Im gon na be talking about the things that ive learned along the way that have gotten me to where i am right now and how i would actually do things over and in reality this is kind of like a little mini guideline, if youre, just starting into Cryptocurrency and the things that i have learned so well take a look at uh, the big stuff, which would be take profits and uh. Put those into stores of value. Well talk all about that uh. Some of the biggest gainers in the crypto market throughout the years were going to talk about crypto death, the naysayers that are out there and there is never a shortage of those and also timing, is everything. And lastly, well do a quick update about ethereum 2.0 and how rapidly thats coming into the space so well take a look at all those things, but first take a look whats going on into the market today. Today is thursday beautiful day and hey were up, 1.9 trillion were up two percent bitcoin price is uh 43 200 and were still uh as far as sentiment. Uh bitcoin daily sentiment looks like its pretty bullish. 64 of a hundred were using trade. The chain for sentiment, analysis and thats how we can find that information links in the description but uh. If we take a look at uh, the different crypto assets that are out there. Ethereum is doing pretty good in 24 hours, two percent and its almost about to make three thousand dollars again.

Tethers still number three, because people continue to uh sell a little bit here and theyve tethered up thats. Why uh? The market cap has increased cardinals at 209. Everythings um, you know a little sideways in all honesty, uh two percent for avalanche, remember, avalanche, was just talked about by coinbase. Pro looks like theyre going to list that uh as soon as they count on regular coinbase. If the liquidity is there newsflash, it is so itll, be there so expect a bump in price from that thats pretty much whats going on. So the market cap overall is a little bit up, but the big, the big top coins are not really moving fantastically. Maybe theres some bigger plays in the in the top 500 but thats what we have as far as the top. So what i want to do is just really get into uh todays topics, really what it is and the big thing i wanted to put this out, because ive learned a couple things along the way since i started in 2017, and i want to preface it with This obviously im, not a financial advisor and my goals are not your goals um, if youre just getting into cryptocurrency and youre, like you know, 18 year old person or maybe 20s, and you know you just do starting off my goals are obviously your goals, as opposed To somebody whos in their 70s and they have been retired for years now our goals could align or they could not.

It really doesnt matter, but these are the things that i have learned from me and how its going to work out moving forward. So if i could redo everything, the first thing i would tell myself back in 2017 is take. Profits, rob take profits because all the talk about diamond hands – and you got ta hold on forever is pure nonsense, and i know michael saylor will talk about that. As far as like bitcoin like, why would you do that? Why would you get rid of it? Hes got a vision again. My goals are not his goals, so uh when i start to open up and get a multi billion dollar company yeah, maybe ill stick around with it a little bit but right now. This is what i have so just ask yourself: does this align with what i want to do and for me taking profits along the way, its just good practice, because if you can do that, then, when theres huge dips like we just saw a 50 retracement, not Too long ago, in june may and june, you could actually buy more crypto at a cheaper price and then really hold on to things im, not telling you to get all the way out. But that is how, like im, going to start doing these things and the problem with taking profits is im bad at it. Im real good at dela cost averaging im real good at buying on the dips, but i have a hole in my investment strategy and im going to shore that up with a couple of people who are going to help me out and youll, be seeing them on This channel everybody talks about buying a dip and buy this and buy that.

But rarely do you hear people talk about. I took profits. This is what im doing and im going to do this its not i mean some channels do some channels, dont or most channels, dont, and i want to be doing talking about that about when i take profits, why i took profits and what i did with those Profits, so that is just one on aspect of it also. What i wish i could tell myself back today is this like, if youre going to take profits, dont just leave them in cash, put them into stable coins. This is what i do right now because of uh voyager in their loyalty program, and i am on the top tier just so you know im a navigator ive got over 20 000 um voyager tokens uh. When i transfer everything and i sell my crypto assets. What i do is, i put it into usdc, which is a stable coin, not tether im, not a big fan of tether. Just not you may be whatever but usdc. I get uh nine percent regular yield by holding in a voyager plus since im a navigator. I get an extra 1.5 percent yield, so i get 10.5 percent just for holding a stable coin. That does not fluctuate because it is backed by the dollar and circle is the one that has paired itself up with visa, very stable company and thats. What im doing on top of the fact that, because i have the vgx tokens, i get a stake in order, seven percent, i get the crypto back rewards of 3x for all the different trades that i do, which is every two weeks which is pretty sizable and Then uh withdrawal discounts we rarely do and debit cards and desktop and all good stuff.

