Are we potentially heading towards a target of 50 000 and if we are in fact to hit that 50 000 target? What could we possibly expect after that hit lets dive in and analyze? What is going on? Ladies and gentlemen, crypto kirby here your crypto currency expert back with another edition of the daily live stream. So lets not waste any time and get right down to it. Its a day of celebration here for each and every moonboy degenerate and the huddle train homies golf claps, all around golf claps all around we have seen the bitcoin price take a nice rip to the upside. If you are subscribed to this channel, you would know that on yesterdays stream, i was pointing out this range right here saying folks. This is too much of a coin flip for me to look for a trade setup idea right here, because what am i going to look to go short into support? Absolutely not am i going to look to go long into resistance? Absolutely not so this to me was a no trade zone until we were to break above this key region which, folks, if you take a look at this chart, it appears to me it appears to the dawn that we have in fact flush broke out of that Range lets get this crypto so now. This is where things get interesting, because we did break out of the sandwich zone. We did now break above this key resistance zone, and now all eyes are right here on this prior peak.

At about forty eight thousand, eight hundred and fifty you can see, we can draw a horizontal line right along that level, and it is also in confluence here with all of this prior resistance on the way up. So we have a pretty solid, horizontal line of resistance right there now. This is interesting because, if say the bitcoin price does happen to sell off a little bit. If we do see an itty, bitty correction here its very possible that this horizontal line of resistance could also coincide with this downward sloping line of diagonal resistance right where weve connected our two swing. High tops for this trend thus far and its very interesting, because if we do wind up seeing rejection right along that area, i mean this to me. Folks would be an absolute warning shot fire now. I do want to dedicate some time here to the moon boys to show you know: where could we possibly be headed if we smash through there? I do want to take some time to examine that possibility, but im going to put my flag in the ground here. Folks, im putting my foot down here right here right now. The fact of the matter is that until proven, otherwise this trend to me is still in bearish structure. You may not like that, but kirby i saw el salvador theyre gon na be mine and big corns with a volcano. Take that volcano back to the third grade science, fair.

You sycophantic degenerate right now we have bigger fish to fry, because the technicals inside the chart are still showing that this is a downtrend until proven. Otherwise, let me repeat that one more time for the moon boys in the back until proven, otherwise, this trend is still in a downward trajectory. Why is that? At the most simple level, we had our high the climax, lower high lower high, and if we get rejected right here, it would be yet another lower high lets get this crypto folks. If you are enjoying thus far smash that thumbs up button, the moon boys are going to be out in full force today, probably hitting the dislike button. So make sure you give this video a thumbs up and if youre brand new welcome to the most must see. Bitcoin analysis show on youtube, hit the subscribe button, tick. The little bell and select all right now welcome to the show now where to begin, where to begin um obviously were not going to be talking about volcanoes. Oh, my goodness, ladies and gentlemen, were not talking about volcanoes today. Little jimmy and youre 600 standing good grief, but lets just take a quick look here i mean folks if we were to break above this downward sloping trend line. Obviously the next target is this red range. Here i mean its very simple right now: okay, the next target. If we break this line and or that line, the next target is obviously up at about fifty three thousand fifty k to fifty three thousand, and the reason that i put fifty k in the title.

Slash thumbnail of this video is because the 50k range is more so right around this sweet spot, where we have these lines, possibly intersecting for some serious resistance. But if we are to get through the resistance, which i mean is always very very possible. The next logical target, in my opinion, is a retest of this prior top up at about 53k and obviously, if we are to rip right through that region, i mean the analysis is certainly going to change. At that point we will start to look at other metrics and things of that nature up there, but i mean right now for me still in a downtrend still below this very critical range of historic resistance. Not much has changed here right sure on the intraday. This is a very nice pump. I mean it is what it is. I told you yesterday that this was a powder keg, getting ready to explode and what did it do folks boom? It absolutely exploded to the upside right. I mean for some reason all of these moon boys. They love to come back on the channel and comment this guy wrecked wrecked. What are you talking about wrecked? This is exactly what i pointed out that i thought was going to happen yesterday. We were either going to explode to the upside or heinously collapse to the downside, hard out of this range thats exactly what happened right and there was no edge for me here.

