Todays video were going to talk about everything going on with the market. Do a bit of a recap on things: weve gone over over the last couple of days and everything else you need to know, but before we dive in it still says 72 percent of you guys watching are not subscribed. So if you enjoy short form, concise, no bs content that doesnt waste either of our times well make sure to like the video subscribe to the channel and also patreon is completely sold out. But we do have a free discord that i recently created. We have close to a thousand members in there after less than 24 hours, so make sure to go. Join that using the link down below it is completely free right now the entire crypto market has jumped up significantly over the last couple of hours over the last 24 hours. The market is up 8.6. We are seeing bitcoin up over 10 aetherium up uh 9 cardano up 7 and every single coin is up nearly double digit percentage. This is huge. This is exactly what weve spoken about over the last couple of weeks. We have said historically september is a red month. This month was no september of 2021 was no different. It was a red month. We closed at 43, 000 per coin, but we had said historically october november and december were very green months. This is exactly what were already seeing happen just within the first 12 hours of being october and q4.

Second thing we talked about was with plan b, the founder of the the creator of the stock to flow model. He came out on twitter in june 20th. We referenced this tweet in our previous video and he explained how august we closed at dollars per coin for bitcoin. That was the worst case scenario. He said worst case scenario for september was forty three thousand dollars per coin. He hit those numbers spot on. We saw august 47 were almost exactly forty, seven thousand dollars per coin september. We closed at 43 500. So nearly exactly what he said again and he said the next targets that hes expecting um are october, 63, 000 november 98 and december 135, 000 per coin. So no one can predict the future, but this guy has predicted two out of the last three months. He created the stock to flow model and if were going to look at anyone and follow anyones predictions or anyones on chain analysis, i would say lets. Definitely look at plan b, the creator of the stock to flow model, because he, his track record, has proven that you know what he is a good person to listen to and at least take into account what hes saying so that brings us to today. Today we are seeing that the crypto fear and greed index has jumped up significantly. Yesterday it was at 20, which is extreme fear. Now it is at 27, which is just fear.

This is still a good indicator showing us that people are still overall fearful in the market were probably gon na see. This number jump up significantly over the next couple days, but this is exactly what weve spoken about saying. The best time to buy is when the fear and greed index is the lowest possible when its around that 20, when its around 23. That is the best time to buy. Now, if we start to see a bit of a rally, we start to see everything explode over the next couple weeks. This number is going to go up dramatically and its going to not be as good of a time to buy so, like we have said when the fear and greed index is lower when its showing extreme fear. That is the best time to get in and then. Lastly, last two things is with jerome powell, jerome powell came out and said yesterday that he has no intent to ban bitcoin or crypto in the u.s. To me this was not surprising at all. This is pretty obvious, but its always good to see jerome powell, the us government saying that you know what there needs to be regulations in place for crypto. There needs to be regulations in place for stable coins, but were not going to ban it entirely. This is good. This is nice to see, but nothing really out of the ordinary. I was expecting them to say this. I was never expecting the us to ban crypto and then last story is with the sec.

The sec is gearing up to get a bitcoin etf approved, like we have said multiple times in the past october, historically green month november, historically green december, historically green according to the sec and when the next date lines up a bitcoin etf looks like it could be Approved as early as november 14th, this on november 14th, combined with market trends, which are historically very green in the last quarter of 20 uh, the last quarter of every year. This, i think, is what could push bitcoins price up to 135 000 per coin. So anyone whos wondering you know, is this just a trap? Are we just seeing prices rise because everyone was expecting them to rise in october? I do not think thats the case. I think right now is going to be the start of the bull market that we have spoken about multiple times on the channel, and this is why we always say when the rest of the market is fearful when the rest of the market is the most worried That is the best time to buy thats whats, going on with crypto great way to start off october.