One and specifically talking about the recent price action of the one coin. Were gon na be taking a look at the daily and the hourly charts to see what we think is likely to happen next within the next few days and where we think things are likely to go in the slightly longer term towards the end of the ball? Run guys as we get into this video, if you do find it useful and informative hit that like button, i really do appreciate that if you happen to be new to the channel, why not subscribe tap that bell? Select all notifications – and in doing so you will be kept up to date with absolutely everything that we do here at cheeky. Crypto with this said done and out of the way lets get right down into this chair and talk about whats going on most recently with harmony, one okay, so were going to start things off guys with the daily chart here and we are going to talk about The kind of progress that weve seen so far so basically from the lows of wave one uh all the way down here in march 2020 through to uh basically much the uh peak of wave three right. This uh includes the pullback that we saw with wave two, and this came in at eighteen thousand, nine hundred and five percent in gains significantly higher than that of things like bitcoin, with only one thousand six hundred much higher than that with ethereum, with only um.

Five thousand percent in gains, for example right, but obviously you do not move up eighteen thousand percent. In a straight line right, we didnt have a a complete moon shot. Instead, that was full of little mini corrections on that journey to the upside and even a bigger correction and part of our impulse waves to the upside overall right, and so we know that there are some uh, some pretty big picture moves that are going on. We can see this within our bigger kind of picture here, with this uh a year, long or year and a half long um. You know projection on where we think uh, you know harmony, one is going right, long term. We see this thing peaking up there at 79.7 with a potential push for a dollar as well from the current position. We do see the end of the ball run kind of coming in with another 434 percent from the current position, um so again, not too bad to see this thing really peak up there towards that 79 area. If we go above that, that would be fantastic, but this is my expectation again. You know we dont always just hit these areas, bang on. We do sometimes wick above them for example. So a dollar, i think, is the true peak for harmony, one with all that being said, um, you know, even this third wave to the upside was full of mini corrections inside it as well.

Now we saw the fourth wave correction and um its been quite volatile for the most part right weve seen things uh that the pullback we saw push back up, get rejected from the 786, get pulled back down and then continue this journey. We set a new all time high before bitcoin decided to pull us back down again and just below some interesting areas were going to get into that on the smaller timeframes at the moment, and you know in just a moment to kind of go through what we Expect to happen, you know in the next kind of week and then where we could go from there now before i get into all of that um. I do want to kind of acknowledge a couple of things. One were going to delete this because i dont need that and were going to just expand this up for a second and just make this a little bit bigger, okay and uh. Before we talk about whats going on here, um. First of all, im going to jump over to the avaya dashboard um and the. If i dashboard is going to kind of help us understand what is going on so for those people who do not know um what is theres a link in the description below. Do check it out, and but basically, if i do, i o use artificial intelligence machine learning to help us understand. The underlying value of cryptocurrency in this case were taking a look at harmony one.

So here that ai is able to take a look at the underlying data and actually help us understand whats going on at a deeper level um. So we can see the ami had ratio, for example. This is your liquidity um, and this comes out as an a2 rating, so obviously higher up the uh, the the scale, the better so a1 is the best a2 is the second best. So we know theres no problems with liquidity. We have a fear and greed index for harmony one. This comes down at c1 right so again the lower end of the spectrum. We have a lowest rating possible of d um and it goes basically c one c, two c three d, so we know were just on the cusp of uh, of fearful um and also just below the neutral area. So we know theres a fair amount of fear in the space at the moment and for harmony, one. Its kind of uh is fearful its not quite neutral, its kind of tipped in the favor of fearful at the moment – and this is an important thing just to note, as we talk about volatility on the smaller time frames, is the fear in the space when we Come down a little bit lower, we have a sharp ratio. The sharp ratio is coming out as an a2 rating. So again, the second best rating that this platform can give you. We have the red line here.

