Is it not dropped? Is it fake? Is it real somebody roll that beautiful intro and were gon na get into this thing? This is digital perspectives with brad kymes subscribe for new content notifications. Now heres brad kinds come on in Music. Welcome back to the show everybody you can follow me on twitter, at backup, bradley above and everything that were talking about here today. We will hear from coins kid on whats, going on with the xrp price. Currently, we are up right now about eight point: eight percent. It was nine percent early this morning, ten and a half percent on the seven day, but eight plus on the 24 hour, were at a dollar three right now. But you know what hang in there not to put ice water in your veins, because the whole crypto markets up over nine and a half percent were at 2.079 trillion for the crypto market cap. But there may be some more downside in front of us well get into that shortly and were also going to address the information that came out from three different news sources. That said that the sec ripple case was settled and going to be dropped. Or what have you were going to get into that and clear that up in just a second right now the ranging price for xrp low side is 0.9423. The high side 0.0624 were at one. Oh two: nine one right now lets go ahead and get into this ripple.

Creator fund grants two million dollars to the first wave of applicants. If you guys werent aware, i also showed there was the apex conference, i guess, or developer conference that was going on yesterday or the last couple days where david schwartz announced that the federated side chains were really going to be interoperable and im, not a coder. So i could have this a little wrong, as i paraphrase here, but nevertheless its going to open the door for the interoperability through the ethereum virtual machine and allow developers to cross over back and forth between the networks. There more interoperability and i think, as they reach for that interoperability theyre also going to find more efficiency, more scalability, more security and the savings. You know the transaction fees are way lower there. So keep an eye out for that now. This is a guy, not a lot of people are a fan of jay clayton at the um quarter conference for a quarter and r3 and listen to this here, because this is fascinating. He talks about aml and kyc regulatory compliance and how important all of it is, and the iso 2002 standard but whats funny about this. Is it doesnt sound like the guy that brought the case against ripple because thats exactly who he was at his time at the sec, and we also know that ripple is kyc ripple net is kyc aml and they are working in between the banks and behind the Firewall as brad garlinghouse has told us, you know its hard to imagine that this guy can sit here and say these things.

Listen to this lets go back to uh, facilitating better payments, more efficient payments, what it is wonderful to have a technology that takes frictions out of that system and drives value that that is, of course, a necessary condition. Um to uh, you know be a disrupter come in, replace the incumbent system provide value for everybody great, but its not a sufficient condition, whatev, whatever youre replacing, is there um and complies with existing regulation and, in the case of payments, lets just talk about aml any Money laundering kyc know your customer um. You know those types of issues unless you do it better, at least as well or better than the incumbent youre going to have a really hard regulatory hurdle to come over there theres, not a trade off. Okay, lots more efficiency! Well, take a little less kyc aml protection thats, not a viable way forward in most regulatory regimes. Honestly, this guy is stealing the money from wherever hes coming from, because the truth is – and god bless him if he can get it, go, get it and if somebodys dumb enough to write you to check for it well for all by all means, go cash. It. But the reality here is jay clayton sounds like hes talking from 2016 and 2017. Talking points its embarrassing, ah its unbelievable, but you know what this isnt, because this is mr bud right here, representative whos, asking jerome powell about the uh plan for banning crypto and bitcoin, and he really forces jerome powell to level up about these.

I misspoke statements earlier when i was talking how convenient jerome you were asked about: um cbdc or the central bank, digital currencies and their impact on stablecoin and other cryptocurrencies, and you stated – and i think i quote uh you correctly here, you wouldnt need stable coins. You wouldnt need cryptocurrencies if you had a digital us currency, so, mr chairman, as a matter of policy, is it your intention to ban or limit the use of cryptocurrencies like were seeing in china Laughter? Are you telling me i mean mr bud just laid it down? Thats, what you call a bear trap right. He just set him up. Are you telling me that were going to run the united states? Just like we see communist china run lets hear what jerome powell says to that one? No and – and i i immediately realized i had misspoken there – i didnt mean to take the word cryptocurrency out of that sentence and i would say fairly widely understood that central bank digital currencies could perform some of the some of the uh could make. But no intention to bans less uh, no intention, no attention to ban them, but theyre. You know the stable coins are are like money, market funds, theyre like bank deposits, but theyre to some extent outside the regulatory perimeter and its its appropriate that they be regulated same activity, same regulation. First of all, thank goodness and thank mr bud. I dont know what your position is in government or what have you, but i tell you what i appreciate the kind of people that can bring this kind of accountability to the things that the the people from the fed and different government agencies are saying.

