Five major catalysts that anyone invested in crypto needs to know, as the month of september, is wrapping up and were getting into q4 of 2021. Also, at the end of the video were gon na go over one altcoin in particular that we talk about a lot on the channel, but just had a major catalyst come out which youre definitely not gon na wan na miss, because this is an absolute game. Changer for this altcoin made me want to actually buy more of it, but before we dive into that, it currently says still 73 of you watching are not subscribed so make sure to subscribe. If you want short, concise, no bs content that doesnt waste, either of our times and also patreon, is officially sold out so make sure to check out our discord. I just opened up a free discord about two hours ago. We have close to a thousand members in that already and ill be hanging out in there all the time answering all of your questions anyways right now. The entire crypto market is down slightly at around a 1.8 to 1.85 trillion dollar market cap and, over the last couple of days, im getting a lot of questions as to. Why is the market still in the red whats going to be the major catalyst thats going to cause this explosion? Thats everyones talking about so i put it down to twitter earlier today talking about five things in particular, which makes me extremely bullish on crypto and why i think you should be too so lets pull it up.

Also, if you dont, follow me on twitter, make sure to do that, because youll get these updates sooner than the video first thing is historically. Q4 is a green month. What we have seen is that um, ever since 2013 october november and december are historically very green months and september, actually is a red month, so were in line with exactly whats happening. Weve talked about this. A lot second thing is whales are continuing to accumulate, which makes me very bullish, because when we see big money, players continuing to add more continue to buy all coins bitcoin ethereum. That makes me bullish as well and were seeing that, according to all reports, according to all on chain data and analytics right now, that whales are accumulating. Third thing is the crypto fear and greed index is showing extreme fear. Some people may say: well this isnt a good thing, but me personally, when i see the crypto fear and greed index get lower and lower thats a sign to me that were in the best buying opportunity that were probably going to have right now. Crypto fear and greed index is at 24.. Last time we saw these levels you could see on this yearly chart was back in july july, bitcoins price dropped to 28 000 per coin, and when we saw it at this level, this is right before we saw that massive explosion driving bitcoins price up to 55 000 per coin, so when we see the crypto fear and greed index, show extreme fear to me thats a great sign that we should be buying, because when other people are fearful, we should be greedy, we should be buying.

More fourth is with regards to charts true bitcoin charts. Right now in terms of technical analysis, charts look identical to 2013 and 2017.. There are so many charts that show this. That weve talked about before one chart in particular. Is this one right here which shows rsi monthly rsi and it shows how there were two peaks for the rsi that got to over 80 in 2013, two peaks in 2017.? So far in 2021, we have only seen one peak so far. So if youre, looking at historical data, a lot of things are pointing to that. We should see another massive rally, and then fifth thing is that a bitcoin etf is expected to pass in is expected to be approved in q4 of 2021.. We talked about this more in the video earlier today, but ultimately, a lot of institutions are asking for bitcoin etf scc has delayed multiple decisions and its about time that we see one passed now lets talk about the altcoin and that is with avalanche, avax, um ava X avalanche is officially going to be launching on coinbase pro, and this is very exciting. Weve talked about avalanche a lot, and many people have asked me: where can i buy it? Where can i go and get it because it wasnt available on coinbase? So now, officially, as of september 29th, you can now um. You can now transfer your avax over the coinbase pro. You cannot place any buy orders.

You cannot place any sell orders just yet thats going to start on thursday september 30th at 9. 00 a.m p.t. So this is big news. Previously, whenever a coin has been listed on coinbase, we have seen this so called coinbase effect where, on average, a coin rose 91 whenever it was put on coinbase. This hasnt been as much so um what has taken place recently, just because we have seen a lot of coins listed on coinbase, so this isnt as much in effect anymore, but i think, with avalanche avax. We are gon na see some sort of coinbase effect where the price will rise, because it wasnt as widely available as other coins like dogecoin, was previously before it was on coinbase and other coins were so. I think this is going to be very exciting. This is very good for avalanche avax. Something were definitely going to want to keep an eye out on, because if the market has a little bit of a you know turnaround we see things get a little more bullish, i think, were going to see avalanche, be one of the best performing all coins out There, because now its gon na be more widely available to everyone, but let me know your thoughts make sure to join our discord group free discord group.