Almost every crypto is pumping right now and i am excited now today we have a lot of catching up to do as the last couple of days, ive been too sick to record anything, and i just i just couldnt – get to it so its really hard, because I upload like three four five times a day: every single day for years felt really strange, but hopefully were gon na pick up the pace even harder than before from now and provide you guys with the most quality and most amazing krypton news and guys, if you Are excited make sure you press that, like button theres, most likely a lot of cool episodes coming out today, because i have just so much stuff to talk about. But first i had to kind of talk to you guys about the price, because thats thats definitely most interesting and a little bit of lawsuit news uh, this specific thing right, so those two things were gon na cover today now in terms of price ive, actually got Some long positions open, as you guys most likely know one for xrp and actually only one for bitcoin, not ethereum, like i was talking about before uh. The reason i have bitcoin open is because this is basically the scenario which i told you guys about a couple of days ago, all right, most likely already like a week ago or so and again guys. I have not changed anything to anything.

You see in front of you right now. This is the first time im opening this. Since the last time i recorded a video um and literally the last time we recorded the video, i didnt change anything either so uh. What we basically proposed and said right there is, were gon na see a bounce from about 52 000 for bitcoin bounds back up from about 41 000 and again, we could and thats also what i said take the trade right here with a stop loss like most Likely, you know not too far away, but not too close, either most likely around 38, 000 or so for bitcoin, and that will most likely suffice for a little bit of a more risky thing. Because, as i said in that video too, we can also bounce from 32, 000 or so, and that was kind of the difficult part, because if we had to put a stop loss right there, we might get stopped out and have to buy right there. We could also and thats actually my preferred strategy have two separate buy layers, so we buy a freaking chunk at 41 000 and then buy another chunk at 31 000 to kind of mitigate our risk, and i guess luckily, for us we right now bounce back from About 41 and right now we are in about about 15 profit or so, but of course, guys, as you know, with leverage we are in a lot more profit.

If youre wondering where i do the leverage trading its by bit, a lot of you guys are saying dont talk about biped ive told you guys before buybit works like a freaking works like a freaking charm, all right, its its godsend. To some degree, it works. So well for me not saying that everybody should check it out. Im, saying people that, like to trade and are looking for a platform to trade with leverage works, never had any issues yet binance had a couple of issues before thats. Why im saying it works like a charm, all right, just my personal opinion on the matter now so thats. The bitcoin trade scenario were, of course, hoping that were gon na break out. The 50 000 area would be really really amazing. If you could do that, guys, that would be really really amazing would be extremely freaking bullish. However, if we zoom back in you can see oh my days, the last day here has just been skyrocketing territory and im, actually hoping on the short term that we go above 48.3, 000 and close above there, because that basically breaks the short term structure from the September month, which was, of course, a descending little triangle or sorry, a descending little line, how do i put a line in again with my macbook, its command or option t there? We go lets, try it out. So this is, of course, the the pace at which we are going right now we have broken out of the very very short term descending line or deciding trend and thats already very, very good.

However, the only negative side is that we need some confirmation before i would actually trade this specific trend. What that means is guys ive told you before about trading reversals, but also just trading continuations. Turning everything ive told you guys everything about it and the thing i always use in every sort of trading strategy is confirmation, and what i need is one next candle, so another green candle to confirm that we have kind of gone out of this pattern, because right Now, as it currently stands, you dont know if its actually going to stay, then again, because this was so bullish last couple of days already its more so looking towards it, i guess to become extremely bullish. You just have to wait for 50 000, again thats, my own personal thought process behind it, but thats again, bitcoin on the xrp forefront ive been shouting for days now that im just buying xp like a madman and, of course, guys, people laugh people always laugh because They see, oh, he bought it yesterday and right now, hes in a loss. You think i care about that stuff guys. You think i really honestly care about that stuff. Of course not. If i did, i would be in a lot of freaking trouble, but i dont why? Well, because i know what i hold. I know the process and i know what i want. What i want is more xrp, because i know the risk to reward is just looking juicy.

You can see. We got a couple of um a couple of jumps here. Actually, so the price is actually acting, really really crazy. On binance, that is huh its pretty funny, but if we look back on the 21st of september all the way up to now, we are already in about 25 worth of profit and i think, would actually be kind of funny to check out my buy bit trade. A little bit later today to see how that long position is doing. However, my bitcoin trade – i actually did not do on my youtube account, but on my personal account, so i cannot show you guys that one uh, but the xp trade of course, is still open. So i can show you that also on a daily, because thats, the weekly uh, before we went to the the briefly you can see from our trend line that we put in here were still bouncing back up still looking pretty damn amazing um once were, i told You guys, i think, here september, no, i dont know which one of these two times it was that we could also try trading the trend line. I think it was actually the 27th or so the 26th, but it was also a little bit scary. So we should have also worked with a stop loss just below 84 cents if we wanted to buy it at about 89 or 90 cents um. So that could have also worked that strategy again im just kind of repeating what i said now on the crypto altcoin market cap were breaking out right now from the descending line as well.