It was a coin flip and im, not looking for coin flips im looking for setups that i perceive to have better than a 50 chance of being successful. Lets get this crypto now lets move along and talk about what could actually be happening here from a bearish perspective, i mean here on the one day: keltner channels indicator folks were right at the top of the line. Here i mean this, of course, could be a shift from a bearish downturn here into a bullish one. But the fact of the matter is here is once again, at the time of, recording were still on a lower high trajectory still in potentially bearish posture, and we are at the top of the keltner channel, which has acted as resistance already twice right, really one on The back test here, but you guys know how that tends to work when we go into downtrends, we see the top line act as resistance where, as in an uptrend, we tend to see the bottom act as support on this run. In particular, we saw the middle line acting as support until obviously that gave way and weve plunged ever since, and here on the us dollar index chart i mean things are still looking quite strong here, in my opinion, folks right very different than bitcoin. We are seeing this thing on a higher low trajectory higher high trajectory as well right. So this thing really over the past several months, has been extremely bullish.

I mean i know i get it its crazy with the amount of fiat currency thats been printed over the past year and a half its absolutely insane that were seeing a surge in the us dollar index, but it is what it is and from a technical level. We found support here at a mult, nearly multi decade range of support. This starts all the way back in 2004 was resistance, resistance, again resistance resistance support support. I mean this is a pretty hefty area of support and over here we have this upward sloping trend line. Now we have already broken this resistant ceiling here back tested down to it, found support, and now we are looking to potentially test up into this channel here, which is the channel that weve seen the bulk of the price action traded inside over the past five to Six years, so this is interesting stuff here folks and the reason why its interesting is because, of course, if youre subscribed to this channel, you would know that that downturn right there beginning at the beginning of 2017 and lasting till the beginning of 2018, was the rise That brought bitcoin from below 1000 usd up to about 20 000, and this downturn here back starting in march of 2020 into almost the current day, brought bitcoin from about 4 000 up to about 65 000.. So right now, if we are going to see the dxy, the us dollar index continue to build bullish momentum here, its possible that we could go into a period like this, that we saw between 2018 and 2019 and obviously the results for bitcoin were not as favorable As when we saw the dxy in a downtrend lets, get this crypto just keep this on your radar folks, the dxy is a little bit worrisome for me from a bullish perspective for bitcoin and of course it is an absolute warning.

Shot fired, lets get this crypto lets get back to the bitcoin chart, so folks, right now, i think the most important thing is to not allow your emotions to dictate your actions here. Act with logic do not act with emotion. You need to have a plan for yourself whether this continues to rip to the upside or it just drops back down. You need to have a plan for both directions, because if you fail to plan, then your plan is to fail and, as you should all know by now the dawn does not fail to plan. In fact, the don plans to succeed. So i mean over the past 12 or so hours i have just had moon boy after moon boy after moon boy, commenting on these videos see kirby get wrecked youre, just a stupid bear get wrecked, i mean, is what im showing you here not valid on yesterdays Stream, i literally pointed out to you that we were in a range here that we could either burst out to the upside or drop down heinously to the downside and that this was a no trade range, as i stated earlier in the beginning. For me, its no trade range. This happened exactly as i thought it could. I did not take a position in here because, like i said there was no high reward low risk trade setup for me to take there and now its on to the next um, but folks, right now, one candle keep in mind.