You know look whether its the private fed or whether its central uh centrally related from congressional officials or people in government or the treasury, wherever theyre from you know they get away with saying a lot. They also get away with saying a lot that doesnt actually say a lot right, but in this case you know, hes called him out on his previous statements here and now. Jerome powell says he has no plan to be a part of a ban for crypto or bitcoin. Now that to me is a pretty bullish statement on allowing the market to continue to move now. This is crypto law us right here, shout out to them and john deaton law firm and if you dont know, john deaton will be on later today between 3 and 4 p.m. Eastern time on fox business news with liz, clayman and charles gasparino make sure you tune in to check out what john deaton is going to say on there. I dont know what hell say, but i know one thing: itll be straight: fire because hes representing over 20 000 xrp investors and im, one of them and im very excited to see that hes getting a little facetime here, because i know hes got a lot of Things that he can bring to light for charles gasparino on whats, going on around the case, and i couldnt be more excited hes, going to get that time to do so. The crypto law says right here: working group on financial markets led by treasury, expected to release report in late october, with administrations, recommendations focused primarily on regulating stable coins, but the report is far from finished, so stay tuned from the wall street journal.

Now we reported on this kathryn hahn, uh catherine hahn from um andres and andreessen horowitz uh, who was also formerly from the department of justice, had said in the early part of october, but now it looks like it may be towards the latter part of october. But i think this is going to be an important recommendation. Framework thats released from the presidents working group slash the treasury, because this is going to be dealing with regulating stable coins and, i think, were going to see some real recommendations that are going to legitimize this market, not squash it. Now there may be growing pains. I mean they may be forced to move stable coin projects into federally chartered held banks. Maybe stable coin projects are going to have to become chartered banks and get some kind of a license there. I dont know the the full scope of which way it goes, but i know once it goes there. The confidence in this space is going to 10x easily. I really do feel like that. Not financial advice. Looking right here, jeremy hogan responds to the recent news on the sec requesting a telephone conference in order to seek protective order. Relieving the sec of any obligation to respond to the 29 and requests for admission from ripple claiming responding would be too burdensome, and this is really them saying. Look you know, uh ripple was saying you know what you waited. You know seven or eight years to to sue us, so these are all the transactions that went on.

You need to tell us which one of these are securities and which ones are, and he says here, 30 000 requests for admissions is an astonishing number. I serve around 25 or 30.. He says uh, but keep in mind. That is with the sec, who decided to wait seven years before filing the lawsuit and decided that it would argue that all continuing sales of xrp are securities. This lawsuit covers nine years. You know the sec is pushing back and they do not want to have to do this, which tells me also that were reaching a place where the sec wants to be done here. You know if the sec wanted to drag this thing out, because they think they got some smoking gun they would be like you know. What sure fine did. We need a three months extension to get all of these requests done right or four or five or whatever, but you know what they dont want, that they dont want it at all, and i think theres many reasons one. I dont think they can prove what they say. They can prove and number two, i think, with the optics of what has been revealed through social media, the efforts of digital asset investor myself and many others, john dean, crypto law – i mean – and so many others out here – and you know i i think its become Quite obvious that this is a huge mess and i dont think that the sec wants this to continue much longer.

I really really dont. Now. As far as the news that was out this morning, there was news out from two or three different news sources. That said, there was it actually a settlement between the sec and ripple. It is false, and it was confirmed by stewart aldoradi that i saw who answered back on twitter to a post from digital asset investor confirming, and charles gasparino has also reached out to ripple and got confirmation that the information is not true. So somebody or somebodies have made a real, concerted effort here to get that news out today. I dont know why they chose today, but i do say this to you. I know that john deans going to be on mainstream media for, as far as i know, for the first time talking about this ripple sc case, which is only getting bigger and may this might this have been, and you know we all know it could not be, But you have to wonder: was this a distraction to try to pivot the conversation today to address these recent rumors that are out, but they were shot down really very very quickly this morning? So i hope that uh, charles gasparino and john dean and liz clayman are able to focus on whats really in front of us, which is the case that still exists. It is not over and i hope they get to spend the majority of the time. Talking about the points that john deaton feels are the most important to pay attention to going forward right here, as most would uh.

