nfts, you cant help but feel, like things, are really really quite different. A bitcoin etf things like this would be a tipping point for me, so i remain very, very bullish, im extremely long, even though i do believe a trip down to the 30s could be in order and im not getting shaken out of my bags. There im getting actually a little bit emboldened, because i think this is kind of the poetic last chapter, the shakeout. You really need people to give up everyones talking. Oh, this sounds like 2018.. It feels like 2018, its over and thats exactly what i think. Most people uh will need to really believe for this kind of bearish period to end. I do think that if we do get a nice breakout to the upside itll be short of short and sweet, the parabolic movement well get to you know 100k and beyond, and then we might fizzle pretty quickly after that. So, im im preparing for that um but, like i said, the strategy remains the same uh. Once we get that parabolic move, taking profits in all coins, taking profits into stables and then accumulating uh, nfts and btc, as i think that those two assets will have enormous enormous momentum during this next sort of bearish uh sort of midterm. I dont know like 18 to 24 month cycle uh well, once again, guys have a great day uh.