We were at this exact price point only about 10 to 12 days ago, right less than two weeks ago, we were exactly where we are at now, but these moon boys, i mean. Obviously they have the iq of a hard boiled egg, because theyre seeing this now as this is the confirmation were going to the moon and thats a very dangerous mentality that every green candle makes. You feel that were going to the moon and every red candle makes you feel like were going to zero um. You need to really look at the charts. You really need to just zoom out and look at whats going on here with the price action right. Look at whats, going on with the macro trend, has anything changed from a macro perspective, not in my opinion. So right now were seeing minutiae within a much larger trend right now. Um – and this is where many moon boys can get hurt and bears, can get hurt too right. It works both ways im just simply stating that when i see this type of over exuberant euphoria folks, this just makes me pull up the wall street cheat sheet. Once again, because this is the type of action that you see when people are desperate, desperate people create the complacency range after a market cycle top okay, you generally get a ton of people that bought in late that are now trying to hop on the bandwagon because They read some story on the internet that somebody got rich overnight and they want to do that too, and usually that is called the suckers rally before the absolutely heinous drop into the crypto abyss.

Im, not saying that has to happen like that. This time, im just saying: take a look at the chart and take a look at whats happening in the bitcoin chart right here right now, in my opinion, its still perfectly possible that this could be the final bull trap before a much further drop down. This will all change if we rip above this 53k range and then of course, rip above 65k. I mean thats just how it is. When youre an analyst you just dont care, your prediction was wrong: kirby, what predictions do not theres? No prediction here were looking at the chart and were looking for probabilities right higher than 50 percent chance perceived edges to potentially crush the move, whether thats up or down, think about it. If this was like a game of poker right, say texas holdem for those of you that know this game. Think of it like a flush draw say you have two hearts in your hand, and the flop comes out. The first three cards are on the table and theres two hearts there. So now you have four hearts total. You need one more heart to get a flush and theres. Still two cards left to hit the table say your opponent goes all in. If you were to call his all in with just a flush draw – and he already has a made hand say that he has a pair or trips right – something along those lines – youre only a 30 percent favorite to win, i mean youre, an underdog.

You only have a 30 chance, so if you call in those spots you lose 30 times out of 100 on average hes going to win 70 times out of 100 on average, but youre still going to win 30 of the time, so bad poker players would wait To see those next, two cards come out and go oh shucks i should have called. I should have called right and if it were me, saying well logically youre going to lose that spot 70 of the time uh. If the flush does come out and it hits that little 30 percent chance, it would be you kirby. You said what what did i say that there was a seventy percent chance thats, just the maths. Do not it doesnt matter that you hit the flush on the river, it was the wrong play. You went against the logic and you got lucky that happens in trading and investing all the time too right sure you always do need a little bit of luck in investing in trading. Luck can go a long way, but the fact is that, just because certain things happen, doesnt mean that it was right. You understand and im not saying what im saying is right, or it isnt im, just saying in general that youre looking for probabilities, youre, not looking for a prediction and just because something looks like it uh its almost a sure fire thing that it could either drop Or go up that doesnt mean that the guy that took the wrong quote unquote wrong probability play is always going to lose.

He slash she is going to win and get lucky a small percentage of the time thats just how this works. I mean thats a long winded way to get around to the fact that, right now, this market is crazy. Folks and the fact is im still under the belief here that we are possibly in a bull trap that we are still within the confines of a bearish control zone. I think that thats logical leave me a comment if you think that thats logical or not, and im just going to continue to look at this market. From that perspective. Until i see a change in the macro structure and if you do appreciate this type of realistic analysis, folks just smash that thumbs up button for the youtube algorithm. Thank you for that and, if youre brand new you see what you get here, welcome to the most must see. Bitcoin analysis show on youtube period. Make sure you hit that subscribe button, tick the little bell and select all right now, so you do not miss any more of these important bitcoin updates and, of course, folks, if you do want to see all of my real time, trade setup ideas, entry ideas, potential, Take profit ideas, everything just like that strategy, ideas, etc all in absolute real time as the don looks to potentially strike gold again, then, today is the day its time to transform yourself from average, joe into savage joe lets. Get this crypto ill, see you in vip right now, after this video lets get this crypto and for those of you that were in my vip, you should know that my telegram account was compromised several weeks ago at this point, if you still havent been transferred over Into the new vip you need to contact me right now at t dot me slash, crypto kirby trading.

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