You know assume – and this is an assumption – it is not a fact, but a lot of people are saying ripple will grow uh. Predictably, once it beats the sec case and look its either, the sec drops the case or theres some kind of settlement in ripples, favor and im certain that there will be some kind of fines paid or what have you and – and you know what okay no big Deal but there was never any illegal wrongdoing. There was never any fraud charges in any of this from the day one, and nor has there been since so you know it is time for this thing to start to come to an end. It really is now. I know that there is a process to all of this, so we do have to go through the motions like a dance, i get it. But for me i am very excited about the end of this case because i believe it will allow ripple to get back to business and not only they look theyve never stopped being in business from around the world, but in the united states thats. What im talking about, i want to see them, be able to really push just as hard as they have been in the united states without any confusion, as brad garlinghouse said, you know, with a path to go forward right that allows them to go forward and not Dilute the xrp technology that is for short and paraphrasing but thats.

Certainly it now lets look at price, because today we saw a bump in the price this morning and look some are saying the markets responding in a positive way. We saw the whole market was up and we know that china banned bitcoin. That may have actually been good for bitcoin on the other side of that equation. But at the same time we may see a little more downside for xrp at some point and certainly coming off of the fake news lets listen to coins kit. You could be looking at a 20 correction, so you know, i think ive shown you before the moon phase is okay. I mean look at this move phases for bang on okay, look at this. You know we could be looking at a 20 correction from where we are right now, right or even maybe slightly more, i think were going to calculate this in a moment. You know i was anticipating a bit of a dump this weekend. It might come. You know i might hit the absolute nail on the head with that, but you can see this particular dump moon, look at that dump and look at this pump room right now. You can see that its. You know weve load out down here and we start to pick up. You know were doing relatively well here from this dump moon signal just down when its printed, this pump moon, sorry youre, currently up roughly 13 on xrp.

So you can see it is having some kind of effect isnt it look at this pump room. What did it do? Dump moon came down a little bit consolidated then pumped again, this pump room from stair came down a little bit and pumped into this dump. Moon dump moon absolutely dumped didnt it. So you know, when is the next uh dump? Moon lets have a look at this okay, so from here to there i think roughly a pump moon thats about 16 days, okay. So what well do well drop a pump moon in from this moment. Just here. Just there 16 days gives us around about there, the 6th of october, so we drop it in as a pump. Moon basically make that green so make that green and then were looking at a dump moon starting from there. Now, how long does a dump moon last a dump moon lasts around about 12 bars so 12 days? So this is a rough guide. Okay, so from there down to theres 12 days, isnt it just there, so that would actually be your next bump. Uh pump moon to there. So that needs to be red. Sorry and this one needs to be uh. Sorry. That needs to be green. One mind about im getting confused that needs to be green because thats, your next pump moon and this one needs to be red because thats, your next stunt moon. So you know potentially, are we looking at something like this for xrp? You know we sort of come up like this and then we dump okay like this and then we pump, so you could be looking at a pump around about the 18th of october, so you know you could effectively go sideways like this.

I have a dump down to a technical target, come the 6th of october, which is 5 days away. I think its into next week – isnt it you know, and at that point we sort of low ball down here, and then we get the pump moon uh around about the 18th. This is all theory based on astrology, its unbelievable. You know, and at that point we start to pump and thats where we get the breakout 18th of october onwards. You know, and there you have it and look i mean again to his point. Its all theory based and whatever we talk about on here, is not financial advice, obviously for me or anyone else, but you know i have to say i mean you know, coins kid is amazing, the all the different charting tools that he uses and so is dark Defender theyre all telling us 85 76 price range. We could pull back all the way in that area for price and still be in a healthy correction for more upside and, ultimately, a brand new all time high for xrp, not just this year. So that to me is exciting: is i dont know what look thats gon na? Do it for me? Remember the news that came out this morning: fake busted, okay, thats, what we know so make sure you tell everybody you know and make sure you hit the like and subscribe. So you dont miss a thing check out all the links in the description box and the comment section ledger: nano best, cold storage out there and the best deals.

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