So to me personally, i dont understand why, if you are using voyager, why would why wouldnt you just at least have 500 tokens thats again one of the things i look at im like why why not but thats how it is, if youre looking to sign up With voyager, this link in the description, looks just like this, and you can get going. I think its one of the one of the better ones around. That is for sure. So that is two of the things as far as uh, you know taking profits and stores of value. My strategy really hasnt changed too much, as i start to take out profits, im going to put them into stores of value, usdc land, uh investment properties, really ramping up on investment properties into my amazon business staking my. I trust capital irates over there. On the left hand, sorry left hand, side, everythings opposite, but then also theres, another wrinkle. I want to talk to you about because i just got introduced to this. Masterworks has reached out to me, and they were talking to me about talking about their project. I havent said yes or no im just here talking to you about it. Nothing has changed, place, im going to be doing a deep dive into this, but it looks pretty interesting because what they do is they buy multi million dollar pieces of artwork. They uh tokenize, not tokenize, it excuse me they put shares of it, which you can purchase those shares, so you can buy a multi million dollar uh painting and just put whatever you want into it: 100 bucks, 200 bucks, 200 bucks or whatever else that the minimum Price is and then, as it appreciates uh, then you can sell either uh through them or for or as they sell the painting or on a secondary market and whats great about this is first of all, it is a truly uncorrelated asset class art who talks about Art who gets into it the super rich and the super rich were the only ones that were available to buy multi million dollar pieces.

Now you have this opportunity, its 16 and here theyre talking about jim, crazy, jim cramer is talking about it, but it does make a lot of sense and uh for me im going to be doing again a deep dive in this one, because, if you can put Into stocks uh, you know equities, cryptocurrencies and gold. Well, what happened recently? Everything went down and gold underperformed too. So, if were looking for an uncorrelated asset, heres another option. Theres, a link in the description looks just like this and you can skip the wait list and go from there, so that is the first part about what i wish. I could go back in time and tell myself. The second thing i always tell myself is just talk about the biggest gainers and to me when i look at things the biggest gainers since 2017 on have been all the ones that are kind of in a bubble. Lets just be honest, so in the beginning, 2017 uh, the big gainers were icos and then later on. It was all about yield farming and then later on, it was all about uh meme coins, uh and dogecoin, and everything else, and then lately its been all about. Nfts now did all these projects go to the moon yeah, they did, did they stay there? No, they did not, and especially the icos and things like that. Im not saying nfts are going to pop tomorrow and that theyre all going to pop, but i just cannot believe that every single nft that is being bought out there for 3510 eth, which is you know, 30 dollars hundred thousand two hundred thousand and up, is going To stay at that massive valuation, so theres one thing i could say: if youre again, my goal is not your goals, if youre more on the risky side uh, this is something to get into and then flip those types of things and make profits.

That is not investment, advice and just investment opinion, but if i could go back wish, i could tell myself like hey rob. Maybe we should look at some of these outliers. So there is that and then also another big thing that i wish i could go back and tell myself is that uh cryptos never going to die its just not, and when i got in 2017 there was talk about everything going to zero and crashing to zero And even people would come out since i was new, i didnt really understand it, but now we are so far along. We have for petes sakes. Weve got el salvador using it as legal tender. Weve got blackrock investing into bitcoin mining. Blackrock is a nine trillion dollar assets under management. Weve got jp morgan, who is offering cryptocurrency weve got different. I mean huge banks getting into it a load up of etfs being pushed to the sec and uh theres. Just so many things going on and, like i said, the nft part is actually going uh global so for for me to say that uh to realize that its not going to zero, i think, is a big relief. Now, theres a lot of different things that are going on as far as like with regulation and the sec coming down and uh all of those things that are around that are surrounding it, but i personally believe that the sec is not cannot regulate this to oblivion.

