As high stakes as you can get, so you got to know when to fold them know when to hold them and know when to run its not impossible to get a hot hand and win a big pot or to sit back and let your stack of chips Get bigger while you play conservatively just watch the flop, but if you sit down at the dealers table, can you turn a hundred dollars into a million lets, get it welcome to bit boy crypto home of the bit squad, the largest and greatest crypto community and all The interwebs, my name, is ben everyday. On this channel. I show you how to make money in crypto. If you like money and crypto, then make sure to hit that subscribe. Button in this video were going to see what it takes to turn a small stack into a big stack. Can you turn a hundred dollars into a million a million dollars its not as much as it used to be, but its enough to buy two lamborghini aventadors? Still have money for a penthouse at the mirage. One hundred dollars cant even buy the lego, technic lambo scion sad. Everyone in crypto thinks that their approach is best, and maybe they do have a system that works for them. But what works for one person might not work for everyone else. We all come from different backgrounds and have different financial circumstances. We also have different goals. Some of us like to play it safe, while others are willing to take bigger risks to make bigger gains.

None of these strategies are necessarily right or wrong its up to you to decide which one will work best for your portfolio. Most of you watching this channel are probably starting out, like i did with just a few thousand or even a few hundred dollars to invest. If youre trying to reach a million dollars with that hand, youre, probably more willing to take risks and have a more short term investment strategy, i hate to say it. But when youre in this position, going full degen into meme coins and fts and low market cap assets outside the top 100 are going to be your best bet. However, if you go in blind and just start buying up whatever is trending in the news, you are going to run out of money pretty fast. Everyone needs an edge to get ahead in these markets. So if you dont have deep pockets, youre going to need to use your brain and determination to gain an advantage, dont put in what you cant afford to lose period if youre struggling to pay rent or are behind on bills, crypto or any other investment. For that matter is not a game, you should be playing, get on a firm foundation burst, and that is financial advice, so if youve got a little side cash and want to get in the trenches, the only way to do this is to eat sleep and breathe. Crypto, you need to stay up to date with the latest trends and seasons in crypto and find out wherever you can.

This basically means seeking out any kind of information you can about the projects youre interested in and that doesnt just mean reading news articles. You want to get this information before it hits the news, so you can be ready for the pump thats why they call it alpha regularly check the reddit pages for those projects and spend some time in their discord channels or telegram groups. This is where youll be able to see developers and community members discuss important details about their projects long before it hits the news youd be surprised at how far you can make it in these markets by just embedding yourself in these communities and learning everything you can About this industry, of course, with so many projects coming out every day, this is more than a full time job, so it helps to have other people to talk crypto with to share ideas and tips, whether its a local meetup or an online community of strangers. Finding a network of people who are all dedicated to researching this technology can put you far ahead of the pack as well kind of like in big brother, where the people who form the alliances end up having a major edge watching profits is the key to a Winning crypto at this first level, dont get cute with your gains, set a level and then get out. Some projects will move after you take profits but thats just life once youve bagged, some gains set them aside and you can start taking risks with the house money.

You are playing with this applies to any level of crypto investing. If you have a couple thousand dollars to invest in crypto, you are probably going to want to stay away from the meme coins and the illiquid nfts. While some blue chip nfts are safe investments. The crypto punks, the cyber cons and board apes, are probably out of your price range right now, and the cheaper derivative projects are extremely risky, mean coins are risky too. They have huge pumps and people can make a lot of money, but these prices always end up dumping at some point. So if you dont cash out at the right time, you could end up taking major losses. If you think that your portfolio requires a strategy, thats less risky, you should stick to the top 100 crypto assets. Of course, stable coins not included, keep up with the news and announcements as much as you can about the projects youre interested in just to be sure that theyre delivering on their promises, moving assets back and forth during volatility can be a way to make up some Ground, but that requires paying a lot of attention to the bear market, but buying dips is never a bad strategy for top 100 coins at this level. Youll also want a dollar cost to average the top five coins making adjustments as you go along, but always growing. Those stacks speaking of always growing the bid squad, is growing by leaps and bounds, and you can join in just by smashing that like and subscribe button now, if you have six figures to invest chances are you will only want to stick with the top 10 crypto Assets by market cap because you dont really need a moon shot right now.

The risk reward ratio just isnt in your favor, when youre making risky plays with that much money. Top 10 assets have proven themselves as serious contenders and long term. Fixtures in the industry. Projects at the top of the list are sure to explode in a bull market, probably not as much as some of those further out on the risk curve, but definitely much better than any gains. You would see in the traditional stonk market. They will also hold up much better once a bear market starts once a project spent some time in the top 10. It is usually hard to push them out and if they do lose, some market share to newer projects. They still create enough of a network effect to keep their prices above water stablecoin staking is something you want to be taking advantage of as well click the link in the description to get a bitboy signup bonus for celsius. Now, if youve already made a million dollars, crypto is still a great place to put your money to work. But youre going to be extremely careful and selective with a more long term investment strategy where they can just set it and forget it and not have to think about it if youre in this situation. First of all, congratulations second of all, youre, probably only looking at bitcoin and ethereum, if youre playing around in fts, its probably just for fun or bragging rights, and you most likely are only buying the blue chip projects that have long term staying power, not the newest Farm animal of the week for someone in your position, earning yield on stable coins can be extremely attractive without the volatility risk that you find in most crypto assets, you can earn a respectable yield on your savings just by keeping your stable coins on a lending platform.

You can use a non custodial option like compound or ave, or you can try more centralized options like block fire celsius might not have to worry about volatility with this strategy, but these platforms all come with certain risks. The non custodial services can always be hacked and you could lose your funds without having any central authority to complain to. Luckily, industry leaders like compound or ave havent had major issues like this yet and they have very good reputations among their customers, but the same cant be said for every single lending platform on the blockchain when it comes to the centralized lending platforms, theyre usually insured. But you are still dealing with a central point of failure and these platforms have been facing extreme regulatory pressure recently because they are threatening the banks and the bond markets.