We talk about everything crypto daily, jumping right into the market today in crypto bitcoin, we said bloody september is coming to an end and boy did it remember im giving away two thousand dollars worth of bitcoin at the end of the month? All you have to do is subscribe to the channel like the video leave, a comment in the comment box boom free bitcoin talk to you guys about october things, change 68 chance. This breaks to the upside banging. I didnt think it was gon na happen on the first man. This is a nice move out of bitcoin. Now we do need to see a high thats higher than this previous high okay, so the bulls need to break above this level. Yesterday i posted this chart and i was talking about how this support and resistance being respected, real well and how bitcoin needed this retest and then bang exactly what happened: bitcoin banging amazing breakout. Obviously there was a news. Catalyst were going to talk about that. I got a kucoin gem pick ready to bang. One of those coins on kucoin that you just want to hold a bag of whales are accumulating it. This is the bitcoin four hour chart. The measured move here is about fifty thousand dollars or a little bit over that now. The main thing is, you know: will we see some type of re test and then continuation higher or will it be a deeper retest and continuation higher bitcoin bulls need to continue this explosive move to the upside ive got some amazing shots to give in my trading Group this person he got in the dao set up, which i gave you guys near as well – hes up 13 000 euros in a day, its like 15 or 16 000.

In one day banging this person says i dont like to brag but ive 7xed, my portfolio since your kucoin setups. This person has 40xed his money since he joined the group eight months ago you made me a multi millionaire. You changed my life forever banging. Look at that number 2.94 million dollars in crypto lets go remember. This is the biggest financial opportunity of our lifetime. We are setting up for potentially one of the most parabolic run. Ups, going towards the end of the year that we weve seen since 2017. Im telling you guys life changing money, be ready. You got to be on the right coins im going to help you im going to make sure in the best most profitable trading setups daily right now, if go to the website, cryptorev.net pay with cryptocurrency. You get 50 off if you pay for six months or if you pay for the year with the year you get an additional month for free. If you do want to pay with a card month to month, there is a monthly credit card option. Look in the description of this video theres a link to take you directly to the website. Yesterday i talked about a major move coming running out of room. This is usct, tether, dominance right, and so, when this thing, pumps bad for bitcoin right, and so we talked about the market pumps on a big pullback and you had youre running out of room here running out of room.

We knew the move was coming and even in yesterdays video title bitcoin moving the next 48 hours. I knew it was coming banging this thing completely. Dumped and bitcoin pumped huge. This idea this person shared this ethereum september 2020. Will we see this epic run up, but this time will it be bitcoin taking off fifty thousand fifty two thousand fifty five thousand dollar bitcoin lets go. So the news catalyst here is the federal chair powell says he has no intention to ban bitcoin and crypto, like china did, and he clarified that you know, and this is huge for the united states. However, you just have to wonder this news pump. Is it going to carry over? Are we going to see a lot of bullish follow through things have changed for sure, but definitely the bulls need to continue. This push to the upside axiom. Finzee came out and they said theyre launching a decentralized exchange. This things huge. I posted this setup yesterday in group. Watch for the retest axs is off to the races. It was 73 dollars here right banging this things up, 33 in a day, axs actually infinity. I talked about this on youtube and its 100x. Since then, i mean we started buying it and i didnt ride the whole way, but 67 cents we started buying axs and so its been one of those coins where man it just keeps going and going and going and going ive got a kucoin gem pick ready To bang, with a lot of upside, be ready for that at the end of the video d, a o remember this i gave it to you recently had already broken out, but this thing pumped 29, since that video was posted 30 games in a couple days, tlm Usdt one to watch so this thing were already up.

13. 14. On this, i posted the trading group, this bull flag down here the other day. Actually, yesterday, and so now, what you want to see is either a break of this level or a retest here and then upside continuation. I mean you got this double is atom eve. Double bottom, i mean push the measured move up here. Around 23 24 cents avax has not gotten started yet this im looking for this to be strong, looking for basically youre just going to buy the break out of the retest. If you get a bitcoin pullback thats the best i mean some of the best entries for these. All coins are going to be bitcoin, pullback and then bang right. You could see 80 avax out of this setup. This is algo algo, just getting started this nice triple bottom for algo, so algo, youre gon na buy the break out of this level, could see two dollars two dollars. Thirty cents ill go banging. This is a r x on kucoin somebody posted. It has eleven hundred potential whales are buying this. This is in re accumulation, this is about to bang, and so how do we know that? Look arcs ar x on kucoin ready to take off like its just its been in this falling wedge. It found support right and its starting to move, and now this 200, when the price action breaks above this 200 and re test, it lets, go see what happened last time.

Okay, just just right here, look what happens when the price action breaks above the 200. Simple! Look 200 simple breaks above it. Bang right now lets go back here. Lets go back here. What happens? What happens when the price action breaks above it watch this? Okay? So here it breaks above it and then continued uptrend bang bounced here hard comes down here. Bang bounce to your heart and then boom this thing, freaking look at this upside. It ran up to man, look at this 18 cents. It ran from a penny and a half to 18 cents. This thing has amazing potential because its like a bouncing ball theory right. You bounce a ball and the next bounce may not be as high as that one. Okay, well were not you know: 18 cents would be a gold mine, but i mean lets just get to six cents: seven cents, eight cents. This has that potential bitcoin cooperates.