The bullish flag, as ive said at least a hundred times now, is a continuation pattern and what you oh, i hope i dont break the microphone here because i, my cord, is in like really really loosely and if the microphone disconnects the video is going to stop. Recording and i have to edit things: okay, the bullish flag is a continuation pattern, which means we got bullish going in. We get a little bit of a withdrawal, a comeback, and then it continues on ive been telling again. I didnt change anything to this line guys. I didnt change a single single single thing right now: its breaking out of the bullish, freaking flag and again thats, something we also very often trade with some confirmation, but its been hopping like crazy guys. Oh its just been an exciting time. Its just been so freaking, exciting and im so sad that i got sick for a couple of days and i couldnt upload. I was watching the markets a little bit on my phone. I was just crying in my in my head that i couldnt talk. Couldnt. Do anything right now were back better than ever in the next couple of hours all right subscribe to the channel? If you havent done that yet and make sure you press that, like button, the next couple of hours is going to be so freaking exciting, because i got so much content coming. I have so many things. I need to share so much stuff, not enough time.

All right so sccv ripple – and this is actually one of the most important things as well. The sec just requested about 18 hours ago, a telephonic conference in order to seek a protective order, relieving the sec of any obligation to respond to 30 000 requests for admission from ripple claiming responding would be too burdensome, and this is going to be very, very freaking. Interesting all right im, just saying that straight at the bat here lets quickly check out the start. So plaintiff sec respectfully requests a conference in order to seek a protective order under frcp were leaving the sec for any obligation to respond to the thirty thousand separate requests for admission totaling. More than 5 000 pages, the defendant ripple labs, brad, gauling house and chris larson jointly served on august 31st during the final six hours of fact, discovery and theyre. Just basically saying that the requests are too extreme and too disproportionate, like weve seen a couple of times before. The only thing i dont know about, but james seems to know about it – is they are requesting a conference right now, im, not sure if a conference actually means a telephonic conference or if a conference could also mean a back and forth and back and forth. Basically, with, for example, the the motion which we saw earlier, you know basically, i dont know if a conference without telephonic in front of it means that they want to call or if it just means they want to put some letters back and forth that im, not Too sure about – but i guess we shall see soon enough when the judge responds to it all, and i think its already been kind of interesting before august 31st, defendants had already served 250 requests to the sec.

Defendants served their first set of requests for admission. Numbering 114 on may 21st or may 2021 im not sure about that. May 21st may 2021. Defendants served their second set, including 70 additional requests on june 14th and their third set, consisting of more than 70 pages or more than 70 requests on july 30th. Sec attorneys spend more than 40 hours preparing responses to defend its first set more than 28 hours, preparing responses to defend the second set and more than 32 hours preparing response for the third set now on august. 31St. 11. P.M. Oh sorry, i guess between 6 and 11 pm defendants served the sec with three separate sets of requests for admission consisting of 30 000 separate requests set forth uh or is it? Is it 20? No, its not 29.9 right, its 30 000 separate requests for 5. 000 pages, which is kind of auto, and referring to more than fifteen hundred separate documents which were not attached due to the extreme length, the sec, not filing. These requests on the courts docket, but will send separate copies or copies to the courts. Chambers in paper, which is also heavy defendants, fourth set of requests for admission, contains 776 requests and is 100 pages in length, excluding definitions, instructions and signature pages. Most of these requests are unrelated to the central issue in the case i.e whether defendants xp transactions, are offers and sales of securities. Instead, the requests relate in some way to ripples, fair notice, defense, which the sec has moved to strike in a motion pending before judge torres.

Many of these requests also seek admissions about statements. The sec cannot reasonably verify or events for which the sec has no first hand, knowledge, including the actions of third parties who were not witnesses in the case. Their fifth set was 309 requests and theyre, basically just trying to say that its all, not fair and again, i must admit its a ton of freaking requests to give out um. You know you cant really deny that. Then again, i guess its for a proper cause because ripple just wants to know stuff right. Oh thats, a lot of it, its a lot of stuff, guys thats a lot of freaking stuff, but im already excited and if i know more ill, definitely give you more of an update. I have to, of course, read a little bit further into it and see what the internet has written about it, because i just saw it guys, as i said before, ive been not doing anything for the last couple of days, just laying down doing nothing, um and So give me some time to research everything a little bit further. I just want to give you guys something that im, not you know completely gone im still here and you know ill get you more content later today, guys make sure you subscribe to the channel, make sure you press the like button, see you guys, oh and by The way if you want you might actually want to follow me over on twitter or instagram, a link for both of those are down below check it out and uh.

You good to know, pump it up.