Show you the proof why institutions and whales are buying bitcoin, then then tap here will explain how crypto market can still generate the 30x cryptocurrency bounces back. Just slightly the market cap is about 1.9 trillion dollars. Bitcoins dominance also increased to 43 percent, while tim diamond remains at 18 percent. Today, btc price is about 43 000, so we have a decent bounce back overnight. Lets see if btc will continue to go up, or at least be able to sustain above this price level. Today is up by three point: three percent of the day: bitcoin and ethereum actually are the best daily performing assets on the week, btc also flat, while most of other cryptocurrencies are down by quite a bit. You can clearly see a big difference between bitcoin and other altcoins, especially when the market goes south ethereum. However isnt doing so bad, it increased about three thousand dollars once again. Eth also became more scarce, but there is a big difference between bitcoin and ethereum as a scarce asset. Bitcoin was designed as a scarce asset from the beginning 12 years ago, while it didnt been adjusted very often by vitalik and ethereum foundation. Im not saying that ethereum is a bad investment, not at all. I myself hold roughly 40 in the theorem in my portfolio. What im saying is bitcoins decentralization cannot be compared to any other old coin. Just like btc it age is also up by 3.3 percent of the day, but it is down by 2.

3 percent of the week. Cardano was flipped by satya. Stablecoin hoskinson is probably very mad. Im wondering what would cardano do without huskisson is huskies an essential figure to cardano. He sure is ada is down on the day as well as on the week poco, that is under 30 dollars a coin. This crypt, along with coin dodge coin, are down by 10 of the week that makes them the worst weekly performing assets. Elon musk is not pumping dogecoin anymore. Speaking of elon musk. He had some comments to say about crypto. Recently, ceo elon musk says u.s government should avoid regulating crypto. It is not possible to, i think, destroying crypto, but it is possible for government to slow down its advancement. Musk said that on a code conference on beverly hills, california musk was responding. The stage to a question from new york time, kara swisher, she asked whether the us government should involve in regulating the crypto space. I would say: do nothing he said, and i totally agree with elon musk. Let free market decide what stays and flourishes over time and what does not why government has to decide the most important financial questions? Historically, they have done a shitty job, especially for middle and poor class. Here we have a cool chart that shows bitcoin. Miners do not want to sell their coins, in fact they are accumulating more since march 2020, bitcoin miners start accumulating btc, their supply increased from 1.76 million btc to 1.

77 million btc price increase as well, but in january 2021 we saw a massive minor selloff, while btc Price continued to climb up, but few months later, bc price also retraced. Since march 2021, bitcoin miners started to accumulate bitcoin once again within 6.5 months. They accumulated more than 14 000 bitcoin and it looks like theyre not planning to sell them anytime soon. So what does that mean for bitcoin price in the short term? I do not really know, but over the medium to long term, btc is being locked up and therefore becomes more and more scarce. We are not even talking about bitcoin deflationary design. Speaking of a liquid bitcoin supply, as we can see from this chart, a liquid bitcoin supply continues to increase while bc price slightly decreased. So what does that mean? It means that most likely financial institutions and big whales scooping up mob btc from the market and transferring those coins into the call storage. Crypto exchanges usually offer those services for the wealthy clients. 43 000 per bitcoin. As of this current time, is not a terrible buy. You get 33 discount compared to an all time high, the more bitcoin you have, the wealthier you will be in the future. If you sell your bitcoin, it means you are borrowing from your future self. Personally, i have never sold a single btc since i got into this space around 5 years ago. However, i did buy something for bitcoin, which i regret, because btc is now 8 times higher compared to the price during that transaction, but it was only six hundred dollars.

Transaction which isnt that bad, but now that six hundred dollars would be close to five thousand bucks lets, take a look at this bitcoin enable price chart. Current btc price is in this yellow color, which means huddle phase, but it looks like ubc price. Slightly declined a bit, then we will be in this light. Green color that represents still cheap phase, keep in mind guys back in 2014. During the still cheap phase, the sea price was only at six hundred dollars in 2017 and the same phase betsy was at three thousand dollars later in 2018. During the same phase with c price, was it six thousand dollars now still a cheap represents around 40 000 bucks? So what does that tells us? It tells us that the earlier we buy bitcoin, the better it is in 2025. You will look back and thinking to yourself why didnt i buy more bitcoin 2021. When i had a chance. However, if you did buy bitcoin 2021, the only thing you had to do is not selling it, which isnt that easy either now lets. Take a look when dentapiera has to say about the cryptogrowth and the cryptospace in general. Lets take a look. I fell down the rabbit hole uh in in that moment and did the deep dive and what i realized was, and i hadnt before was that the satoshi white paper. Those eight pages was really the solving of a math problem that had been solved for literally hundreds of years.