This is your 50 day average and the green line is your current score, and so overall we have here is uh, basically a sharp ratio above the 50 day average. What is the sharpe ratio? The sharp ratio is your risk to reward ratio. It basically says the risk to holding one versus the rewards of holding one, and this is in your favor right now in a2 rating. So when we take a look at the curve, we can see that were above the 50 day average. We have a good risk reward ratio thats in our favor for holding harmony one right now and when we take a look at the risk, reward ratio being an a2 and the fear and greed index being a c1. These two things are opposites, so its important that we acknowledge that um, as there is a discounted rate going right now for people who are susceptible to the fear in the space and acting emotionally rather than analytically. Overall, we do have a sharp ratio that isnt our favor and there is some discounted, um harmony, one up for sale, thats, how i look at it uh we have profitability and roi. If you will of a1 the best it can be. Of course, when were talking about eighteen thousand, nine hundred and five percent in gains its hard to see that that wouldnt be an a1 rating right, significant gains much higher than things like bitcoin and ethereum. So, overall, the profitability is right up there.

The peak end value demand is a b2, so pretty neutral, nothing to really worry about with that and the moving averages up there in a2. So we take a look at this entire thing. Whats the odd one out with the odd one out of the fear and greed index. This means that there are many people with the sentiment in the space right now that are incredibly fearful, theyre, not necessarily paying attention to the data, in fact theyre just acting emotionally. When it comes to buying and selling and as a result, we see this huge amount of fear in the space overall and obviously harmony. One has also succumbed to that with a c1 rating, so we know that people ask were more willing to sell harmony one right now than they are to buy it, and as a result of that, knowing that actually everything else in the background here from your liquidity, Through to your risk reward ratio, your profitability, your moving averages are all in our favor to say that the price is more than likely going to move up to see a fear and greed index. That actually is indicating. You know theres fear in the space, then thats. Actually, an opportunity in my eyes, obviously im not a financial advisor, nor is chris but its. How i read this data and i read it as people are willing to sell and uh. Not so many people are willing to buy, despite the fact that everything else in the background is actually working out pretty well for harmony.

Overall, we do have an a3 rating, it hasnt changed and its moving quite well. Okay, its that point in the video where we want to talk about being safe in the crypto space. We see a lot of scam activity and want to ensure our cheeky community are as safe as possible and prevent anyone from losing their crypto. There are many different scams in this space, but one of the most common and easy to avoid are those hacked wallets and exchanges being hacked themselves. This is where hardware wallets come in when it comes to choosing a crypto wallet. There is no perfect solution and no matter which kind of wallet you do choose. If you dont understand the basics of security, you can still become a target of bad actors. Now, like i said, we like hardware wallets, because they minimize the risks that we cannot control. Such as major data breaches at cryptocurrency, exchanges or mayweather exploits the zero day vulnerabilities in mobile and desktop operating systems. To be clear, though, hardware wallets are not perfectly safe, they um will give you an added level of security and protection, though we do like to use the ledger devices. We have ledger nano s and x on this channel and um. These are for a good bang. For your buck, when it comes to keeping your crypto safe and secure, there are two models: the ledger nano x and the ledger: nano s the x that uses bluetooth and can be used with your mobile.

Where the ledger nano s, it does require you to actually plug it into a laptop um. Those are the two main versions and we actually use both of them um, as some cryptocurrencies only work with the ledger. Nano s. Currently, the legend nano s is smaller. However, with a limit on the amount of different coins that you can hold, whereas the ledger nano x can hold up to 100 different crypto currencies, you often find yourself having a trade off between the kind of hardware wallet that you want to buy and obviously the Ones that do everything you absolutely need them to do now when it comes to cost and availability. I do find that ledger is a little bit easier to kind of come by and is more affordable to the everyday, individual and investor. When it comes to buying a hardware wallet, we do suggest you, research, the different types and brands um, and i cannot stress this part enough only order directly from the manufacturer, as there are many fake hardware wallets out there. If you are interested in a hardware wallet, there is a link to ledgers official website in the description below, and you will be able to find out more details about how to keep your crypto safe. There guys lets continue with the video so with knowing that what is going on with our um our daily chart here right so um. I do want to talk about quite briefly.