If they do come out and say hey, this is this: is a security, okay, its security, so either theyre gon na have to grandfather. Everybody in or theyre gon na have to find everybody, but were still gon na move on, because everybody wants it and everybodys gon na start using it and its a more efficient way, because people want things that are faster, cheaper, better and if you can get those Types of things in cryptocurrency, then, why wouldnt you uh get onto it? You cant, stop whats, already been the genies out of the bottle, as digital dave likes to say. So that is the one thing also people talk about. Well, you know what about the nodes and things like that for just for bitcoin itself. Did you know that there is? There? Is a satellite uh launched by block stream that transmits um bitcoin all around the globe? 24. 7. 365.. So, even if the nodes all shut down, which would never happen anyhow, we got it uh. We got the blockchain in space, so i just thought that was interesting to bring to everybodys attention again. I dont think that uh bitcoin or any well, i cant, say any mo and i cant even say most all cryptocurrencies are going to zero. Let me say this: this is why i talk about a lot of the things in the top 20, because i dont really believe that a lot of things that are outside the top, 100 or 200 are going to make it theyre.

Just not theyre going to go away and thats, just how i see things theres, not enough. I only use enough space for this. I think a lot of things are gon na crash down and uh thats. Why? I try to be safe, again, thats my goals. Your goal could be like hey. I wan na invest in number 500, go right ahead. Just do your own research and then also another big thing to talk about is the naysayers which is like there is no shortage of naysayers coming out, saying its going to die its going to go away its kind of like what we just talked about before. But i want to really dig down into this, because i remember in 2017, when everything went up and then everything crashed down. We had krypto winner for three straight years: um there was a bombardment of people going. That was fun. This will never come back, and this was in like like crypto, chats, crypto videos, uh people who were involved in the cryptocurrency space were saying. It was gon na die, theres, no shortage of naysayers, which was to me. It was like. I dont understand how that could actually happen. So when you see things come about just realize that theres people out there that just dont want this to succeed. They dont want it to actually happen and they think its all going to go down. I mean thats just pretty much par for the course and then lastly, timing is everything and i think in all honesty, if i had to do it all again, i would say well, first of all id say rob.

I only invest in 2017 early part and then sell everything in december thats what i would say. Obviously, and now, if i can go back, if i can go back in time, i would tell rob: hey rob best. 2017 also invest towards the tail end of 2021. I think things are going to be fireworks and this is how i see things going. This is um a the total cryptocurrency market cap for the in the entirety with bitcoin included, and you can see it wasnt too much. You know brown here then we had some spikes, and over here now were at uh gosh, where were at were at yeah like two 1.9 trillion dollars today: okay, not too bad and thats the total market cap, but i want to show you is this: if you Take a look at the market cap between 2014 to the end of 2017 uh. This is the market cap and it went all the way up here right, nice, big push, but what i want you notice is this see this market cap here is going on. This see this big dip right here. You know when that was july and another big dip here in september, and now what i want you to show you is from 2018 to now see these big dips right here. When is this. This is also july 2021, and this is also september 2021. So again we had a dip and a dip in july and september hockey stick and over here we had a dip and a dip, and i expect a big hockey stick now.

I could be wrong, but i think thats, where things are going, and that is what i like to tell my former self of what to do, and also the big thing i would say is if this was available ill just go to dan This is where you can learn the basics of the basics of cryptocurrency. Why bitcoin is valuable, why all coins are valuable investment strategies, things that i would do uh safety, how to store your crypto? How to send your crypto? How to uh make your cryptocurrency work for you passively thats. All of our dante is crypto 100 free its as simple as that. So look um thats what we have and then the last thing i will talk about is just a little bonus, which is that uh ethereum uh is going to come out with eth 2.0, but dont get excited. Yet. Let me just read this to you real quick. So eth developers have confirmed the altair is now scheduled to take place on the 27th of october and everybodys like great eat 2.0. Is here no its, not its just the second part part of the process and the transition is the first main net to the beacon chain all tears scheduled to take place at uh, epic, 74 240.. Everybody says, lets epec or our epoch or epic, whatever thats. How? I say it so uh. If we take a look at this is from just so you know, as far as the eth 2.

0 upgrades, the beacon chain is the first part and thats live right now the merge, which is estimated 2021 thats. What theyre talking about and then the shard chains arent coming until 2022 and i believe its late 2022., so dont think that heath 2.