This byzantine generals problem and id never heard of it. I didnt know anything about the history of cryptography. I you know and again its the problem of distributed. Trust where two counterparties uh can trust each other without an intermediary and again id never thought in those terms right. It never occurred to me, and so then i realized i thought, my goodness. This is like an invention akin to the invention of the combustion engine uh or a discovery like the discovery of electricity, theres 30 years of real academic work behind this – and you know this is transformative and so that realization um, combined with a bunch of other things, But that one put to rest in my mind that oh this is a ponzi scheme. Oh, this is for nefarious actors. Oh this isnt real. I said to myself wow. This is really real and why was i such an idiot back in 2000? You know 1304 not to really go whole hog into it, but you know it is what it is. I i didnt but um. You know. I think the other thing that prevents people from believing in this, as you say in my mind, is that you know its very age uh dependent, i think its very hard for someone over 50 or 60 to even think about money, digital money right and i think People under 30, and certainly now 20 years old, they have no problem. Thinking about you know value represented digitally in a video game.

You know theyve been playing. You know, video games forever, millennials spend. I think i read somewhere eight out of the gen z eight hours a day online, they live online. Their lives are online, so why wouldnt they have their money online too. It just makes so much sense versus a six year old guy. Who still is like you know not even that comfortable on the internet right, so i think its theres, a huge divide, im sure you see that all the time right absolutely and i sit right in the middle right im, 44 years old. So i think im right on the cusp of both of those worlds. Um – and i think what you just described, as you absolutely put with a six year old, might also not quite understand the internet. I think that that age divide is not specific to money. Being digital, its just specific to technology right, every older generation struggles with uh the technology of the younger generation, the same with my parents and the music i listened to and how we did it right right, yeah so no surprises there. But for you, you know a lot of people coming from global macro. Never have that light bulb moment and so im curious. When you talk to your contemporaries, how do you define the asset class? Is it? Is it another commodity? Is it a digital gold? Is it peer to peer cash? Well, when they ask you questions, how do you describe that yeah its uh? There are actually now some macro guys whove come in, not the older ones.

So much you saw last year, paul tudor jones wrote that fantastic eight page paper about um bitcoin is the fastest horse. So you see my background here. This painting the fastest horse uh again its one of my favorite paintings as well the stubs uh painting, but anyway the point is there are people i mean stan rocket miller, came out and said he owned bitcoin. He owned bitcoin, though, because he saw that people in silicon valley and the tech people were making a lot, and he said you know they think its a store of value. So i think its going to go up because theyre making a lot of money, and so i think there there are people who are coming to it um, but its just its very difficult for them to get over that that hurdle and if they do they understand, Maybe that bitcoin is digital gold. You know, maybe, because theres a finite amount and the expansion of the central bank balance sheets means that fiat currencies expanding almost infinitely. So they understand supply is increasing a lot on the one hand in fiat and its not in bitcoin. Okay, but that doesnt necessarily give them comfort to make to take a big allocation, and so even the guys who kind of get that you know theyre at five or ten percent theyre, not like the 23 year old whos 90. You know whos 110 percent long and not just bitcoin, but you know ethereum and solana, and who, who knows what else right um.

So i think that what this really is is a new uh asset class and i think the way that you can think about it is, if you think about something like the mortgage fact market in 1980 or 82. You know a nascent market uh very early stage. I think its still early um, you know when i, when i founded this fund, the digital asset ecosystem had a 300 billion dollar value and that is bitcoin ethereum. All the crypto and all the equity value in the space was about 300 and i said to myself: i think we can do 30x in 10 years, so thats, why i called the fund 10 t right. 10 t is 10 trillion market cap in 10 years and whats happened. Is that ive been wrong? Im gon na be wrong because were at 3t today and thats just two years ago, so were probably going to do a lot more than you know a 3x 17 more in in the next eight years and so um. You know if you think about any early stage: market uh, us treasury bond options in 1979, right thats, how traditional people should be thinking about this, and we do a great. We have a great charter presentation, thats about the abs markets and the astronomical rates of growth lets say in the 80s and 90s in those markets and youre. Looking at like 60 percent kaggar, you know for years right as it grows, and this has been even greater.

Bitcoin has gone up 200 percent annualized for 11 years, its the greatest return of any asset in the world, its like people who are doubters, i get the first five or six years, but its already proven itself. I think thats, one of our advantages being sort of as, like you im a little bit in the middle um of the two generations. You know uh. I i think this is already established right, like if i had a 10 year track record of 250 percent annualized. Ah, i dont know thats thats pretty good, like what are you doubting its it cant be zero anymore and then tampering believes cryptocurrency. Space as a whole is still very early. I can still potentially make 30x in the future if btc makes 30x in the future. A single coin would be more than 1.2 million dollars. Let me know what you guys think. Will we see bitcoin eventually, at 1.