What is going on with our cup and handle saucer a cup and handle no saucer included? That would be our support line just here and so a cup and handle okay. And what is that going to look like when we talk about pushing up in october so and what were going to do is were going to take the high point from just up here and were going to pop this down on our low point. Just at the bottom here and again, this comes in pretty much with our 1.6 area, just here at 33, and it actually comes in at about 34 and a half cent right. So for the month of october, this is kind of my projection. This is kind of where i feel we are likely to go right in that slightly longer term, when we talk about where october is kind of projecting, if we complete this cup and handle and then were looking for that shot to move up. That is the next step so well cup and handle you usually target this 1.618 area and for harmony, one that would be 34 and a half cent before seeing a pullback of significance. Okay were not going to move up in a straight line, and so we do expect some kind of volatility on that way up. There then well find a bit more of a major pullback before moving on up again, okay, so its good to understand where we are in terms of what patterns have been forming um.

You know a good cup and handle pattern here, pushing us up towards that 34 and a half cents. So we know that long term we have some pretty good targets associated with uh with the charts we have. You know a good 79.9 by the end of the ball run and we do have some good projections for next month as we close off september. But i still still do expect volatility to occur here on those smaller time frames and so overall, when we actually jump down into our hourly view – and this is where we start to see that volatility right – we can see how we have been performing recently. We can see the volatility all the way through here with bitcoin kind of pulling us down at various different stages. Now we have been actually working our way up, though um, and this is something that we have started to see pretty much from um the 21st of september, where we pushed up, we fell back down and were always setting these higher lows. Okay and thats setting up with trend now, of course, there is a downward trend as well. This one started way back here in the 13th of september, and we touched on again on the 26th of september, before pulling back down again now were looking at finding rejection from that 618 area and falling down a little bit more. But we are finding that this area of support is actually quite strong.

We can see that we touched on it here and, as we were approaching, our support line of 14.4 weve actually got the reversal on the stochastic now. This is quite usually a quite a rare scenario where you see this reversal halfway through on the stochastic rsi. Normally you go from, you know, oversold to overbought quite rapidly, but sometimes you come across an area that resonates really well and you find a bounce from that area right and thats exactly what youve seen just here. Okay, in the same way that we saw over here as well, okay, and so what youre actually witnessing at this point, was a reversal and were looking to see if we can push this back up, go back up into this oversold area, then come back down and Retest this area as a support line, i would anticipate that were going to get rejected from the 618 at about 15.6, and that seems like a most logical area to kind of be rejected, from pull down onto our support line and then test this area up here And pushing past the 618 and then getting rejected from our downward trend line. This is going to get us into a tight wedge where we anticipate a small pullback before going absolutely nuts to the upside overall. Now, of course, we could see some more volatility outside of what were talking about here with harmony one i.e. We have a good surge to the upside, but bitcoin decides to pull us down even further right that volatility isnt quite over yet.

But we are looking at this technical point of view of a downward trend and upward trend forming a triangular wedge, and this could actually play out to our advantage as we come into the first week of october. So again, talking about that handle thats trying to finish off and there is still a possibility for another 20 drop, and we are mindful over that and if we do see this drop, then that would complete the handle. If we continue this out here, um again, the handle is semi kind of complete. We would like to see it see it finish off and again, i wouldnt mind seeing this kind of reversal and come to a bit of an end either, and so i am kind of mindful that we could potentially see another pullback and maybe pulling us in a Little bit lower before we actually go, go ahead, um and really set that that target at the 1.618 on the handle – and you know, make that come to fruition. But with that being said, id also quite like to see um this uh, this kind of uh try and get a wedge really play out and then see us move up towards that 21 cent area, which is just up here as our kind of resistance line, just Above the 718. um so 786, sorry, and so overall everythings looking pretty good um on the charts. Obviously, some small term volatility uh that again, you know its pretty much driven from bitcoin at this point, um and whatever the bitcoin decides to do is it closes the month out and its going to be a good key thing to cater for what is to come Right, i do anticipate that we are look likely to see a pretty good move in october and, as we continue things and uh, basically, the end of the ball run is looking pretty good with our projections up there as well as 79.

9. Everything for harmony, one has been performing well and again. Another 434 is something that i do expect to see with harmony one in the coming months, guys im going to leave that there. Hopefully you have found this video useful and informative.